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  1. Surprisingly this has a $65M budget https://www.wsj.com/articles/universal-tosses-cinemas-a-lifeline-while-testing-new-distribution-model-11603143782?redirect=amp#click=https://t.co/0fZyuqLA2w
  2. We won’t see a $2B film for another decade, in fact, I’m not sure we’ll get much $1B grossing films for 2022.
  3. @cayommagazine Peyton List (Jessie, Cobra Kai), Jamie Foxx (Soul, Django Unchained) and Aldis Hodge have also joined the cast of Static Shock: Frozen Summer. List will play the one of the main antagonists, Permafrost, an extremely powerful metahuman with the ability to conjure ice, who is also a homeless teen trying to survive. Foxx will play Atomic, fans recognize this character as Static villain Holocaust who in this incarnation has been renamed, Hodge will play another Milestone Comics character, Dr. Curtis Metcalf, one of the scientists who was unwittingly a part of the Big Band, as well as being known as fan favorite hero Hardware. The plot takes up during Virgil’s summer vacation after his sophomore year, as Virgil has been the metahuman electrical hero known as Static. Static has become a nationwide hero, becoming somewhat cocky, having dismantled Alvaworks and defeated Ebon as Virgil hopes for some well needed R&R; playing some hoops with his best friend Richie, maybe having his own summer love in Frieda as well as figuring out what’s next for Virgil. However, when a new and powerful Metahuman named Permafrost, who is struggling to control her immense cryokinetic power, is going a crime spree to cure her ailment also puts her as a target for the newest gang in Dakota, the Blood Syndicate, lead by Atomic as well as MetaLab, a new company based on metahuman research from the remains of Alvaworks, lead by Dr. Curtis Metcalf rising up. Static, alongside Richie who has also gained increased intelligence, must figure out how to ease. Irving is excited for Y8, as Static 2, Heartman, True Colors and The Neighborhood are all black stories with a largely black cast and crew. Irving notes that CAYOM while still extremely diverse, has a lack of black stories and protagonists. Irving hopes these stories resonate well with audiences all over.
  4. @cayommagazine This February, Infinite Studios, Blumhouse and Monkeypaw Productions would like to invite audiences around the globe to see Academy Award winning director, Jordan Peele’s (Get Out, Us) next vision, the satirical thought-provoking thriller, described as a modern day Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde meets BlacKkKlansman, True Colors. True Colors tells the story of Tyson (John Boyega (Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Pacific Rim: Uprising)), a hard hitting news reporter with the nose and passion for truth, working alongside his partner and ex girlfriend, Iris (Keke Palmer (Hustlers, True Jackson VP). Tyson and Iris are the best at their game but naturally face the typical prejudices and struggles African Americans face living in typical American society. After hearing a tip from an old associate, Tyson investigates the biggest genetics company in America, Chrom, led by the charismatic yet greedy Nick Newman (Chris Evans (Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Knives Out), who is making a run for Governor in Illinois. Upon the investigation, Tyler finds a strange set of pills, that turn his world upside down as he becomes the one thing he never expected to be: a blonde haired, blue eyed, white man (Zac Efron (High School Musical 4: Reunion, Neighbors). Using his newfound white privilege to his advantage, Tyson becomes Tanner, to uncover truth and help society to expose Newman, whilst operating for a far right news channel dubbed Faux as a reporter alongside news anchors like the depraved and unhinged Barnes Buchanan (J. K. Simmons (Spider-Man, Law and Order) and Greta Sunn (Jennifer Aniston (Friends, Horrible Bosses). However, as his investigation continues, Tyson soon begins to lose himself to his Tanner persona and uncovers an even dark truth about a local domestic terrorist group and it’s ties to Newman. Other cast members include - Charlie Heaton (the Spark franchise) as Early, a white supremacist who is apart of the terrorist group. - Samuel L. Jackson (Pulp Fiction, Kingsman: The Secret Service) as Mitch, an old friend and mentor of Tyson - Laurence Fishburne (Man of Steel) as Governor Terrence Franklin, the current Governor of Illinois True Colors is set to come into theaters February 23rd, Y8. In addition to that, Michelle Haywood, esteemed auteur of Hourglass Pictures has joined into the project as an executive producer as more cast members sign on as Awkwafina, Saorise Ronan, and Jay Hernandez have all signed on.
