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  1. @cayommagazine Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother, The Penguins of Madagascar, Batman: The Brave and The Bold), Grey Griffin (The Fairly OddParents, Danny Phantom, Star Vs The Forces Of Evil) and Berlin Edmond (aka YouTuber Berleezy) join the voice cast of Endless Animation’s The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl... and Dana. The sequel will joins Toons V Reality and the untitled Caribbean musical for Endless Animation’s Y8 slate.
  2. @cayommagazine Rachel Weisz joins the cast of Green Lantern Corps: Home as the yet unnamed queen of Korugar.
  3. Man of Steel is good, some of the themes were haphazardous but it was good. If the same character arc wasn’t used for BvS, then I wouldn’t have so much problem with BvS.
  4. Yeah, he excels at half assed themes and poor character development. Synder pre Sucker Punch is infinitely better Synder post Sucker Punch
  5. It is the same shit that’s made me grow tired of CBMs recently, well that and other reasons.
  6. But tell me between Irishman and Endgame which would be more likely for an Oscar I’m pretty sure Deadpool will stay the same. Other than language, I’d say it has a lot more in common with an MCU film. I mean it’s not like either of the movies are biting.
  7. Obviously and it totally isn’t the insecurity of the fans that make them feel like outcasts again.
  8. That said, I feel like Scorsese and Ford chose Marvel as more a criticism on current blockbuster takeover. No one is denying that moviegoing is expensive, hell being a biology major, most of the movies I see theatrical nowadays are the tentpoles due to family/friends and for fun. The problem isn’t the MCU but rather the urge of making everything a franchise, sometimes it works out but you don’t capture the same pull like DC and Star Wars, but the rest kills franchises like the Lego films, MonsterVerse, the numerous flopping sequels this year but due to the ways things are now as well as the rise of streaming as well as the pandemonium of the Trump era, major studios would rather risk a flop for nostalgia than try a new ideas or try mid budget films. In 2000 had 7 films in the top 50 that year were sequels/reboots, 2019 has 27 films in the top 50. Unless we do ticket based pricing (like cheaper for smaller films, regular for tentpoles etc.), there won’t really be a change. Audiences have always gone to the cinema for fun, but it’s sad and disheartening to see less options and less risks, so it’s an understandable complaint.
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