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  1. I blame that less on Disneyphilia and more media having a short attention/memory span.
  2. The IDW comics treated it as such, I doubt the new movie will acknowledge it but who knows?
  3. For better or worse, it's clearly being aimed at the middle age GB "fandom" since this will be the closest thing they'll get to a GB3 as a movie.* I'm curious to see if kids on their own want to watch this. One good thing about Afterlife: Sony in synergy reposted many of the old Real Ghostbusters episodes on YouTube. That was a fun nostalgia vacation. That show was a better sequel than GB2 by a country mile. *=Granted that was the hook for the video game back in the 2010s, promoted by R/A as unofficially GB3. IIRC it sold fine but it wasn't the monster hit the develope
  4. Seeing people online press this point, ignoring the fact that (1) yeah there's some adult stuff/context in that original movie and (2) all which went over the heads of kids of that era, who ate that movie up. This was a PG rated movie after all (PG-13 wasn't a thing yet.) Trust me, I was part of that generation who was into the toys, the (horrible) NES game, and the Real Ghostbusters cartoon series. Alot of kids connected to it on a superhero level, which makes sense when you think about it (people put on costumes to "save" the day using gizmos to fight magic.)
  5. how sharp will its 2nd weekend drop be? Over or under SJ2's drop?
  6. Consider it glorified R&D, a space where you could experiment on ideas that if popular enough they could be incorporated into the main canon through multiverse shenanigans or just the main movie universe in its own version. (People forget that when Dark Knight Returns came out which past tense had a dead Jason Todd Robin, Jason Todd was still *alive* in the comics at the time. Did TDKR influence readers to vote for his death in that infamous phone vote? Did it inspire DC editorial to go there?)
  7. If your forecast comes true, people playing down the impact of delta variant in the news are even more foolish than usual.
  8. If the recent weekend is any indication, people will use confirmation bias to claim it would’ve opened better if it was a better flick.
  9. Some folks’ confirmation bias will claim “oh if it was better it would’ve done better!”
  10. It’s weird how considering the people involved it should be good and yet I’ve been left cold by what we’ve seen so far. Maybe I’m just burned out on Batman?
  11. Irony is India became independent because (among other reasons) UK went bankrupt from winning that war, ultimately allowed to do it’s own NAM thing during the Cold War. If the Axis had won, would India (which would’ve been part of Japan’s “Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere” of influence in this hypothetical Axis-dominated world) have been able to do that? (Of course “Man in the High Castle” dabbled with an AU Cold War between the Axis powers. I can’t remember India’s fate in book or show.)
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