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  1. From Corpse of WOKJ: Weekend Estimates 06/03-04)01 (01) ¥305,000,000 ($2.7 million), -13%, ¥10,350,000,000 ($91.7 million), Beauty and the Beast (Disney) WK7 02 (---) ¥170,000,000 ($1.5 million), 0, ¥220,000,000 ($2.0 million), Logan (Fox) NEW 03 (02) ¥116,000,000 ($1.1 million), -17%, ¥400,000,000 ($3.6 million), To Each His Own (Toho) WK2 04 (---) ¥110,000,000 ($1.0 million), 0, ¥110,000,000 ($1.0 million), Flower and Sword (Toei) NEW 05 (03) ¥79,000,000 ($715,000), -40%, ¥400,000,000 ($3.6 million), What a Wonderful Family! 2 (Shochiku) WK2 06 (04) ¥78,000,000 ($705,000),
  2. I have a feeling that Dangal will have an extension for sure because it a leggy hit like Zootopia was, and that too had an extension.
  3. OMG prepare to get tortured by the CG Fuckathon of three hour bay stuff.
  4. For all the fuss about focusing how much a movie makes in Brazil in USD b/c of XR, I like the focus on the local currency aspect since movies gross more and records are broken, I known that their are several movies that have grossed over R$100 million in Brazil, but does any movie in the future have a chance at breaking one record which is grossing over R$200 million at the Brazilian box office?
  5. I have a feeling that Justice League is gonna get good reviews since it was under when Geoff Johns took over but ZS is still the director of the film, and how Joss Whedon is now helping out.
  6. In LC will Wonder Woman make over R$100 million?
  7. I did an XR for POTC 5 opening weekend from AUD to USD, and it USD it 4.4 million compared to it doing 5.9 million in AUD.
  8. 1. Wonder Woman 2. Spider-Man Homcoming 3. Cars3 4. Despicable Me 3 5. Mummy
  9. Has their been a movie in the Philippines that was very leggy, because movies released their are front-loaded like making over 50 percent of it total on opening weekends. Why is the Philippines a frontloaded market.
  10. Will Dangal get like an extension of more than like an additional month for example since it doing so damn well?
  11. Just picked up a US distributor with a release date of Feb 16, 2018. http://variety.com/2017/film/news/eddie-redmayne-early-man-lionsgate-1202445069/
  12. Man I enjoy this movie very much since I like the Beavis and Butt-Head tv show very much. It kept the humor from the show and loved the many funny scenes. A Grade for this!
  13. Man I feel like this was a waste and is sure the most overrated blockbuster of the year. C
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