  5. And that’s a fair point. I do hope that Holland’s arc develops more as these films go on, despite his very stagnant start. I mean Woody was an unlikeable character in the majority in the first Toy Story and developed greatly over the course of movies, and while his growth is good, it still doesn’t excuse his start. But as it stands now, I don’t like the idea the way this Spider Man is going because it is the polar opposite of who Spider-Man is (less selfreliant, billionaire stanning, rarely deals with struggles, arguably gentrified) and from the looks of it, it seems like they want Peter (despite what FFH tried to say) as the next Iron Man of the MCU and to me that that doesn’t give me much hope in his arc will improve. It’s also because I absorbed Spider-Man media like a sponge throughout my childhood. However, his arc can change for the better. I mean, I got to represent best anime My Hero Academia, Bakugo was and arguably still is an awful 2 dimensional character and human being but he had strong character growth over the course of the manga and anime, in that he learns from his mistakes while still dealing with consequences from his action. Same with Deku who is arguably a lot like Holland Spider-Man but with more struggles in life but he grew to become his own hero though Deku arguably had more development over seasons. The MCU turned an abusive character like Yondu into someone sympathetic in the sequel. I don’t know what the future holds for the character of Holland’s Spider-Man but also know that he has resonated with a lot of people be that the MCU connection or Holland’s performance. Anyways let’s stop this 3 page conversation cause it’s taking up space.
  6. What I meant to say is Spider-Man can develop in the course of movies but it’s a problem he barely gets any substantial development over the 5 movies in he’s in. Harry Potter has had their characters develop for each of the movies as arcs change and characters learn as well as the rest of the MCU characters, from Guardians 1 to 2, Rocket developed past his self destructive tendencies for relationships and learns to be better with teamwork in IW and Endgame, where as Peter has gone through the same arc of “Can I live up to Iron Man” through five movies nor does he really learn. But let’s agree to disagree.
  7. Then have that in the films, we don’t need Peter as a teen for the millionth time if you don’t got the drama to back it up, which sort of proves my point.
  8. To be fair, every Spider-Man film has lacked a strong female protagonist. Spider Gwen is probably the best but she doesn’t get much in screentime, Gwen Stacy has pretty good chemistry with Garfield and MJ is the same with Holland, they don’t do much but are solid. Mary Jane is a fair point but for the first two movies she was solid. I’m not denying the Holland MCU Spider-Man isn’t successful or loved. Holland is much more charismatic in the team up films than his solo films is the problem while simultaneously he’s probably the least troubled Spider-Man. People remember the MCU Spidey not cause of his arc but the team ups. Sure Avenger team ups and multiverse shenanigans haven’t been done before and can be fun, they’re also ironically the most safe route to go with the franchise. This is the third time we’ve had an incarnation of Peter Parker in 15 years. I understand going a different route and all but I feel without the baggage or at least dig deeper into the teen comedy, it feels more like a bare understanding from 35 year olds, you don’t have an interesting Spider-Man character, you have interesting Spider-Man scenes or a fun film but not a good Spider-Man movie. Small and fun isn’t a problem for other MCU film, Ant Man and The Wasp is in my top 10 MCU and probably one of my more favorite modern blockbusters. If you want a Spider-Man without as much baggage and want to develop. Wouldn’t it make sense and potentially more money, to add Miles Morales, an African American teen who carries a lot of same traits as the MCU Peter in a cinematic universe that lacks PoC as main leads, while still having an older Peter Parker as Spider-Man (which still has yet to be done in film) in the background, tutoring him? The Raimi films had their own fun yet cheesy feel while still giving great drama, the Webb films while failure at first tried to do something different which I repsect, the Ramsey/Rodman/Perschutti film felt more earnest in identity and drama for an animated family film while still bringing great action and visuals. What ironic is the MCU Spider-Man that has been given the most, when it actually makes him feel the less unique. Spider-Man (at least Peter Parker) has always been Nightwing, he’s a young hero, has a clear mentor role and plagued with heartache and strife but is self reliant, can most definitely have fun, he does his own work while occasionally accepting help from others. Spider-Man isn’t Robin who relies on his mentor to succeed in life. As a fan of the MCU, the new Spider-Man films feel like a missed opportunity for another hero such as say Kamala Khan, Miles Morales, the kid from Iron Man 3 or even Riri Williams or a new character to have the spotlight and grow. As a Spider-Man fan, I’m sad that apart from a few great moments, Peter feels lacking and similar to other teen heroes.
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