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  1. Well, those early estimates never looked right. That''s more in line with the lack of hype for the movie. This is the sequel to the biggest Horror Movie of all time, of course it would also be more frontloaded than other horror movies.
  2. I'm still trying to figure out the target audience here. Is it going to be women watching women being strong in underwear or is it men watching it for the same reason, women watched Magic Mike? Watching the trailer, I'm not feeling the tracking, but usually, if a relatively unknown movie tracks this big, it has a reason.
  3. The thing with It was, that the hype left a bigger impression, than the movie itself. The marketing just isn't able to reach the audience, that usually wouldn't see horror movies, for another time here. Will still be a big hit.
  4. Look at that Crawl-Comparison. https://deadline.com/2019/08/good-boys-hobbs-shaw-47-meters-down-uncaged-scary-stories-weekend-box-office-1202669605/ Holy Crap! You nailed it.
  5. I knew this one could be that little breakout the genre urgently needed. Thank God! I miss those good old comedies.
  6. So Lion King seems to be looking at a Finish around the $550m mark.
  7. Even $25m would be a stretch. With a $4m Th, it needs to surpass former friday jumps by a great margin. It was pretty consisatnt the last WEs in terms of Fr/Sat Jumps, so even giving it generous +65% on Friday and +50% on Saturday and only a drop of 20% on sunday, it won't get to $25m.
  8. Sounds good. Let's hope, it performs like some of those underestimated PG-13-Horrormovies like Truth or Dare and stuff.
  9. This looks like "Get Out" meets "Hunger Games" with Magot Robbie, who's actually not in the movie.
  10. This is a tough one. With the material, it should be centered at the Goosebumps-Crowd, but from the trailers, it's very dark and somehow misses the target. Also, seems to be opening in only 2400 theaters. Seems not very confident and to be honest, it's a stupid move to open two adaptations centered at kids/younger teens the same weekend, when July was desertet.
  11. With getting older, you get more critical. I thing viewers grew with Tarantino, I don't think, that he could win over new generations like he was able to in the 90s. Generations move on.
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