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  1. Avatar: http://www.insidekino.de/DJahr/D2009.htm Titanic: http://www.insidekino.de/DJahr/D1998.htm
  2. Tbh, January is a fair bet in Germany after christmas trailering. That's why it's even more frustrating, that they wasted that Jan 9th weekend. And that's only the start of questionable scheduling issues to come. On Feb 20th, we have "The Call of The Wild" vs. "Lassie" and "Fantasy Island" vs. "The Boy 2". On March 26th we have Mulan, "Trolls 2"and "Peter Rabbit 2" opening against each other. Mark G, of Insidekino wrote another great blog after finishing his visit at the "Münchener Filmwoche", the german Cinema Con. http://www.blog.insidekino.de/?p=8628
  3. Presales for Bad Boys are very Good. Easy #1 for the weekend. Would see 300k as the absolute minimum here. More like 400k+.
  4. $1,6m-$1,8m could be perfectly fine if it played like a kids movie in the end. Well, not fine considering the budget, but could still mean well over $30m over the holida weekend.
  5. A week after holidays is always a tricky time for Deadline-Estimtes. They may very well compare early numbers to last weeks boosted numbers.
  6. Compared to Frozen, it should fall just short, but it was following the first one quite close so far and with January being a disaster it really might have a chance.
  7. This one is having a tough round of marketing ahead to make this a big hit. So far, it doesn't seem like many people know it even exists.
  8. Isn't it a tradition now, that the Horror movie opening on the first WE in January is overperforming?
  9. TWOWS earned another $78m from here. Would give LW a finish of about $115m.
  10. Well, it didn't go too well from there. Cats is dropping like a rock and Kaninchen is doing mediocre at best. Let's hope they can recover, but this was a pretty sad christmas in terms of broad appeal at the german BO.
  11. Average TP in Germany is just ridiculous. There's been damage done, that, if ever, needs years to make up for. Forced 3D and those TP surpassing Inflation by huge margins are to blame for the horrible loss of admissions. Theaters made it incredibnly easy for Netflix and other streaming services. Growth for Av TP pretty much tripled inflation over here in the last 10 years.
  12. Whoever thought Cats might recover over the Holidays: Think again. This is going to have trouble reaching $25m. It's empty everywhere you look at.
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