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  1. I wonder how Lego Batman and Ninjago will affect the gross of Lego Movie 2. Like a lot of people, I thought Lego Batman would do a lot better, considering how popular the original movie was, how popular Batman is, and how this got pretty good reviews. And I'm guessing Ninjago will do even worse (though still probably profitable). So, it makes me wonder how the GA will view Lego Movie 2. Will they see it as the real sequel to a movie they seemed to love, or will the two spin-off movies lower their interest in it?
  2. Who wants to bet it just goes direct-to-video, like Weinstein's last attempt at theatrical animation, Underdogs?
  3. A Monster Calls, which looks like it may also be the lowest-grossing movie I've EVER seen in a theater. The current holder of that title for me would be Monkeybone, and I doubt A Monster Calls will make another $2 million.
  4. A Monster Calls Tuesday, January 10, 4:20 TRAILERS: (Unsurprisingly, a pretty random assortment) The Zookeeper's Wife The Circle Born In China A Dog's Purpose Smurfs: The Lost Village Gifted The Space Between Us Aside from me, the only people there were a couple of guys. One of them chuckled at a line the dad said, and I think I heard some sniffles from them towards the end. I loved this movie and cried like a baby by the end. Also, when I first told the ticket seller I wanted to see this movie, she told me it wasn't
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