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  1. BEST VOICE ACTOR/ACTRESS IN A LEADING ROLE McKenna Grace and Anna Kendrick walk on stage. Grace: I know it's past my bedtime, but hey man, the Oscars come first. Kendrick: As we all know that a single voice, though all different can bring much emotion. And that is extremely true for the medium that is animation. Voice acting can help make these animated films to newer and stronger heights, and this award will go towards one of these fine actors and actresses who delivered. Just like I stole Zendaya's win back in Y5 Grace: Without further ado, the nominees for Best Voice Actor/Actress in a Leading Role Olivia Cooke as Ashley in Toons v Reality Pixie Davies as Hilda in Hilda and the Midnight Giant - Yuri Lowenthal as Kidd in The Ends of The Universe - Carey Mulligan as Yelena in Laika - Matthew J Thomas as Ardwin in Birdwing and the winner is....
  2. BEST VOICE ACTOR/ACTRESS IN A SUPPORTING ROLE Levi (Donald Glover) and Xevarre (Olivia Cooke) walk on the stage, in their CG rendered glory. Xevarre: I don't know why I'm here, I was nominated as a lead voice. Levi: Hey, man. This is the closest you'll get to winning, my dear. Xevarre: I find you personally appalling, dimension hopper. Levi: And I find you pretty attractive. Besides you got to lighten up. Xevarre: Like how you caused planetary extinction. Levi: Okay I'll stop. Xevarre: The nominees for Best Voice Actor/Actress in a Supporting Role are... Ben Foster in The Scavenger Wars Part III - Sasha Lane in The Scavenger Wars Part III John Mulaney in Toons v Reality Andrew Scott in Hilda and The Midnight Giant - Michael Sheen in Laika and the winner is...
  3. BEST ENSEMBLE Tessa Thompson and Adam Driver walk on stage, as they prepare to announce the winner behind best ensemble. Driver: Y’know, “Kelsey”, it’s about time we got on stage together. Maybe this time, you’ll get an Oscar. Thompson: Adam, you do realize I won Best Actress. Or did you forget that my movie won best picture, when ours didn’t even make the Best Picture nominations. Driver: That’s a low blow, Tess. Thompson: It’s what I do. As we all know making a film is a team effort. And a great ensemble can make a great film. The nominees for Best Ensemble are… Dear Evan Hansen Laika Notorious Pillars of Eternity: An Ancient Legacy The Scavenger Wars Part III and the winner is....
  4. BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR Dan Stevens enters the stage. Stevens: It is a pleasure to be here tonight. I already won my award, but for every film, there's one smooth scenestealer that worms their way into our hearts. Our nominees for Best Supporting Actor are... William Jackson Harper as JJ in Ms. Blakk 4 President Brian d’Arcy James as Larry in Dear Evan Hansen Payman Maadi as Faraz in Notorious Benecio Del Toro as Coach Ned in Megalo Box Christopher Walken as Mansfield in The Final Cut and the winner is
  5. Beyond the End from The Ends of The Universe by written and performed by Susanne Sundfør plays in the background.
  6. BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele step on stage. Peele: As we all know, screenplays are needed in Hollywood. Key: Especially original films. I mean it is hard to come up with an original idea. Even in CAYOM, there’s still a need to franchise everything. Peele: Aren't you in Scavenger Wars IV. Key: Yep, and as long as I got that, I got me a career in CAYOM. The nominees for Best Original Screenplay are... The Ends of The Universe The Final Cut The First Month Hypercomptency Toons v Reality and the winner is...
  7. See the World from Attack on Titan by Taylor Swift plays in the background as our announcers prepare.
  8. BEST FILM EDITING Taron Egerton and Jake Gyllenhaal come on stage, humorously both dressed as the villainous Venchell from the Spark franchise. Egerton: As we all know, for film sometimes not everything is used. Gyllenhaal: Like my cut of Spark Homeward. Egerton: Hey, you got the director’s cut, and besides didn’t your version almost kill the franchise. Gyllenhaal: I’m sorry but which one of us was most forgettable out of all the Spark villains. Egerton: I’ll deal with that later. The nominees for Best Film Editing are... Countdown City Hypercomptency Megalo Box Ms. Blakk 4 President Notorious The Scavenger Wars Part III and the winner is...
  9. BEST MAKEUP AND HAIRSTYLING Ashley Tisdale dressed as Sharpay walks on to the stage with such confidence as Fabulous plays. Sharpay: Surprise! It was obvious, the Oscars needed someone as fabulous and drop dead gorgeous as I am to announce the winners of Best Makeup and Hairstyling. Also the folks at Endless sort of forgot about my movies so this is a compromise. The nominees are... Green Lantern Corps Home The Long Way Home Ms. Blakk 4 President Pillars of Eternity: An Ancient Legacy The Scavenger Wars Part III and the winner is....
  10. Slight delay, we'll be up and running within 30-35 minutes. My docs page forgot to save some of the banter.
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