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  1. So i'm not the most knowledgeable in X-Men lore. But whats the deal with the Phoenix force. So we know from Apocalypse that Jean already has the Phoenix force in her. What was the thing that went into Jean in this movie? Was it supposed to be Dark Phoenix? Are they 2 different entities? Or did they just retcon apocalypse and she just now got the Phoenix force. And if so, why is it inherently a bad/hostile thing. From my understanding Dark Phoenix is the Phoenix force that has been twisted somehow.
  2. I wonder what Cameron is going to say when his avatar gets beat by Endgame. Hes gonna fire some subtle shots for sure.
  3. Where is the US military in all of this? This is supposed to take place in the real world right? Surely they would want to prevent a universe ending event. In IW they had the "excuse" that it was in Wakanda, but this is near the Avengers headquarters. 100's of bombers, fighters, cruise missiles from the sea could easily have leveled that whole Thanos army. Just seems like they (MCU) want to include the real world whenever they feel like.
  4. Does anyone else feels like me? Emotionally MCU has kinda ended with Endgame for me. It's sort of the end of the story. And i dont think il get the excitement back until the X-men enters the fray.
  5. The first 2 hours is absolute garbo, there i said it. Not at all fan of what they did to both Thor and Bruce/Hulk. The 3rd act is amazing though, and makes up for alot of it. Weakest of the Avengers movies for me overall. The first 2 hours just ruins it for me.
  6. If this last season of GoT was made into a cinematic trilogy of 2hr 30 mins movies. What would its box office be like?
  7. Whats up with Kylo's lightsaber? Are they considered a blunt force weapon now? It should have cut that person in half like butter.
  8. "Rise of Skywalker" hmm, first thing that comes to mind is: Kylo turns good and saves the day and Rey dies/goes evil. Probably not how it will turn out though.
  9. How much did WB loose from JL? It wasnt thaaat much right? shazam wont reach JL number but it cost under half as much as well.
  10. It's all about gauging how the audience like the movie or not. Seeing the "buzz" after the theatrical release is over. If they feel a Shazam 2 makes sense they will do it. A shazam black adam movie with the Rock feels like a no brainer to me though. Or a Black Adam solo then a Shazam/Black Adam as the 2nd movie for both of them.
  11. This will be huge. And if its a critical success. It will be massive. The obstacle to 1b worldwide is china as i think its probably not something they will like. If it even gets released there. Could be wrong though. I just dont see it making 220 million more than the first Deadpool movie, where can it gain those 220 million? Just dont see it happening.
  12. I know they wanted to save the boardroom scene for the full movie but having at least parts of it in a big trailer would add SO much more hype and anticipation. It would get more people talking about it and getting butts in seats. Because it was great.
  13. The first part of the movie with Sivana, is brilliant. From the car until he enters the cave with the wizard and the Deadly Sins starts talking, GREAT sound effects. I was like wow if this is what were in for this is going to be something special. It didnt quite live up to that for the rest but it was good. Definitely enjoyable. The budget limitations does show itself in the 3rd act in my opinion, Levi vs Mark Strong fight is fine. Although i wish they went a little further. It felt like they held back a little too much, a little reserved BRING OUT THE POWER AND UNLEASH like your life depends on it. Also think the rest of the family fighting the sins was a little "low budget feel" in the way they moved and fought although we didnt see too much of it. They had the same color pallet as Doomsday but didnt have the budget behind them as Doomsday did and it showed.
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