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  1. This just got a 3 out of 6 in Norways biggest newspaper. By comparison Aquaman got a 4.
  2. This. Its sad that being profitable is not enough for a CBM. If it ends up doing less than Justice League (which is likely). The media will paint it as being a failure despite costing less than half of what JL did. Because that is what is generating clicks.
  3. I tend to agree with this. I think Spiderman just isnt as exciting as it used to be. The floor is quite high, but i think the roof is also not that high. 240-280 dom and under Homecoming WW.
  4. I keep wondering what kind of freedom the directors really have on projects like this, or MCU films in general right now. It is so intertwined in a bigger story. It must feel like it's episode in a TV series at this point, where everything is put out in front of you. Where you are being told all the things this movie must address and also set up for the future MCU movies.
  5. My guess is 62-67% somewhere in there when its all said and done.
  6. There is a little more mixed reactions on this than i hoped for. Without the visuals, spectacle and action i think this would get a lukewarm reaction in the same league as MOS and JL. But it is saved somewhat by the visuals and the large scale action. Hoping for a 80's score on RT but i fear it will land in the 60's. Which would be a little dissapointing after the all the hype last few weeks.
  7. The difference in release times is bothering me. It comes out on the 25th Dec here in Norway. That is such a long ways off. People are gonna be seeing this so early, impossible to avoid spilers.
  8. Is this the new nat geo animal documentary i've been hearing about? i kid i kid (but not really). This will make all the money in the world and then some. Just hope they dont forget about facial expressions etc. If they just try to make the animals as real as possible and disregard everything else its just going to look like a documentary.
  9. This could have been a great vehicle for a more adult comedy similar to Ted. But since its a Pokemon movie it will never happen. Still a missed opportunity though!
  10. Does this have something to do with the costume? I read something they wanted to make the costume a little smaller and not so padded.
  11. So Bumblebee is gonna open higher than Aquaman. Thats interesting. Even with upper end of that forecast 60 million, chances of beating JL seems very slim. Lets hope this aint gonna come to fruition and it opens to 80+
  12. Hope there is some cosmic stuff in this. Still, looks fairly interesting.
  13. Dont write here much. But gotta say that i absolutely loved the Aquaman trailer. The scale and scope of the movie looks massive. I think the visuals looks fantastic. You can obviously see its alot of green screen, just like any other superhero movie with alof of green screen. But overall im very very pleased with the VFX and its still many months away from hitting theaters. If im not misunderstanding it is an adventure movie with Arthur and Mera hunting for artifacts and then confronting Orm.

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