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  1. CAYOM Magazine

  2. CAYOM 3.0 Year 2 Discussion Thread

    I’ll do October tonight hopefully and November and December Friday.
  3. Classic Conversation with a Vengeance

  4. The CAYOM Review Aggregate - YEAR 2

    Waiting for the next update like
  5. Cookie's Corner - Year 2

    Ouch. Holy shit I just realized the Emperor’s New Groove joke didn’t even realize it.
  6. CAYOM Magazine

    Smashing News: Endless Entertainment is working on another spoof movie for Y4. It is said to be based of today’s internet culture such as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and memes.
  7. Cookie's Corner - Year 2

    Where is Action Movie?
  8. CAYOM Year 2 Predictions

    June Damnation Alley - $24.6M/$62.6M From a Black Sky - $8.9M/$22.7M Rise of the Dead - $46.7M/$115.4M Lord of the Flies - $50.5M/$124.6M (sensing breakout) The Odyssey: The Spoils of War - $95.9M/$310.5M (also breakout) The Beach House - $5.5M/$12.7M The Simulation - $27.8M/$85.6M Fab 5 - $20.6M/$73.6M July Ultraman - $100.7M 5-Day/$239.2M Paddles: The Video Game Story - $15.7M total To the Moon - $45.6M/$165.7M The Film - $16.7M/$34.6M Taking Names - $18.6M/$60.2M Mermaid - $10.5M/$35.8M The Dark Victorian - $17.4M/$42.6M
  9. CAYOM Year 2 Predictions

    Bionicle is a flop.
  10. CAYOM 3.0 Year 2 Discussion Thread

    Tom Hiddleston did a great job as Lotor. He deserves a nom.
  11. Ethan Hunt Reviews: Year 2

    Thank you for #13
  12. Ethan Hunt Reviews: Year 2

    Also Ethan, how was the Pigeon shorts for both Spyro and Crash. I want some feedback for when I write my upcoming Pigeon film.
  13. Ethan Hunt Reviews: Year 2

    Seems someone else here has good taste on this sequel.
  14. CAYOM 3.0 Year 2 Discussion Thread

    You should.
  15. Crunching the Numbers: (Year) Two For the Show

    Can @cookie survive the wait?

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