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  1. Brickleberry: Armoogeddon Studio: Infinite Studios Damn Show! Productions Release Date: 1/28/Y6 Genre: Traditional Animation/Comedy Director: Roger Black and Waco O’Guin Rating: R Budget: $15M Theater Count: 3,102 Format: 2D Runtime: 105 minutes Cast: David Herman as Steve Williams/Future Steve Tom Kenny as Woody Johnson Natasha Leggero as Ethel Anderson Jerry Minor as Denzel Jackson Daniel Tosh as Malloy Roger Black as Connie Cunaman and Bodean Waco O’Guin as Bobby/Future Bobby Jonah Hill as Jesus Nick Kroll as The Bovine Overlord Judge Judy as herself Plot:
  2. Counting both Making Waves, the initial Aeroplane draft and Lumberjanes, we have 29 finished films. @Reddroast @ChD @Alpha @The Panda as well as everyone else, how’s writing going?
  3. Making Waves Studio: Infinite Studios Release Date: 1/14/Y6 Genre: Sports/Dramedy/Family Director: Sean McNamara Rating: PG Budget: $15M Theater Count: 3,120 Format: 2D Runtime: 100 minutes Cast:  Nichalos Hamilton as Shawn Waves Ryan Reynolds as Garth Waves Shawn Waves is a loner youth living in California, as a result of his father Garth Waves, a world’s famous surfer leaving him as a 5 year old but is a gifted surfer. Garth returns into him live as the two plan to surf every wave in each ocean. It is revealed Garth is suffering from cancer and is trying to be in his son’s life. As there is initially some struggle, the two bond surfing as they learn of a wave that can take them across all four oceans. Eventually Shawn learns about his father’s cancer and assumes Garth is using him and goes off to the ride the wave. Garth goes after his son as Shawn has trouble surfing the wave as the two reconcile surfing, but Garth is weakened forcing Shawn to save him. The two end up surfing the wave as Garth is in awe of the beauty and Shawn has fun. One year later, Shawn takes up a career in surfing and Garth’s cancer has gone into remission, as the father-son surfer duo’s bond is finally strong
  4. I think it has a lot to do with the rise of Netflix/lack of need or want for a sequel/WOM. Excluding TS4 and likely F2, Dragon 3 escaped the curse of nosediving due to good WOM as well as strong marketing and a likeable franchise. Lego 2 suffered due to overkill of the franchise, Pets 2 was trapped between Aladdin and TS4 and wasn’t appealing enough, and Angry Birds 2 is the aftermath of a competitive summer.
  5. First fanboys call me a Disney Hater and now trolls are calling me a Disney Shill. Jesus Hades you used to be a legitimately funny troll, now you’re just sad and washed up.
  6. Again I get that. I would prefer Fox not to sell or sell to a smaller studio than those two but it’s not my decision, and that’s not what they wanted. I just don’t like the deal in general, I know this would happen regardless if Comcast/Disney/Sony/Viacom/etc bought it. I’m just voicing my concerns as well as my disdain and frustration for what’s happening now.
  7. This year hasn’t been kind to you huh. How are you holding up with Disney owning: - Two live action remakes over $1B - The biggest film ever WW - Likely two animated films over $1B - FFH and CM crossing $1B with ease Again I’m surprised you haven’t gone the way of Kevin yet
  8. I know that, but what you are ignore is that I said Fox/Comcast would be worse, it’s obvious that Fox merging with either isn’t a good thing. One may be worse by miles and the other is also bad. It is also showing with Disney more or less except for Searchlight standing for now, the same thing that Comcast would likely do. Projects come and go just like that but it’s telling and sad that Fox is slowly but surely being molded in focusing on franchises.
  9. You’re right, it’s not like other original films are being culled or a whole slate is Thanos’d in favor for more franchises.
  10. So let me get this straight: - Fox is downsized with half of the product going to Disney+/Hulu with a franchise focus in mind - Animation studios which some argued Universal would kill like Locksmith is only getting one film and Blue Sky potentially only doing sequels - Lumberjanes adaptation cancellation hurts - Deadpool potentially in limbo and - a satire from the studio favorite like Waititi already has doubts, which Searchlight being the only clear survivor may be unsure. dISneY bUYiNg FoX IS oNLy GoOd (actually though Comcast would’ve been slightly worse but it’s still bad)
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