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  1. Black Panther in February meant that the year after was always going to look paltry, June 2018 also had two $100m+ OW compared to June 2019's one $100m grosser. August is going to be tough due to no breakout like The Meg and CRA and the run of Mission Impossible but September probably will make up for it with It 2.
  2. Strange might be another Ant-Man and the Wasp. I think a 4 and a half year gap may have hurt its potential. I am more surprised they're not releasing BP2 in 2021 but perhaps Coogler is not available due to Space Jam 2.
  3. Can the mods please change the thread title to Scoob! since it's been confirmed as the title of the film.
  4. I wouldn't be shocked if WB are able to squeeze in Black Adam for March or April 2021.
  5. Yesterday is on course to beat Love Actually for the second highest Richard Curtis film domestically. It's a shame it's not as strong OS but given the $26m budget, it's a hit for Universal.
  6. It's weird that it's taken seven Spider-Man films for an entry to hit $1bn and it's only Sony's second $1bn film, the first being Skyfall.
  7. £15.9m OW which is great although lower than Beauty and the Beast. Does suggest Saturday and Sunday were flat or only had modest increases.
  8. The Lion King opened really well but to be only be a slightly higher than Beauty and the Beast probably is a little dissapointing for Disney. I wonder how Aladdin would have fared had it got the plum July slot.
  9. Warner Bros are kicking off the 50th anniversary celebrations with 50 Days of Scooby from July 26th until September 13th which is the actual date of the airing of Scooby Doo Where are You? so I fully expect the first Scoob trailer will debut during this period if not on 13th September.
  10. I do think Black Widow will be on the lower end of Marvel grosses, $200-300m range which would still be fantastic considering it's a more low level film compared to Captain Marvel or Avengers.
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