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  1. Schools were off in Bavaria, but no official holiday. It was a normal workday for parents, Maybe something like 210k Wed 120k Thur 200k Fri 450k Sat 400k Sun
  2. Frozen 2 might be on its way to double the first ones opening. I hope this fall is able to change something in the heads of german audiences in the long run.
  3. I really don't understand, why they didn't go with "Memories" for this trailer, as it was the only selling point for the first and for the musical overall. Universal for sure didn't pull a Disney here. They turned it around with a stunning second trailer, where they threw in the main selling point: Jasmin and Aladdin on the carpet singing the Billion Dollar Song. Universal gave us 2 overweight cats doing jokes that worked in the 60s. And no one sang. In a Musical!
  4. I always though November record would be where it's headed.
  5. Maybe. The concept Art is pretty multicultural. Her hat looks located in asia, but the location setting looks like south america to me. https://www.slashfilm.com/raya-and-the-last-dragon-d23/
  6. I guess Raya and the last Dragon would qualify as a Disney Princess, even though she's a warrior. It's up next for Disney Nov. 2020.
  7. Sounds like a threat. To be fair, I saw the trailer on the big screen for the first time in a theater and it works better there. Still off, but not as awkwards as watching it on youtube. Another thing I thought: I really didn't like Jennifer Hudsons version of "Memories". The German version fits much better, even though it's usually the other way round.
  8. It was a big enough hit to be everywhere all over media. Everybody talked about Skyfall, the Song built a hype and the movie blew up out of nowhere. There is no other explanation. Quantum of Solace being the last movie can't be the reason. I stick to it. Skyfall was worth at least $200m for Sony. Maybe even more.
  9. Of course Titanic is the unfought Queen. But there are so many movies that made a lot of money due to radio promotion that more or less comes for free. And it's not only the song being on the radio, what's worth even more: A sucessful song airs 4,5 times a day and during every moderation, there will be hints to the movie it belongs to. It's just the perfect way to promote a movie. Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, The Bodyguard, Robin Hood, Sister Act, Men in Black, Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman, The greatest Showman, you could go on and on.
  10. Frozen got something, that Moana didn't have. While "How far I'll go" is a catchy song, "Let it Go" certainly is one of the Songs of the century in terms of cultural impact. Studios underestimate the Power of songs nowadays. It's the only explanation, why Skyfall blew up that way. It had Adele and the perfect Song.
  11. The first one had about 6 years to grow into society, though.
  12. I really hope they'll get rewarded for it. We live in a world, where forgivness gets less and less common and people get burned indefinetely for their mistakes. They learned and tried to make it better. That's how things should go. Paramount needs a hit. Urgently. I hope, they can turn this around with this effort.
  13. Well, I guess they want to make sure that it is perfect after the first one was a disaster. There's still time to pull a "Aladdin".
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