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  1. Paramount should have pushed this one way harder. They completely dropped the ball and now they are sitting on a 100% RT Horrormovie nobody knows is coming out. This could have been a chance for them.
  2. Looks like a fairly tough sell for many target groups tbh. There's not much Disney in this Teaser. It's a well made historical movie, but those were a tough sell as well recently. We'll see. It's Disney after all.
  3. What a shame this one went completely under the radar. It was full of great chemistry, likeable characters and hilarious comedy. It's what a Pretty Woman-Move should have looked in 2019. I reeally hope it does good business in HV. This movie should be seen. It's here to make you feel good. Grab that chance! 8/10
  4. They should at least have done some cheap viral marketing. Could have done some videos with suspicious aligator activity in Florida. Some made up news videos and stuff. Little things, that might generate awareness.
  5. Any Idea why the Studio compeltely dropped the ball after a pretty good trailer? I know, it's Paramount, but really, this got great trailer reactions and a lot of clicks but since then: Nothing. No second trailer, no marketing push, it's as if it wasn't opening. I originally thought, this might pull a mini-Meg and open in the Mid 20s, but well, if the studio doesn't care...
  6. More of a second teaser, but hell, it's another gigantic effort in terms of pushing the right buttons.
  7. Is there any hope that the $2,3m number for Pets is excluding the early access screenings? If not, this looks very bad, as HT3 had $3,9m if yxou include those $1,25m from Prime Previews.
  8. If youtake a closer look, the problem, once again, are male reviewers. Those few women critics rating the movie pretty much all liked it. So why the hell are they, again and again, sending men to watch a movie, that is targeting women? That's why I hate RT. It might have been the reason, womens movies got killed off at the BO. Even the incredible "About time" is only at 69% with a 6.4 rating. So I think this movie is just doing fine with early previews-
  9. It surely helped the first one, that opened close after Finding Dorie. But maybe "after" is the point here, maybe those trailers seen by millions of families gave it a last push, while this year, there wasn't a single classic family movie so far.
  10. I don't know, seems like there hasn't been any big effort so far marketing the movie. It has very decent Trailer Views, but I would assume, that big parts of those clicks come from the UK and Australia.
  11. I thought this might become a little breakout for this summer, but 2 weeks before release, there's still no buzz at all.
  12. This is a Dreaworks movie presented with a Pixar-Trailer. Feels kind of weird to me.
  13. What is going on with people? I absolutely loved TS3 and it's incredible ending, but I have no interest at all meeting those lovely characters in a new adventure. Why can't they just for once let us live with our good memories and own ideas how things turned out for them? Wasn't Finding Dorie enough to hurt the greatness of Finding Nemo?
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