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  1. YourMother the Edgelord

    THE ANGRY BIRDS II | Aug 16 19 | Sony

    Thanos Bird.
  2. YourMother the Edgelord

    CAYOM Y5 - Discussion Thread

    Now I need me a 11 year old actress, maybe of the A24 variety.
  3. YourMother the Edgelord

    CAYOM Y5 - Discussion Thread

    Anyone know a good replacement for Liam Nesson? I might want to do God of War 3 this year.
  4. Fingers crossed Alita has god legs and does something crazy like a 5x multiple. If everything goes as planned I’ll see it tomorrow after an exam.
  5. YourMother the Edgelord

    CAYOM Y5 - Discussion Thread

    And boom, new right problem free version of Squirrel Girl done
  6. YourMother the Edgelord

    CAYOM Magazine

    More news for The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl as it experiences mild rewrites due to a rights issues that affected small bits of the story. Xavier B. Irving assures the audience that it’s still going to be a fun rip roaring movie even with the changes. - Cardi B and Colton Haynes have left the project sadly but they’re were minor roles as members of the New Warriors, Dazzler and Iceman which Endless Entertainment has swooped the rights for. Tom Vaughn-Lawlor has left as well. However, Endless Entertainment has in return inked a deal with Cardi B for another project and to help create an album for the movie. - Justin Roilland and Taika Waititi remains on the project but now as different characters with the former voicing MODOK who appears during the opening fight as the antagonist and the latter voicing the Red King who is the same role as The Collector was. - Sophia Taylor Ali and Nathan Fillion join the cast as beloved heroes Ms. Marvel and Wonder Man, who Endless was able to make a deal with Horizon Entertainment to use the latter. - Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s character is the same but instead of being the mutant Fantomex, has a new name change and slight tweaks based upon the character to a brand new character: Illouise to avoid copyright. Squirrel Girl will still hit theaters Christmas Y5
  7. YourMother the Edgelord

    CAYOM - New Franchise Rights Thread

    MODOK (Marvel) as well
  8. YourMother the Edgelord

    CAYOM 3.0 - Behind the Camera

    Is MODOK okay (the guy who’s a floating head) to use?
  9. YourMother the Edgelord

    CAYOM 3.0 - Behind the Camera

    He's a famous Marvel villain who time travels. Though I do believe @4815162342 said he was in the Fantastic Four.

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