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  1. Christ, imagine how we (this thread, not somebody sane like me) would react if this was getting oh I don't know 2016-era DCEU reviews where it was generally "This SUCKS!" instead of mostly "meh."
  2. Depends on what Disney's view of a "bomb" is for this. Going Snakes Eyes on us? Not happening but yeah that's a bomb in the obvious sense. Let's remember 2013. MOS was the first hit Superman movie since what, 1983? Not a bomb. How did WB react? Didn't make TDK money so uh oh kick out MOS 2, let's do BVS instead. BVS...did what BVS did. Made money, but not Avengers money. We remember what happened afterwards. The Incredible Hulk back in 2008? Made a profit, but Disney decided it wasn't enough to bother with more Hulk solo movies (or not worth splitting profits with Universal and th
  3. It's certainly had a nice shelf life. Nolan knew what he was doing trying to take a stab at a Spielbergian yarn and I think it's paid off.
  4. OT NGL...I'm a fan of TDW. I unironically enjoy that romp, even if you can tell it was tinkered heavily in post and certainly one of the weakest MCU joints. The villain blows, wasting Eccleston (though the Dark Elves are dressed like something Doctor Who would've cobbled together on the cheap...but this was a big budget movie?) and I've always wondered how things would've gone if the alleged original ending with Loki biting the dust for real had gone through. But through and through, I would go to bat for that one.
  5. Haha. I know people clearly are invested in their narratives in this latest round of franchise wars and performing mental gymnastics, but I’m enjoying this score business as a spectator.
  6. Alot of the same people who tend to like (or give fresh ratings I suppose) MCU movies are the same ones gushing over Dune. I know people like to paint critics as zombies when its convenient but it's not quite true. Just maybe let me speculate they just...didn't like Eternals because it's a mess?* You've seen the Craig 007 films, consider the disparity of reactions between Casino Royale and Spectre. Same star, same company, same house style and yet one's much weaker than the other to say the least. *=Granted some liked it while recognizing its messyness.
  7. Lol I still remember when MOS initially had a (positive) critic consensus at RT. Hell even certified fresh before rest of the reviews came in. The first was rewritten to say the least and that certification got yanked. I wouldn’t be shocked if this happens here too.
  8. The similarities between MOS/BVS and this in terms of the brand’s fan reactions are fascinating. Reviews (so far) aren’t bad enough for fans to go the “critics were bribed by rival studio”* argument, thankfully. *=An idea to explain away BVS’ reviews that at the time was big time pushed by…Trace Dandruff herself.
  9. As much as a Marvelite I am, they’ve struck out before (IM2 for instance, what a mess) so I don’t have trouble believing that maybe this didn’t cut the mustard. It happens.
  10. Calm. Down. I said nothing about Eternals. Nothing. All I said was what Larson said years ago had merit. It’s why I wrote “OT.” I know fans are right now jumpy but jeez…
  11. OT but what Larson said years ago which triggered a lot of (well not many but very very vocal) folks was pretty accurate.
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