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  1. I think BoP is the type of CBM that needs a proper shared universe with an overarching story. Unknown characters except for Harley. Low budget, trailers that didnt impress many at all. On it's own it just doesnt have the draw. It has a "B" movie feeling over it. I think many CBM fans just feels like they can miss this one without missing anything important. This is where MCU films are so good, even a "small" MCU film would drive the overarching story forward and people felt like they cant miss out on it.
  2. Dr Fate hype! Hes the coolest character in DC. So glad too finally see him on the big screen if rumors are true.
  3. Joker performance is absolutely insane. It is however a little worrisome that you need to slap "Joker" on a movie like this for people to even give a chance. Change the title and change a couple of names, and you would have a movie that would do like what... 150million WW? It just goes to show how powerful the comic book brand is nowadays.
  4. Good holds here in Norway too -28% from first weekend. It's already equal with Captain Marvel and FFH totals after 2nd weekend. Will reach number 3 so far this year behind TLK and Endgame. It wont reach those two, but still, crushing FFH and Captain Marvel is insane.
  5. I cant help but wonder if this Joker was the first Joker on screen after TDK how much it would have made. Did Suicide Squad's Joker help or work against this. I feel without SS this would have made even more bonkers money on OW.
  6. This is probably costing the police millions of extra dollars, because they have to take precautions and investigations and the reason for it is nothing more than this stupid "fear mongering campaign"
  7. Joker isnt getting reviewed based on the quality of the film, which every other CBM is. Joker is getting reviewed by the message of the film. Thats where the difference lies. The quality of the film is undeniably very very good. Some critics are able to look past the message whether they like the message or not, and review the film based on the quality, but some are not. Is there any reviews out there who has critisized Joker because of bad acting, bad pacing, bad plot, bad script, bad CGI, dialogue etc etc. Those are the typical things you would see in a negative review of a CBM.
  8. I think its more about how realistic the violence is. Logan is fairly hollywood'y in its action/violence, while Joker is more "real life" violence.
  9. Can someone explain to me how RT works. Does the critics send in their reviews specifically to Rotten Tomatoes? Or does RT just take their reviews from wherever they post it and add it on the website? If its the first, i was under the assumption that they simply tick a box saying "fresh or rotten" If its the latter, that means someone at rotten tomatoes website is tasked with reading the reviews and adding a fresh or rotten depending on what they read in the review, which is open to interpretation with reviews that are 3/5 or a 5/10 or even a 6/10. That seems kinda iffy to say the least.
  10. The "evil" Rey looks a little off, or is that just me? It kinda looks like its not the real Rey, like a clone or a vision.
  11. It makes sense story wise. Kylo aint gonna just let Palpatine come back and play second fiddle again. In my head i see a 2 front battle vs Palpatine. Kylo and Rey arent necessarily teaming up per se. Maybe something at the very end ( ending with Kylo sacrificing himself! )
  12. Good news, for the sake of some diversity with creative ideas and styles. With Fox now gone we would just end up with WB and Disney CBM movies. And especially the MCU movies feels the exact same (for me). so some more variety is good.
  13. So i'm not the most knowledgeable in X-Men lore. But whats the deal with the Phoenix force. So we know from Apocalypse that Jean already has the Phoenix force in her. What was the thing that went into Jean in this movie? Was it supposed to be Dark Phoenix? Are they 2 different entities? Or did they just retcon apocalypse and she just now got the Phoenix force. And if so, why is it inherently a bad/hostile thing. From my understanding Dark Phoenix is the Phoenix force that has been twisted somehow.
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