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  1. 2021 $100M+ films Avatar 2 - $165M/$650M/$2.5B Thor: Love and Thunder - $175M/$450M/$1.35B Jurassic World 3 - $160M/$455M/$1.4B The Little Mermaid? (If November 21) - $115M/$430M/$1.2B The Batman - $125M/$420M/$1.25B Spider-Man 3 - $135M/$375M/$1.05B Strange 2 - $115M/$325M/$900M Shang Chi - $110M/$300M/$925M The Matrix - $125M/$300M/$850Mi Twocide - $100M/$265M/$700M Untitled Pixar - $70M/$240M/$685M Mission Impossible 7: $75M/$235M/$765M Fast 10 - $100M/$225M/$1.2B (assuming Rock and Statham are back) Wicked - $65M (five day)/$250M/$500M Vivo - $55M/$200M/$550M John Wick: Chapter 4: $65M/$195M/$450M Elvis - $45M/$175M/$385M Untilted Disney Animation - $60M (five day)/$165M/$500M Hotel 4 - $45M (five day)/$150M/$400M Space Jam 2 - $55M/$140M/$355M Sing 2 - $40M/$135M/$400M Cinderella - $35M/$125M/$265M Fatherhood - $25M/$120M/$200M Halloween Ends - $55M/$115M/$200M The Bad Guys - $30M/$110M/$300M Boss Baby 2, Mortal Kombat and Fantastic Beasts 3 all go sub $100M DOM
  2. I mean. If there was an MCU film to drop from its predecessor WW, it’d be this one. Mainly due to a lot of direct competition.
  3. Especially if it’s in the middle of Thor 4 and maybe Little Mermaid which are after its two main demographics.
  4. @cayommagazine IHOP to continue food menu item deals with Endless Animation’s upcoming films of Y7; Should You Imagine? on June 30th, Y7 and Toons v Reality on November 10th, Y7. The menu items for Should You Imagine has been revealed; - Imagination Pancakes: Three buttermilk pancakes, coated with turquoise and purple colored chocolate chip shavings, drizzled with a delectable caramel syrup and topped with a whipped cream mustache like design. - Smarmy’s Outback Burger: A manly meal that can be eaten by anyone. A 1/2 pound sirloin burger, topped with pepper jack cheese, applewood smoked bacon, jalapeño ranch, onion straws, lettuce, tomato and a signature buffalo sauce. Served with fries. - Turquoise's Turbulent Tonic: A Blue raspberry and cherry flavored Slushie, with a hint of blueberry with a blue lemon topping.
  5. I mean, we literally just had Bad Boys 3 do a $70M 4 day OW, like I’m not denying it’ll likely see a dip from 2019 but I do think the hits will be more widespread.
  6. I mean, Fallen Kingdom had a decent drop, and it’s not like there was division between the GA. It’s more of an AOU size drop.
  7. Top 10 of 2021 - OW/DOM/WW Avatar 2 - $165M/$650M/$2.5B Thor: Love and Thunder - $175M/$450M/$1.15B Jurassic World 3 - $160M/$455M/$1.4B The Little Mermaid? (If November 21) - $115M/$400M/$1.2B The Batman - $125M/$375M/$1B Spider-Man 3 - $135M/$375M/$1.05B Strange 2 - $115M/$325M/$900M Shang Chi - $110M/$300M/$925M The Matrix - $125M/$300M/$850M Twocide - $100M/$265M/$700M Furious 10 does a run similar to Fate ($220M/$1.2B) Vivo breaks out with a $200M DOM gross Beasts 3 sees a big drop, Black Adam does around $175-$190M
  8. As stressors of the year have already started for me, I begun to think of next year’s upcoming box office. 2020 while likely won’t be as big as 2019, it’s definitely more interesting. 2021 seems to be the year going back to status quo. Will Jimbo reclaim his title as box office king? Will Papa Feige rule once more? Will Indiana Jones even come out next year? Discuss your thoughts here.
  9. It does bode well a bit for SCOOB! but WAG has failed one too many times. Though I’m much more optimistic about it than Spongebob 3 which’ll do around the same as the first ($80M DOM) and Artemis Fowl which is dying.
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