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  1. Germany has very big presales. Sold more than 100k Tickets on the first day according to Disney. That's huge for our standards. As a comparison, SW EP 7 sold around 550k 2 weeks before release, but SW is on another level.
  2. I wouldn't say the trailer is bad, but for me, I can say, that those characters mean nothing. I can't connect with them. The music is the only thing, that's able to touch me. We'll see, how things go, but I get the impression, I'm not the only one feeling there is just something off.
  3. At this pace, Hellboy is even missing out on mid teens. Wow.
  4. I wouldn't be worried about Pet Semetary. The Nun entered MT with only 5,5% on Wednesday and this one didn't face Endgames Presales. PS being at #3 on Pulse without Endgame is pretty good. Can't see it doing under $30m.
  5. Avengers is a honorable Mention at best in terms of German BO History. I'm not in for those artificial revenue numbers at all. The only facts are delivered by counting admissions.
  6. In Horror Movies the psycho is the antagonist. He's the villain, just like what Joker was created for.
  7. I'm not sure if this is an easy sell to the GA. I personally thought, it was way overambitious and have no interest in getting to know, why a psychopath became the psychopath he now is. That's something for a sideplot, but as a main selling point? I have a tough time seing this break out to something like $300m.
  8. Could somebody please explain, how i get from these docs to TalismanRings daily presales? Do I need to calculate it all by myself, taking data from the "Purchase History" Doc? So if I want to know, what "Us" sold on Monday, do I need to take all they single day sales Thursday-Wednesday that were purchased on Monday or is there an easier way? Thaks in advance for any help with this issue.
  9. But don't you see, that the problem are the people forcing you you do your job in that environment? The problem are not the people in the audience. And yes, I think it is a pretty good comparison to modern politics.
  10. I don't think you are silly, but you rate this pretty much one sided. I used to be the person who had to clean up the mess in a cinema, where 95 Minute-Movies were programmed in a 105 minute window. And that was when digital cinema had not arrived in our theater. And still, I love to sit through the credits, because they are part of the movie and ofter deliver great music. The problem here is greed. Trying to squeeze too much out of very little. The audience suffers, the staff suffers and the company earns as much money as they can. As often in this business, this is very shortsighted. There is so much competition out there, it's not the time to offend the audience. Yes, I was annoyed by people throwing popcorn at each other and people not clearing their seat from garbage after the movie as well. But how can you be mad at people for watching what they paid for? It's not even a question of tolerance in this case. But it's a pretty good example, of how 2 parties go after each other, when the people causing the problem get away with it. It's like US politics right now.
  11. I guess it was mentioned before, but is Marvel trolling us with Nataschas hair? They say it involves time jumps, but all of the red haired scenes involve Hawk-eye with his new hairdo. So what do you think? Trolling or hint?
  12. Because Hollywood lost the female target to Netflix by basically not giving a damn for years now.
  13. Weekdays are inflated, jumps on friday and Saturday won't be as big as on a normal weekend. With Peter Rabbit numbers from last year, it's not even doing $10m for the WE.
  14. Gunn shouldn't have been fired in the first place. It was actionism at its finest by Disney to save their face in a heated discussion and now, when nobody cares, they hire him back. Wouldn't be surprised if this was the plan from the beginning to be honest. I don't like the signals this is sending. You either stand by your friends whithin the storm or you don't. But crawling back, when the storm is over, is just...not my cup of tea. Actually, I'm quite surprised, Gunn is playing this game with them, but that's the power of a company like Disney I guess.

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