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  1. Scorsese is a great director but I think he's forgets that Hollywood is a business and if your track record is patchy when it comes to delivering a box office success then you can't be surprised if a studio is unwilling to back a $160m 3.5 hour film.
  2. That’s one generic poster, i wouldn’t be surprised if this doesn’t do well because the novelty of SpongeBob in CGI was used in the last film
  3. I think we need to see a second trailer before making a judgement, it's not the only family film in May so it doesn't have room to itself. True, I think WB probably want this to work after what happened with The Lego Movie 2 and it could lead to other Hanna-Barbera films if it's successful along with a sequel. The next three WAG films after Scoob are Tom and Jerry, Space Jam 2 and DC Super Pets so they're mining the animation libraries although they've signed a deal with Locksmith Animation so I imagine those films will be original ideas.
  4. The Good Liar is an old skewing film so I'm not surprised that it found its audience in the weekday.
  5. It's been in development for quite some time as it was meant to be released in 2018.
  6. I think Warner Bros will push Scoob more because Scooby Doo is one of their biggest animated IP and after The Lego Movie 2, WAG do need a win and also it will help kickstart other projects based on their library titles.
  7. $70m would be bigger than The Lego Movie's OW which I don't see happening. If Scoob does the same OW as the original live action Scooby Doo movie, WB would be very happy.
  8. I believe they're taking the approach that Tom and Jerry will be silent so a lot of the humour will be physical. Design wise, I imagine they're going to be close to their original designs
  9. Little Women looks like a crowd pleaser but I'm not sure if it can be an award contender.
  10. I think Last Christmas might squeak a win as it's shorter than Le Mans 66 although the latter has the PLFs so it's hard to tell either way.
  11. WAG has two movies next year, the other is Tom and Jerry which is their first hybrid film,
  12. Scoob likely costs less than Detective Pikachu, it's being animated by Reel FX so it's probably on the budget scale as Smallfoot or Storks which cost $70-80m.
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