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  1. I agree, it's a great experience. Not to diss the multiplex audiences but it was nice to be in an audience who actually wanted to see the film and not be on their phone.
  2. What's the betting that House of Gucci makes more on its opening day than Last Duel does for its OW?
  3. Dune will be fine, it doesn't share the same audience as Venom 2 anyway and it's selling pretty well presale wise.
  4. I'd be very surprised if Venom did £10m OW considering the first film did £8m over five days.
  5. The BFI IMAX is not showing Venom 2 which isn't too surprising, I suspect NTTD had a three week clause since it's filmed in IMAX. Cineworld LS has it in IMAX for one evening showing with Bond taking the earlier showings, I'm surprised they didn't just put Venom in the Superscreen and have Bond in IMAX for another week.
  6. I'm pleasantly surprised how well Dune is selling, it's pretty packed at the BFI IMAX but even the likes of Everyman have solid presales for it.
  7. Considering cinemas didn't reopen until May, that's pretty impressive.
  8. I think Branagh might work as M although I wouldn't mind a new female M played by say Olivia Colman. Not sure if the Broccolis would ever hire him as a director though, they tend to pick directors who aren't traditional action directors. It depends on how Meg 2 goes but I wouldn't mind Ben Wheatley directing a Bond film.
  9. There's a fair bit of competition with Ron's Gone Wrong and Boss Baby 2 but I'm sure families won't mind having more than one family film to choose from.
  10. I think there is a market for Everyman in Central London and certainly the West End is unique in the fact you have cinemas within close proximity of each other.
  11. I went to the one in Chelsea to see NTTD and it was such a lovely experience, it is more expensive but it was worth it to pay a bit more for comfort and excellent picture quality than a sub par experience in a multiplex. I am surprised they haven't still opened a cinema in the West End, I reckon they could do wonders to either the Odeon Covent Garden or Empire Haymarket,
  12. For NTTD to be ever so slightly under Skyfall's first week's total despite having no half term lift is really impressive. I'm expecting Venom 2 to open to £5-6m, the short runtime will work in its favour as they can squeeze in more showtimes. I think NTTD might edge it by £1m or so to remain number 1 but I expect it'll be dethroned by Dune the week after.
  13. I do wonder if the boutique cinemas may forego Venom's first weekend in favour of Bond or perhaps schedule it in later showings given the short runtime?
  14. I think it'll have a strong second weekend hold, it's week three and week four I'm curious about given there's competition from Venom and Dune which will take the PLFs.
  15. NTTD probably will have lower first week weekdays compared to Skyfall due to it not being half term but that might lead to a higher second weekend.
  16. I think Venom has mild gory elements that pushes to a 15, there's a fair number of PG-13 rated films in recent years that end up being 15 rated because of those elements like The Mummy. I think NTTD will have a halo effect on the upcoming slate, maybe not Venom because that's aimed at a younger audience but Dune shares some of the audience that watches Bond plus Denis Villeneuve's previous films have done well in the UK like Blade Runner and Arrival.
  17. It's weird that Friday is higher than Thursday but I guess even with WFH, not many want to go out on that day.
  18. I was looking at the LS sales and it's sold a fair bit. I think it might do better business than expected.
  19. Nothing has blown up but there's been plenty of films that have cracked £10m+ since cinemas have reopened.
  20. While Bond is likely to dominate for the next month or so, it'll be interesting to see how Venom and Dune fares. I imagine there is going to be a lot of juggling by cinemas in terms of the PLFs.
  21. I rolled my eyes at the whole 'saviour of cinema' thing with Bond. Yes, it'll bring back those who don't see films at the cinema that often but it completely undermines things that have done well in the last few months like Shang-Chi, Free Guy etc
  22. April seems like an odd time to release Fantastic Beasts, I'd opted for November 4th or November 18th.
  23. Nearly £6m for Shang-Chi is impressive, don't think it's the highest for September as the IT films and Bridget Jones's Baby did higher numbers but still impressive. I wonder if Venom: Let There Be Carnage will be moved up like in the US or will it keep its mid October release date. It's going to lose the PLFs to Bond either way so might have well take advantage.
  24. Space Jam has had a really good run in the UK. To be within touching distance of £12m which I think it'll reach this weekend from a £1.3m opening weekend is quite a feat and it had a fair bit of family competition as well.
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