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  1. My Spy as well even though it wasn't likely going to be do much business but still competition nonetheless.
  2. Trolls may stay put since it has no family competition aside from Mulan.
  3. The red band trailer for Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge is good and very gory, if the live action film is similar then we're in for a treat.
  4. I think if they can get other WB animated properties like Hanna Barbera, Tom and Jerry, Animaniacs and perhaps even Thundercats, it would be awesome.
  5. It's likely to fit it into LeBron's schedule but also the post production will take some time. It wouldn't be the first time that shoots two years before release nor will it be the last.
  6. I don't see Pixar making only sequels nor do I think Disney will force them to stop original films. A successful new IP is just as important as an established one.
  7. TBH I thought they would do that but use other Warner owned animation properties. Expanding that further is a very interesting step.
  8. And you don't want summer, a very lucrative time to be empty as well.
  9. It's weird that Pixar doesn't do as well with two films a year whereas DWA, Illumination and even SPA have had success with multiple films in a year. Even WDAS did well with Zootopia and Moana in 2016.
  10. Seems odd to delay My Spy as it’s already been released early in some OS countries. STX also has UK distribution but I imagine they’ll keep its current date there.
  11. It would require Pixar to produce their films anywhere but California. Realistically they could cut to WDAS levels if they wanted it but anything lower would require severe cost cutting which would prove detrimental
  12. Sony’s slate for the rest of the year doesn’t look that strong TBH especially if you strip out the 2019 holdovers like Jumanji and Little Women. On the specialty side, Emma looks to be a sleeper hit for Focus.
  13. Exactly, if Soul is a hit then all will be forgotten with Onward. I would say with Disney owning Blue Sky, the need for two Pixar films in one year every few years is a little unnecessary, The only time WDAS or Pixar should have more than one film in a year is when they skip a year
  14. Exactly, Coco did over $800m WW in 2017 so there is value in original films. I think perhaps Pixar needs to only do one film a year. Sony's not going to be number 1.
  15. DWA's movies used to cost as much as WDAS and Pixar films but had to reduce costs due to films underperforming.
  16. Pixar are based in Emeryville, California and they do develop a lot of new technology for each film which drives up the cost. DWA outsources parts of their films which does bring down the budget. Illumination animate all their films in Paris, WAG uses several animation companies like Reel FX, Animal Logic etc who are based in Texas and Australia as well as Sony Pictures Imageworks who are based in Vancouver and who also make SPA's films.
  17. I wonder if Disney would ever force Pixar to cut their budgets? It's weird they get higher budgets than WDAS.
  18. Affleck's last non superhero film was Live by Night which bombed so I don't blame WB for being cautious. It's a low budget film which probably will earn its keep from streaming and TV airings.
  19. I like Mystery Incorporated but it's one incarnation of a 50 year franchise.
  20. It's an older skewing title which wouldn't benefit from previews. The Good Liar didn't have previews either IIRC
  21. Onward will easily be number 1 due to having Leap Day previews. Military Wives probably will do Fisherman's Friends numbers and be a weekday performer.
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