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  1. YourMother the Edgelord

    UNTITLED KINGSMAN MOVIE | Nov. 8, 2019. | Fox

    My dong has expanded.
  2. YourMother the Edgelord

    CAYOM Y4 - Discussion Thread

    Pretty sure Lost Earth will be a trilogy. I think George Miller will direct the first, Matt Reeves the second and James Cameron for the last part. Already thinking of designs of the things in the Lost Earth, the humans will be more evolved (ex some who are living in the harsh desert have scale like skin, the tundra ones are a bit more hairy).
  3. YourMother the Edgelord

    CAYOM Y4 - Discussion Thread

    It depends, I might be able to, but as previously said with Rorschach I’m busy this weekend.
  4. YourMother the Edgelord

    CAYOM Y4 - Discussion Thread

    I could try but warning I’m very busy this week and likely a good half of the next week. I can’t guarantee feedback until Wednesday. Also want to recap on the previous Odyssey’s as well.
  5. YourMother the Edgelord

    CAYOM Magazine

    You either die a hero or live long enough to become the villain.
  6. YourMother the Edgelord

    CAYOM Magazine

    @cayommagazine And now a special 5 minute sneak peek from High School Musical 4: Reunion attached only to Kingdom Of The Sun.
  7. I loved the trailer, mainly due to more depth on story.
  8. YourMother the Edgelord

    CAYOM Y4 - Discussion Thread

    Changed a small amount of the third act for Can You Imagine?.
  9. I can see the former (I have Lego 2 at $140M-$200M) but I’d bet that Space Jam 2 may not only eclipse $200M but could cross TLM numbers, maybe $300M even. Don’t underestimate nostalgia, it just has to be watchable and will do over $150M. If WAG steps up the marketing momentum like it did for TLM and LB, as well if Coogler gives his magic touch, it’ll explode. Curious about thoughts on SCOOB.
  10. YourMother the Edgelord


    High School Musical 4: Reunion Studio: Blankments Productions Endless Entertainment Release Date: 7/3/Y4 Genre: Family/Romance/Musical/Dramedy Director: Kenny Ortega Rating: PG for thematic elements Budget: $50M Theatre Count: 3,708 Format: 2D Runtime: 111 minutes Cast: Zac Efron as Troy Bolton Vanessa Hudgens as Gabriella Bolton-Montez Lucas Grabeel as Ryan Evans Ashley Tisdale as Sharpay Evans Corbin Bleu as Chad Danforth Monique Coleman as Taylor McKessie Ben Platt as Callem Daniels Kiersey Clemons as Breonna Brooks Olesya Rulin as Kelsi Nielsen Alyson Reed as Mrs. Darbus with Hugh Jackman as Principal John Bailey and Lin-Manuel Miranda as Carlos Ashman-Montez Plot: UNDER CONSTRUCTION
  11. YourMother the Edgelord

    CAYOM Magazine

    @cayommagazine Rebecca Sugar (Oscar winning screenwriter of Notes From The Otherspace as well as the co director) revealed to produce Can You Imagine?. Can You Imagine? will hit theaters November 25th, Y4.
  12. WAG will rebound with LEGO 2, SCOOB and Space Jam 2, but for now perhaps find a different original story and maybe focus a bit more on the physical comedy or do some adaptations which is what they do best.
  13. YourMother the Edgelord

    CAYOM Y4 - Discussion Thread

    Did some small edits for Johnny Test. Gil's All Fright Diner may be done Saturday.
  14. One of these days I truly hope when I enter the article, we get actual news updates for the movie (as well as Avatar 2, as I’m truly interested and hyped for those movies) without Cameron fanboys with their usual dick measuring contests because tbh that’s the only way Alita is on the first main page.

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