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  1. Let’s be honest though. The problem though seems to just be with Marvel films than ‘Hollywood’ in general? Dune, No Time to Die, Matrix, Free Guy, Cruella, Jungle Cruise, Luca and more got releases. The only real major one that didn’t release I can think of that isn’t Marvel is Space Jam 2 lol. We keep saying Hollywood but it’s just Marvel really. I expect Uncharted, Sonic 2 and The Batman will get release dates and the Marvel films (including Sony) will be shut out for whatever reason.
  2. Fair. I just feel sorry for the Chinese Marvel fans not getting anymore movies in theatres. If that was me I would be really frustrated. The MCU’s success there was great and it is sad to see it end but as you say hopefully other growing markets can make up for the Chinese loss. I bet Disney\Marvel will be very upset. Losing one of your franchises biggest markets definitely puts a dent in its success.
  3. Marvel losing Chinese box office is a massive deal imo. Also possibly other franchises. It makes them box office totals without China look pretty average lol. Its a shame to see the MCU China run end but China is trying to boost their own movie business so it’s gotta do what it’s gotta do.
  4. It looks like No Way Home won’t be getting a Chinese release. Surely we would have an idea of a release by now? Its sucks to see Marvel films probably won’t get releases in China anymore but alas.
  5. True. The multiverse stuff is making this movie an event. I liked Far from Home and Homecoming and wasn’t really excited for the third one but this movie is now Avengers level.
  6. Oh yeah I agree here but I meant more like Sandman is more of an interesting character especially visually. Also Sandman and Lizard look more like background characters here anyway. Electro, Doc Ock and Goblin will get the spotlight.
  7. Sandman was the best part of Spider Man 3. The biggest issues with that movie was Venom and the emo Peter stuff. It just really didn’t work. This movie will probably be a mess but at least it’s looks fun. Also the idea of the villains going back to their universes means they die is sort of interesting. I don’t think the latest trailer was great but I don’t understand the attitude towards the movie here, this is going to be the box office run of the year. Get hype lol!
  8. The trailers fine, I don’t understand the negativity here. Like I always thought it could be a mess but at least it looks fun. Also Tobey and Andrew are 100% in this movie.
  9. So No Way Home was approved to be released in China but probably won’t release until 2022?
  10. The headlines says ‘No Way Home becomes’ and then in the article it says ‘likely’ to be released. So it actually hasn’t been confirmed really, the article is just speculation because of a poster. EDIT: Ok I’m wrong, just read the post above.
  11. I’m not expecting great holds here. I felt before reviews dropped this film had some great momentum and then… $70m is decent but I was expecting it to take off. I think opening less than Shang Chi when it was advertised as a bigger MCU event is not a great sign. Obviously it’s not a disaster but I just had higher expectations. At least it will be an interesting run to follow for the next few weeks.
  12. The reaction with critics and audiences is really awful. MCU’s first genuine misfire. I wonder how Marvel Studios will react now. Looks like Zhao was already set up to make a sequel…
  13. I’ve seen it and it’s alright. The movie is a bit long though and does have a lot of plot and characters to handle, so not everything works imo. Its not an offensively bad film like Fant4stic or other superhero movies like that. I think the main problem is that it lacks a bit of personality. It’s just lacks that thing that made the Avengers and GOTG special. However there is a part of the film that has to be one of the worst exposition dumps I’ve ever seen lol.
  14. I think a lot of the criticism with some critics is that’s it’s boring, generic and not fun. I know we see people complain (Film Twitter) about the ‘Marvel formula’ but at the end of the day it seems that’s what people want. Even though it seems the formula is just making fun movies lol. The MCU is so successful now and I think with them releasing so much content now, it’s natural that the criticism will become harsher as some people just seem sick of the MCU.
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