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  1. To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if no movie in 2019 besides TLK, A4, and IX did over $400M. Also IX under RO as well.
  2. Ted 2 was complete ass, that’s why it failed. Not to mention most comedy sequels suck.
  3. I saw kids under 6 in both Deadpool and Logan but none for DP2, then again I went at 10:00.
  4. Not to mention it’s probably the biggest 4 quad movie of the summer. Families won’t just go to see it, nostalgia will be in effect and it’s stacked cast helped. Not to mention, only two of the family films in May-June are going $300M+, which are Pets 2 and TS4 (which we haven’t heard much of recently). Hell Pets and TS4 will hurt each other due to how close they are.

    The Untitled Family Guy Movie - December 25th, Y4 - Traditional Animation/Comedy/Musical - Directed by Seth MacFarlane
  6. @cookie or @Alpha, not sure who has the CAYOM rights.
  7. CAYOM 3.0 - Behind the Camera

    Can you DM some spoilers my way perhaps?
  8. CAYOM Magazine

    @cayommagazine In the upcoming film festival, two of the following Endless films will be chosen: Blue and Gold, Dragon Ball: The Red Ribbon Saga, True Love, Barry Brookshire and The Case of The Soul Key, Can You Imagine?, and Bullets and Lyrics. Only one is finished (BAG) though.
  9. The Endless Entertainment Event | The conference begins |

    For anyone who missed it here’s what happened. Powerless dropped a sneak peek, Can You Imagine got a trailer, TSCB showed the first 15 minutes. Lord and Miller to write and direct Takua’s Quest, the animated Bionicle movie which has a CGI/2D animation style coming February Y5 Mark Dindal and Brad Bird to direct Skylanders which comes June Y5 XJ9 is coming out Fall Y5 Dragon Ball: The Red Ribbon Saga is announced for May 1st Y4 Blue and Gold and True Love drop sneak peeks Trailers for Dragon Ball, Treasure Planet 2, John Cena: World Superstar, Brother Bear, Isle Of The Lost arrive First Look at Phoenix: Rebirth, Barry Brookshire, Celestial 3000, Serpentine and Unkrich’s heist movie. God of War 2 and More Miraculous announced Kingdom of The Sun, a new reimagined Emperor’s New Groove directed by Michael Gracey coming Holiday Y5. What/Which project(s) are you the most hyped for? Which are the least excited for? Comment below.
  10. Ah but yeah, Disney’s MD curse, Avengers 4 might suck the air of everything and a jam packed summer, and the possibility of it not being appealing to audiences, things won’t fair well for it.

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