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  1. Well to be fair most of the time in these sort of movies......acting chemistry goes a LOOOOONG way. (Not to single it out for any agenda reasons but think of DOCTOR STRANGE with Hall and Cucumber Batch. Did anyone buy that they were once a couple? I didn’t really.) This isn’t a diss at WW, but in general it felt like gender bender Reeve/Kidder when you think about it. World experienced person dealing with an out of this world sincere/naive-to-a-fault super person.
  2. Yeah I would include them too...first two films, obviously. Not to mention unlike every other pairing we’ve mentioned (serious or jokingly), one that’s actually reflective of their not rich social-economical background and trying to escape that. Honestly throw in Harry and that’s the one Love Triangle we’ve had in spandex movies and rewatching those movies last year, it’s terrific....again, first two movies though because it all goes to hell in part 3. #ThanksAvi
  3. ....is it a coincidence people cite Batman Returns for this instead of Keaton’s actual first movie? I’ll throw in Pepperony as well. Killer chemistry (and Paltrow keeps RDJ grounded which his Stark lacks sometimes when he’s flying solo.)
  4. TLJ fans go on and on about how it took chances and blah blah and yet SOLO is the first SW movie with a plot not focused on Jedi or the Force/laser swords or the friggin Skywalkers or involve stakes with the galaxy’s safety at stake. SOLO doesn’t have a rocket science script, but (finally) it’s something actually different from the actual SW norm. Even ROGUE ONE which I kinda admire didn’t escape the SW story sandbox as much as SOLO did when you think about it.
  5. Weird thing to say considering SOLO is the first SW movie with a plot not focused on Jedis or the Force or stakes that impact the galaxy’s safegy or the friggin Skywalkers.
  6. Pine was in STID. This pitch still wouldn’t be the dumbest plot device he’s come across.
  7. Wouldn’t it be funny if they used that trick the 70s tv show did where the same dude that played Steve played his son when the show moved to contemporary times? (in this scenario set in 80s his grandson but you get my drift.)
  8. The coincidences are just too many in my book. Anyway me wonder how those fans who ranted against “bathos!” (God bless the MCU for providing some fans on the the other aisle with motivation to look up a dictionary) for the last 5 something years feel about that new Shazam! poster which is promising a (good looking) movie that might give them a headache.
  9. Don’t forget Singer’s X-Men too! How could you forget that considering it’s place/impact on the spandex genre? Pfft, rookie mistake.
  10. For all the talk about DCEU allegedly being dead, its not. There is IP power, they just don’t have brand power. Big difference currently

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