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  1. https://collider.com/lego-batman-movie-2-story-script-villains-cancelled-why-dan-harmon-chris-mckay-interview/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  2. @cayommagazine Idris Elba (Voltron: Rise of Lotor, The Jungle Book) and Zoe Saldana (Guardian of The Galaxy series) have signed on the cast of Gargoyles. Idris Elba will voice and do the motion capture for the main protagonist, the gargoyle Goliath as Zoe Saldana will play Elisa Maza, a human NYPD detective who forms a friendship with Goliath. 3:13 PM EST update: Marcus Scribner (Black-ish, She-Ra and the Princess of Power) has signed on to voice Lexington, another Gargoyle member of Goliath’s clan
  3. @cayommagazine Dean DeBlois (How to Train Your Dragon series, Rhino Riders series) has signed on to direct Gargoyles for Endless Entertainment which is being scheduled for a Christmas Y9 release date.
  4. After much wait and my finals... December As Fast As I Can - C- I’d like to welcome @Safeno Rdz to the game and look forward to future films. As Fast As I Can has a lot of great elements like Cuaron and a well assembled cast. The movie while has a solid foundation, ends at what is seemingly supposed to be the first act, making the viewers wondering if the other two acts. It’s not a bad debut feature or film but was hoping for more. Christmas Shopping - B-/B Slam, I forgot to mention this too in my honorable mentions. Christmas Shopping is a we
  5. @cookie @Blankments @4815162342 since y’all made my top 3, you get the pick of prereads of my films. You all get to choose 1. Endless Entertainment/Endless Animation/Infinite Studios Y9 Slate True Colors - Thriller/Social Satire - directed by Jordan Peele - aiming for late February Y9 Tyson (John Boyega), a hard hitting news reporter with the nose and passion for truth, working alongside his partner/former flame, Iris (Keke Palmer) but are struggling to make names for themselves in journalism or able to be heard. However, after a tip from an old associate,
  6. Learning To Care Everything We Miss The Bronx is Burning Flightless Bird Sandboy World of Trouble Olive’s Hallowed Eve Dirty Hands The Un-title-able Squirrel Girl Sequel Up In The Sky Holland Hannah Sins of The Fathers Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Boy in The Iceberg The Space Between Trees - now boosted to a B+ Heartman The Idiots Far Cry Pokémon: The C
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