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  1. I say this as a Marvel hack: you’re giving them way too much credit. Nobody is that clever.
  2. So is the Joaquin Phoenix Joker movie dead? Is Suicide Squad 2 going to development hell?
  3. It’s blink and miss but you can see Cinderella pluck a leaf out of her hair
  4. Marvel Reddit never had a bug up it’s ass about Tony vs Steve, that’s how I pulse that fandom. Now IM3 was a whole other issue...
  5. They're slick at marketing, but GRINCH might be facing the same problem SOLO has for King Mickey: not giving a good retort to people asking "why?"
  6. He got the weekend thread locked for repeatedly calling people morons.
  7. One is a Disney production which utilized its iconic cartoon IP library for marketing/creative purposes. The other is WIR2.
  8. Jesus, imagine if the Internet was around decades ago for WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT? "Why are iconic characters like Bugs and Mickey cracking jokes together? How does this add to the story or the CHINATOWN riffing plot's politics?"
  9. Yeah the novelty of that concept is powerful AF. It also helps sell the movie without needing to spoil the plot. Meanwhile A WRINKLE IN TIME tanked and got bad reviews and SOLO despite "Disney Power" is flopping hard. And honestly I wouldn't be shocked if NUTCRACKER later this year eats it too. People aren't zombies. Honestly EMOJI MOVIE disappointed me. Hype online was this was a cinematic war crime and instead I got a mediocre mindless feature. It being up for Razzies was horse feathers.
  10. Oh I know. I'm just saying if Disney wanted to make that movie, its not exactly Mission Impossible.
  11. Think of how Marvel does their team-up movies: What about them as characters, how would they interact with each other? That's part of the potential novelty/charm of such a film using iconic cartoon characters. What would they contribute if say they're together on a team-up adventure? Well look at some of them from recent times: Ice powers (Elsa), magic hair powers (Rapunzel), archery (the BRAVE girl), improvisational knack this side of John McClaine (Mulan), water-control powers (Moana), the smart one* (Belle), etc. A challenge will be doing something with those early Princesses (Snow White, Aurora, etc.) who quite frankly were cyphers. I mean what's their distinct personality traits other than they're nice? Not an impossible hurdle to overcome, but they'll have to flesh them out. *=LOL I know because "she reads books!" but I'm working with what I've got here.
  12. A shame in retrospect considering this movie we couldn’t also have Shuri and Princess Leia.
  13. Teaser poster had a “LubHub” or “LuvHub” or something like that. If there are Rule 34 jokes, God help us all.
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