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  1. I also think it’ll go to Christmas as Universal can easily move Croods 2 for it.
  2. @cayommagazine Director Thurop Van Orman (The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, The Angry Birds Movie 2) and producer Tim Burton (Beetlejuice, The Nightmare Before Christmas) sign onto to Endless Animation’s next project for Y8, joining the likes of Squirrel Girl 2 and Celestial 3000; Naughty 12 year old Xavier Bitton (Caleb McLaughlin) is pretty well mannered yet socially unremarkable. However, Xavier always had a plan for everything, whether it was his homework or his plan to go to Ivy League schools or his plan to wear down a date in five years in time for prom, must know tackle the responsibility of being a good big brother, when his parents give birth to a particularly troublesome baby girl. Overwhelmed and underprepared, Xavier hopes he can help kick his sister’s naughty streak. However, things take a turn for the worst, when said sister gets abducted by the No Child Left Naughty group, who specializes in the reformation of troublesome children, despite the fact babies are too young to attend, taking the children to Naughty Island, described as “Guantanamo Bay meets Halloween Town” mixed with the most evil element of all; a prep school, where “the worst of the worst” are sent to be reformed and punished until they’re cured, led by a fairly psychotic headmaster (Kelsey Grammar). Not wanting his sister to be traumatized, Xavier alongside his rather irresponsible babysitter (Beanie Feldstein) hitches a ride on one of Naughty Island’s Scolding Stork ships to rescue his baby sister. However, Xavier finds himself facing an assortment of monsters, a dastardly plot, rancid cafeteria food and worst of all... unruly and cool children. Xavier must learn to adapt as we all learn whether naughty or nice, kids will be kids. Bleeding with dark comedy, tinged with horror and a heap of heart, Naughty will use Worldmeander animation once more but is animated where the characters can have such exaggerated faces and movements while maintaining a blocky like motion. An animated model of Xavier is shown when calm, he’s somewhat blocky in terms of movement but when excited or nervous, he becomes much more animated. Naughty will come our Summer Y8.
  3. Godzilla 2014 had weak legs too. Sure, Kong was a great hit and I think some potential is there for GVK. Look if the first two aren’t well received unless GVK gets a holiday slot like say Christmas, I have no reason to see why GVK will be a huge hit. It’s standard box office statistics, look at BVS and JL for instance. BVS had horrible reception, and JL suffered from it. To say KoTM won’t have an effect on it is wishful thinking at best.
  4. I have been saying that for weeks, but I think we may not get much in 2021 either as Marvel Studios has closed down during the Virus, I don’t think Strange 2 or Thor 4 will make 2021 anymore cause of it as it’s not far along to make it, here’s my guess for Phase 4: Black Widow - 11/6/20 The Falcon and Winter Soldier - December 2020 The Eternals - 2/12/21 WandaVision - Spring 2021 Spider-Man 3: A Sony Surprise - 5/7/21 Marvel’s What If - Summer 2021 Shang Chi - 11/5/21 Loki - Holiday 2021 Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness - 2/18/22 She Hulk - 2022 Black Panther 2 - 5/6/22 Thor: Love and Thunder - July 2022 Moon Knight - 2022 Ant Man 3 - October 2022
  5. Yeah but between it and WW84, the latter has a much stronger box office potential, so if push comes to shove, which I think it’s likely, WW84 will take Christmas.
  6. They have a spot saved in December for Dune which has IMAX. All it takes is one switch.
  7. My guess is this will take Croods 2 Christmas release date.
  8. Red Flavour Studio: Infinite Studios Release Date: 11/17/Y7 Genre: Concert Director: Bruce Hendricks Original Song: “How You Love Me” by Red Velvet Rating: PG-13 Budget: $7M Theater Count: 2,450 Format: 2D and 3D Runtime: 98 minutes Plot: Red Velvet does a concert with 3D and stuff. We also learn more about the K Pop band as well as the debut of their new song. Nuff said.
  9. Because Disney doesn’t want to give up IMAX and fits their schedule better. Besides Eternals would move to February as Shang Chi moves to May. Competition is more likely to effect a MCU movie than release date. Black Panther did more than IW domestically in February.
  10. Onward OW underperformed due to bad marketing, it was basically in line with tracking. Coronavirus did effect the legs though as that’s become obviously evident.
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