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  1. She is already. Being the center recently isn’t the best for WW, legs are where it’s at as it won’t do $200M+ OW anyways,
  2. WDAS 07-18 ranking: 1.) Zootopia 2.) Winnie The Pooh 3.) Tangled 4.) Wreck It Ralph 5.) Moana 6.) The Princess and The Frog 7.) Meet The Robinsons 8.) Ralph Breaks The Internet 9.) Big Hero 6 10.) Frozen
  3. I can see it being a higher grossing version of I2 vs FK if both are well recieved.
  4. I just realized Should You Imagine and The Scavenger Wars Part III will face each other in June.
  5. But those were action packed films, I doubt Joker will have as much action as them nor the accessible of them. Around slightly higher Halloween numbers ($80M/$180M) seem right on the money for this.
  6. The Joker is probably the most popular villain but Pokémon was also the biggest franchise. Don’t get me wrong trailer views are good but I don’t know if the GA wants a divisive (if leaks are true), gritty drama, Batman less and a bit less of the action side about how the Joker became the Joker.
  7. Spider-Man had Iron Man and Beast was a different Beast. WW will likely have the same OW bump as GV2 regardless where it opens. But hey it’s not like dead months like August, September, February or even January have had huge openers.
  8. The only thing in the summer that can do $200M before it is Black Widow. WB/WAG are going to try like hell to push Scoob but due to their incompetence in family films, TLM2 numbers seem spot on. Spongebob and Fast 9 will decrease as sequelitits is stronger and real. Legally Blonde 3 seems at best for $100M.
  9. And how says Disney wouldn’t budge. For all we know, they’d be more than willing to put it the week before WW84 (like the acronym you used), as we have seen Disney was willing to put and keep Aladdin and TS4, two major all ages family tentpoles in the middle of Pets 2. What makes you think they wouldn’t do the same to WW84. Also I think Mulan may breakout if it plays its cards right. It is one of the first major tentpole with Asian American cast and Disney nostalgia as a botched Aladdin is doing $330M DOM.
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