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  1. @cayommagazine Audra MacDonald (Ragtime, The Good Wife), Meagan Good (Shazam!, Think Like A Man) and Academy Award winner Cuba Gooding Jr. (What Dreams May Come, Selma) joins the cast of Endless Animation’s Seaside. Brenda Russell and Stephen Bray (The Color Purple) will write the songs. Seaside is reported to be scheduled for Y8 but could make the cut for Y7 if development keeps on speeding up.
  2. Especially considering Sonic’s crippling addiction to pornography and most sexiest being alive, Big The Cat. Instant winner.
  3. Y’all still talking about CBMS lame. Pokemon SwSh. That’s good shit. Also there’s literally no difference in fanboys other than brand, they all suck.
  4. @cayommagazine Endless Entertainment officially announces Off-Road 2, tentatively aiming for a Memorial Day, Y8 release date. Denzel Washington, Liam Nesson, Cheistoph Waltz, and Cardi B have also joined the cast.
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