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  1. Ask him who won the Rocky/Apollo rubber match.
  2. Future Best Popular Movie Oscar winner.
  3. *Watching trailer* Morgan Freeman: Your mother was the greatest inventor I ever knew and there was never any doubt when I asked what her greatest creation was... Me: Don't you fucking dare, Freeman... Freeman: ...You! Me: MOTHERFUCKER!!! This looks fucking terrible.
  4. Tele's rant on this would've been beautiful.
  5. Can't wait for the ads to run for the nominees in that category. "Nominated for the Academy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Popular Film." It sounds like a goddamn joke.
  6. I guess Black Panther will def get an Oscar this year. But seriously, this is beyond dumb. Gives them an excuse to not consider great mainstream-friendly films for the higher Oscar categories.
  7. Watched 13 Assassins the other night. Pretty, pretty good.
  8. There's not enough time in a day to do all of that.
  9. He's embracing his inner Tree.
  10. Don't you mean "not cool"?
  11. I want a Christopher Plummer reaction now.
  12. What's funny is I made a Plummer joke when Gunn got fired and I didn't get a lecture then.
  13. I made the joke in the GOTG3 thread about, if Batista got out of his contract to play Drax, Disney can just call in Christopher Plummer to replace him. Apparently, if you make that joke, you're comparing somebody like Gunn or Batista with people who have rape allegations against them like Spacey. That was news to me earlier.

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