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  1. I believe Space Jam is WAG's highest grossing non Lego film OW wise, in fact it's only $2m off from what The Lego Movie 2 did on its OW and that film didn't have HBO Max.


    I think WAG will be IP driven for its film and indeed looking at the slate, there is no original films planned. Everything is either based on something owned by Warner Bros or another familiar source material like Dr Seuss. 

  2. 2 minutes ago, keysersoze123 said:

    I think watching a game live is a different experience from watching a movie. I definitely agree that value cannot be brought down irrespective of TV quality. I am not sure same applies for movies. Especially ones at crappy 2d screens projected at 2K with meh audio. I think premium screens like Imax or Dolby have value as well, but the ticket prices are ridiculous. Here in Bay Area its around $20 but in premium NYC screens ticket prices are approaching $30. Then consider as a family. Great TV with a good surround sound system has a value to watch movies, sports and gaming. 


    i think folks who come to BOT still might be able to look beyond that but regular movie going audience are hit already even pre-COVID and now with PA, there is little incentive to go to a theater. 

    The cinema experience needs to evolve and that means investing in better technology, better seating and better food offerings and TBF we've seen that happening in many places but it needs to work both way from both the studio and the chains themselves. 


    IMAX and Dolby are premium products so it makes sense to charge extra and a family probably isn't going to go for IMAX or Dolby every single time but as an occasional treat, it's worth it.


    I think all sectors will be trying to improve their offerings going forward, a restaurant that gives you great service and food is always going to trump home cooking and/or takeaway and consumers will try and make sure their night out is worth the money and more importantly time.  

  3. Just now, cax16 said:

    I think they should of done PA with soul as well. 

    I just don’t see how it’s greedy when you have options. If you wanna go to a theatre, go, if you wanna watch at home, then do that. As I said, I feel like the only people who should be frustrated right now are single people who may not have access to a theatre and don’t want to pay that $30 fee which makes sense. But I don’t know how Disney corrects that issue. I guess friends could split the cost for the PA rental fee and membership fee for a month. 


    It is very strange that Pixar is getting treated badly compared to the other parts of Disney.

  4. 4 minutes ago, Krissykins said:

    Watching at home is never the same, no matter how modern the TV is. 

    There’s always a better TV just a year away. I just seen Black Widow for the second time, on a 12.5 metres high and 22.5 metres wide screen with 57 Dolby atmos speakers. 

    It just can’t be matched at home, IMO. 

    When the theatres were closed last year, I did watch a lot of theatre and concert performances via official YouTube channels or on TV and while it was a good stopgap, it's never going to replace being in an actual theatre or concert venue with other people watching it live. 



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  5. 1 minute ago, keysersoze123 said:

    I was talking about US. You can get 77CX for $2800. There was a sale at nearby store(Video Only) for $2200. Prices are falling every year. I expect it to be sub 2K in sale in next 2-3 years. 


    Plus you dont buy it just for movies. Its great for live sports and great for gamers as well.

    I don't see OLED prices affecting attendance at live sporting events, watching a live sporting event in person is very different to watching it on TV. 

  6. 13 hours ago, Krissykins said:

     yeh, I’m going to my 9th film tonight lol. 

    I've only seen two films since things have reopened but that's because I've been too busy doing other activities. Planning to see BW this week then possibly Space Jam the week after. 

  7. 7 minutes ago, EmpireCity said:

    I'm also going to be shocked if Matrix 4 stays in its current release date.  It seems a prime candidate to move to summer and drop the HBOMax release.  

    Where could it go? The only options I see is either replacing Elvis on the 3rd June and that moves to September or October, August 5th which I think Black Adam will move to to avoid Indy 5 or July 15th and Fantastic Beasts moves to November.

  8. This whole 'people don't want to go out anymore' narrative is false, I've been to Cruella and In The Heights in the last two months and both were decently attended and looking at the box office figures, there are actually quite good considering capacity is capped at 50% 


    BW will be lower this weekend due to the final but it has the summer holidays coming up so any shortfall now will be more than made up later on. 


  9. Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard actually had a seven day opening, it was third behind Peter Rabbit 2 and ITH for the actual opening weekend. 


    Considering ITH isn't as well known compared to Hamilton, I think WB will be fine with the opening but I expect it'll lose a good chunk of screens due to Fast 9. 

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  10. 15 hours ago, SnokesLegs said:

    It honestly still baffles me that studios think that every single person in the UK is obsessed with football and can’t find the time for anything else for a month whenever the Euro’s or World Cup comes around. There’s definitely an audience out there who they could cater to with counter programming. 


    TBF the week the Euros start, there is Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard and In The Heights as well as older skewing content like The Father. 


    I don't see The Croods 2 or Spirit doing much, surprised Universal didn't release Croods in May or even June as it would have been a good option for families who have already seen Peter Rabbit 2. 



  11. 29 minutes ago, grim22 said:

    My guess is it does like Aquaman and releases 10 days early OS.

    Either that or December 23rd which was the old date for Tom and Jerry. Surprised they didn't opt for a mid week December release for WW1984.


    40 minutes ago, grim22 said:

     I feel Christmas will happen for WW but not for Dune. That one will move to MLK or late Feb for Oscar consideration.

    I could see Dune getting a limited release in December and then move to MLK Weekend, WB already has Mortal Kombat on that date which will probably be pushed back to Spring. 

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