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  1. Hear it's good, glad to hear it. Some people will try to sully this when they inevitably get upset on social media with inevitable reviews that will go "this was better than NAME ANY PREVIOUS DCEU movie" like a few were with Lego Batman Movie earlier this year. if we're all pleased, does it matter?
  2. After this weekend, I wouldn't worry about Hollywood shoehorning Hunnam into anymore blockbusters.
  3. A weird thing to say about a film not out yet. Hell back to the "finally humor!" thing, I remember people complaining about TDW being too jokey for its own good.
  4. Scott Mendelson on this weekend's OW that is MCU's biggest w/o Iron Man. https://www.forbes.com/sites/scottmendelson/2017/05/08/box-office-guardians-of-the-galaxy-vol-2-just-rewrote-the-book-on-break-out-sequels/#7deb75d82597
  5. Your first point: you would be surprised at how many people who do that. I guess I was trying to add another bullet to the argument somebody above had made about those films being companions and not merely just a sequel.
  6. The thing about GOTGv2 that makes it stand out from the other MCU sequels for better or worse is that those other sequels can be enjoyed (or not) on their own merit, designed in part for folks who might've missed the earlier entry. Oh sure THE WINTER SOLDIER benefits from being a nice contrast in tone/setting to the first Cap film, but its not necessary. GOTGv2 I wonder if it only works emotionally if you're already invested in the core characters from the first GOTG? Maybe I'm selling people short but that's the first MCU sequel where I've gotten that impression. In fact a good comparison honestly if not exact would be another 2017 sequel: JOHN WICK CHAPTER 2. The tight simplicity of the first film that won people over is sacrificed in the name of digging deeper into the mythos of that world which causes pacing to be erratic, while it tries to deliver what people wanted in a sequel (regarding JW, its Keanu being a badass/that hitman society world-building, the terrific action scenes, etc.). Narrative is ruled more by (terrific) setpieces than plotting. (Everybody knows the first JW movie's basic plot but the sequel? Something Rome something homeless Morpheus something it doesn't matter.) In fact in the 3rd act, there is a OH CRAP! moment which only works as payoff after you've seen both JW movies and you know why that moment matters.
  7. Well Deadpool was a big fan of this one. https://mobile.twitter.com/VancityReynolds/status/861206242555023365

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