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  1. Poseidon

    BO Germany/Austria: HTTYD3 wins weekend

    Dragons 2 had Summer weekdays helping. We'll see what winter holidays can add to Dragons. Would have rather seen it opening over easter, though. Next weekend, in terms of weather, looks amazing as well, so another fairly big drop is in store.
  2. I love real teasers and I never understood, why Hollywood got rid of them. And this is a perfect example, of how you make crowds interested, without showing them anything. Great stuff, Disney. Well played.
  3. So quality doesn't seem to have pushed WB to selling it overseas. Reviews are quite decent, especially female critics seem to like the movie.
  4. If I'm reading those numbers correct, Isn't it romantic is doing fairly good business. Monday sales on Fandango seem on par with Crazy rich Asians, also a wednesday opener.
  5. Something feels off here. Feels like random people doing whatever in a nice painting. This is, as expected, not going to work out it seems.
  6. Poseidon

    Avatar 2 under 1,3b WW

    Cameron created a world people loved to travel to, that's what it's all about and what makes the theme parks so successful. It's a beautiful world and i'm pretty sure, Cameron, once again, has another couple of surprises in store.
  7. The Prodigy should have opened on Super Bowl Weekend.
  8. Poseidon

    BO Germany/Austria: HTTYD3 wins weekend

    That's one side. The other reason is a ridiculously bad schedule that literally has nothing to offer in what usually is a very busy time for german theaters.
  9. Of course. It's having a dragons balls.
  10. And how does a Netflix success help the Movie/Cinema-Industry in any case? All a Netflix success does is set peoples bar of expectations lower and makes them forget the magic, a big screen still provides. Cinema makes Comedy a much better experience, it should always be shown for a room full of people.
  11. Making this a Netflix Movie overseas is just so frustrating. So here's, finally, a very well received trailer for a woman centered movie, a genre, that nearly died, and they keep it out of theatres instead of using it, bringing audiences back. I sincerly hope, that one day, studios understand and regret all their faults and self-fulfilling prophecies.
  12. So I finally got to see the movie and there's one thing that came to my eye, nobody has mentioned anywhere. So, Allison Williams has sparkling blue eyes. After the twist reveal, they turn green and in the end of the movie, they seem to even get a brown shade (they seem to get even darker, when Kaluua is choking her). Did I miss something here? Was this important in any case? I know, the movie and lighting is darker in the third act of the movie, but her eyes are definetely not blue anymore.
  13. Poseidon

    BO Germany/Austria: HTTYD3 wins weekend

    Amazing that you mention it, because I thought this movie might do quite well in Gemrany. So guess what? Warner sold it to Netflix and the movie is not getting a theatrical release. This is getting beyond ridiculous. They do everything to keep the female crowd from coming to theaters.
  14. It's the same story every year, a horror movie the first weekend of the year, that is supposed to be dead that's having a good start. And this one got a PG 13, so this will help to push it to at least $15m in a pretty dead market.

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