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  1. Why does Aladdin look like he's a motion captured CGI-Character? The music didn't connect for me in this teaser and this is the year, where Disney will pay for being too greedy. Whoever thought it would be a great Idea to open 2 of Disneys most beloved treasures within a couple of months and in between Toy Story 4 should just get fired. They got punished for milking the SW-Franchise and it will happen with the Remakes as well.
  2. I still can't believe that A Star is Born only made less than 12 Mio on Friday with those kind of Sales at the Arclight locations. It's easily outselling Venom there. I really though, with the kind of Music, it might also connect with the rural areas, but it really must be dead there, because big cities are absolutely huge for it. Edit: I'm officially confused now. So what is the real total for ASIB now? 15,8m incl all previews or $17,15m incl. all previews? BOM is not having the $17,15m others have.
  3. A Star is born must be dead outside the big cites, if it only does 10,5m-11,5m on real friday. This is selling out everything in the big cities as far as I can see.
  4. So Deadline predicted A Star is Born on East Coast numbers only? Good Luck with that... This will be huge on the WC.
  5. I'm doing research in that department for a couple of years now. A Star is Born will be huge with older females. The source to watch here is Facebook and Trailerclicks are double the clicks of YT. That's a very encouraging sign. Book Club had like 1m klicks on YT, but 25m on FB for Example. ASIB won't skew THAT old though...
  6. Was this even a question after the trailer hit a couple of month earlier?
  7. That pretty much sums up the problematic world we life in. People have to understand, that a tweet is worth nothing. It is a quick thought, a random person had while pooping in the morning. We didn't listen to them before Twitter, just ignore them now. There is no feud, because 3 people on Twitter do something. I'm so sick of this online stuff, trying to be important, while actually, it isn't.
  8. This is Warners Skyfall. When will studios finally learn? Invest a million in a great artist to feature your Film with great music and it will pay of hundreds of times. I'll never understand why they stopped doing it.
  9. I relly thought Smallfoot might break out due to the musical aspect and Zendayas Voicecast, but the opening in Australia was pretty poor. Any Idea, if this was a full release or maybe just a preview? It's like 30% under Storks there, not great at all.
  10. No, of course not. But the way they try to sell it as a novelty.
  11. This is the first time, I get the impression, Marvel is 2 years too late. This train has passed with Wonder Woman. Looks okay, but not the big deal I expected. Best shot for me was the "Her" fading into "A Hero". That's a very cool feature. Well done, to whoever "invented" it.
  12. It's kind of expected, that A Star is born is selling early tickets. Lady Gaga, despite lower salesrecently, still has a pretty hardcore fanbase, you'd expect to buy tickets, when they go on sale. Either way, this movie is going to be huge and might even get her back on track musically.
  13. This looks like collective breakout with the exception, that Predator will be prelase heavy and shouldn't be compared to a movie like "Equalizer 2".
  14. You really have to thank Warner for finally breaking out of that self-fulfilling prophecy, that September is a wasted month in terms of Box Office. This year looks like so much potential, after August was more or less the dump-month. One day they will all wake up and understand, that the right movie is not dependant on when it opens.
  15. Wouldn't we expect a movie like Predator sell well in advance? The Alien and Predator movies have a pretty hardocre fanbase, don't they?

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