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  1. Besides the final schedule never ends up as crowded as it seems. Odds are a chunk of these movies won’t happen.
  2. Besides the most films we’ve had in a year was like 105, it’s mostly around the 80-85 range. There should be more than enough room for everyone.
  3. @Blankments suggested a deadline date of May 2nd. I kind of like the idea as it’s neat summer break for most of us and which should make entry into Y9 more accessible and fast if we have Y8 scheduled during the summer. I’d also have more time to do actuals this year. However, we only need 29 films for release but most of the films leftover are films people haven’t finished writing and very excited to write.
  4. I think the best choice of submission date should be Monday, April 5th as I don’t think most of us would get our material done on time within 2-3 weeks.
  5. I didn’t see Frankenstein Jr on the calendar which I based my list off of, and thought it was scheduled on 8/23 for some reason but I edited my list and fixed it. That was my mistake.
  6. We’re about ten days before Y8 is scheduled to open. However, due to the amount of films missing, it’s likely we need to schedule a deadline extension. I have some potential dates that we could choose: Monday, March 15th Monday, March 22nd Monday, March 29th Monday, April 5th Also here is a list of dates that need films: 1/12/Y8 - MLK weekend - 1 film needed (Atlantis: The Lost Empire opens) 2/16/Y8 - President’s Day weekend - 2 films needed (Pokémon: The Case of The Orange Outrage is scheduled) 3/29/Y8 - Easter weekend - 1 film needed (The Wild Thornberrys opens) 5/3/Y8 - 1 film needed (Mass Effect: Revelation is scheduled) 5/10/Y8 - 1 film needed (Sisters of Jump Street is scheduled) 5/24/Y8 - 2 films needed 5/31/Y8 - 1 film needed (Meeka is scheduled) 6/7/Y8 - 1 film needed 6/14/Y8 - 1 film needed (Untitled Rian Johnson Sci-fi is scheduled) 6/28/Y8 - 1 film needed (Beastars is scheduled) 7/12/Y8 - 1 film needed (Ms. Marvel is scheduled) 7/26/Y8 - 1 film needed (Attack on Titan: The Wings of Freedom is scheduled) 8/16/Y8 - 1 film needed (Red Dead Redemption Part 1 is scheduled) 8/30/Y8 - Labor Day weekend - 2 films needed 9/6/Y8 - (Fullmetal Alchemist opens and Naughty is scheduled) 10/4/Y8 - 1 film needed (Olive 2 is scheduled) 11/1/Y8 - 1 film needed (Everything We Miss is scheduled for limited release, Returning From Hell opens in limited release) 11/8/Y8 - Avatar: The Last Airbender is scheduled 11/27/Y8 - 1 film needed - (The Castaways and Everything We Miss are scheduled) 12/25/Y8 - 1 film needed - (The Orphan Master’s Son and The Queen Who Never Was are scheduled)
  7. I just changed the Paramount thing. That one is my fault, as I thought subsidiaries were okay, and I have fixed the issue. Sorry.
  8. @cayommagazine Once again, a deceased animation is resurrected. Endless Animation has fast-tracked Nimona for Y9. Vicky Jenson (Shrek, Shark Tale) will help direct the project with Patrick Osborne (Feast) as Amanda Rydna (DC Super Hero Girls, The Un-Title-Able Squirrel Girl Sequel) and Erica Rivinoja (Clone High, Trolls, the upcoming The Valkyries vs The Galaxy) help Marc Haimes with the script. Further details will be revealed within the next week.
  9. @cayommagazine Mark Hamill (Batman: The Animated Series, the Star Wars franchise), Danny Pudi (Community, The Number One Dime), Kelly Marie Tran (Green Lantern Corps: Home, Raya and The Last Dragon), Anthony Rannelis (The Book of Mormon, The Prom) and Seychelle Gabriel (The Legend of Korra, Samurai Pizza Cats 2) have all signed on for voice roles in Endless Animation’s Gateways 2.0.
  10. @cayommagazine Your favorite characters from Gateways return as Endless Animation has attached a new short to Infinite Studios’ family film, Loving Shadow and Light which debuts on November 22nd, Y8. The short is titled Levi and Magi in The Santa Job: A Gateways Short as the original cast of Grace, Glover, Awkwafina and Welker return as the new family celebrate their first Christmas together but Levi accidentally gives away Bailee’s presents to charity, forcing him and Magi to hop dimensions, swiping gifts from various Santa’s before Christmas Day.
  11. @cayommagazine Armie Hammer has been dropped as Hal Jordan in Endless Entertainment’s Green Lantern Corps franchise due to recent accusations coming to light. Sam Heughan (Outlander, The Spy Who Dumped Me, Most Wanted Man in Great Britain) will replace Hammer in Y9’s Green Lantern Corps: Evolution.
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