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  1. @cayommagazine Endless Entertainment officially announces Off-Road 2, tentatively aiming for a Memorial Day, Y8 release date. Denzel Washington, Liam Nesson, Cheistoph Waltz, and Cardi B have also joined the cast.
  2. Again, I don’t think sub $1B is anywhere locked but I don’t think $1B+ while highly likely, isn’t locked either. Also don’t get how $1.06B is a disappointment, as only 9 MCU films have done it so far. I think the Panther/IW/Captain Marvel/Endgame/FFH high does show the strength of the MCU brand, but I don’t think every film they make is guaranteed to be a $1B hit. That’s just not realistic. Summer 2021 is the first summer where we have CBMs for all the months: Strange 2 in early May Batman in late June Spid3y in mid July Twocide in early August Yes, 2018 Summer had IW/Dead2ool/I2/Ant Man in consecutive months and both IW and I2 did $600M DOM/$1.2B WW each, I think we can agree none of the four are sniffing them and while I do think they’ll survive and likely all do $300M+, I can see a lot of business being eaten into each other. JW3 while not a direct factor nor hurt Spid3y, should do $1B. It’s the back to back action combo of Batman/Indy 5/Spid3y/MI7 that seems problematic, even though I’m sure all will be big hits.
  3. So was predicting Pixar would have a flop. It may be unlikely but it happened eventually as Spidey 2 open in a relatively demographic competition free area with Endgame hype which some overpredicted DOM. If competition stays the same as The Batman, Jurassic and Indy seem like big fish, at the very least, I think a domestic decrease is happening.
  4. I think Thor has a better chance tbh as it has a practically free November and arguably Thor getting a very strong boost with Thor3/IW/EG. As even though Spider-Man got to $1B, a lot of Endgame hype helped it imho. Besides FFH may have been a 4 quadrant film but it and TS4/TLK aimed for different demographics. SMHC3 opens In the middle of two CBMs in a 6 week timeframe, one being a Batman film in a summer of four CBMs. Not to mention despite our feeling for the JW franchise, both have been pretty consistently been over $1B.
  5. June + July is full of tentpoles of the same target audience. Jurassic World 3 and The Batman will likely do bonkers in June. And July is a clusterfuck with potentially strong blockbusters - Sing 2 7/2/19 -Indy 5 7/9/19 - Hom3coming- 7/16/19 - Space Jam 2 - 7/16/19 - MI7 - 7/23/19 And Twocide is the start of August. I’m not saying under $1B will be locked, but it’s not impossible.
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