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  1. Scar Jo is right, and doesn't sound entitled to me at all. Acting is playing someone you're not. Thats the fun, thats the challenge. The notion you have to turn something down because you aren't, say, gay or straight and the character is, is artistic restriction and is awful. That said, all should have equal opportunity based on talent and that obviously isn't the case.
  2. Exactly. I mean, it is actually a cerebral exercise rather than one meant to thrill or scare the viewer.
  3. The difference between The Lion King and Psycho shot for shot remakes are that one is a sincere attempt at remaking a movie with new technology, and the other is actually an ironic commentary on reproduction in the mechanical age. As such, Van Sant's Psycho - which is a perfectly fine and fascinating if also obviously unnecessary movie - COULD be said to become more valuable with age since it knowingly predicted the current predicament studios find themselves in. Both types of remakes have merit, but both come from entirely different philosophical places, and I think it's important to note that Psycho "succeeds" because, with a sly wink, it set out to demonstrate the process of filmmaking and the impossibility to recapture the magic of a classic whereas The Lion King literally tried to recapture the magic of the original in a sincere way and thinks that that is enough, when usually it isn't.
  4. If you're talking about Kyle Smith, he's the opposite of edgy. He's an extremely conservative critic with, in my opinion, very safe, middle of the road taste.
  5. Same here. Bao is the best in some time and I'm surprised that folks here didn't like it given its reception. It's quite unique, beautiful and deep.
  6. Divisive not only because of the political division, but because the movie, if it is anything like The Big Short, will be wild, fractured, chaotic editing, etc. Not for everyone in that regard.
  7. Same actress from Wonderstruck. Half of which took place in the era of silent cinema and was shot as though it was made then. She's a great little actress.
  8. Honestly, Ready Player One was one of the most impressive movies I've ever seen from a technical standpoint. Visuals, editing, clarity of action, mastery of technology...its astounding. Spielberg's greatest achievement on a technical level, imo. That's why you see it.
  9. Isn't the actual idea even more depressing than that? That the boy isn't actually seeing his mother, but rather a recreation of her? And that he's only being allowed to so that the advanced AI can study him further like he's just some specimen? And that at the end they're shutting him down forever? I believe that's all why some people consider it one of the great and misunderstood twist endings of all time. It seems like the most sentimental thing Spielberg has ever done, but it's really the darkest.
  10. I don't think that's true. Judging by the film polls of the best films of the decade by fandor and the AV Club in 2015, the movie has gained in support. It placed in the top 40 of both lists.
  11. Sorry if it's already been stated, but when does the review embargo lift?
  12. He definitely meant past two decades, as in the pre-determined time frames of what we typically refer to as decades (80s, 90s, etc), not actually 20 years. But Signs and World War Z and I Am Legend should all definitely be on there.
  13. I've always had Easter Mondays off. I went to Catholic grade school and a public high school. My girlfriend is currently a teacher at a public school, and they also get Easter Monday off...they don't say it's because of Easter Monday, though. They just usually schedule an institute day that day or something else. Point being, I think that Easter Monday is such a large thing for so many people that schools would rather just make up an excuse to give kids that day off out of respect to the amount of people who celebrate Easter. At least where I'm from and what I see.
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