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  1. I love the little expressions she does. I wish we saw more of 'unamused and letting you know' Elsa.
  2. The more I think about this movie, the more I think that about 30% of it didn't need to happen.
  3. Interesting that, between the Academy's loathe to go outside the big-studio norm and their hatred of animated sequels, they'll have no choice but to award ... an animated sequel because they would never consider an anime film or a Laika film.
  4. I woke up early to watch Servant and I was like "Eh ok." on episode 1 and "Wait, what, how are you going to get 2 seasons outta this?" on Episode 2. I'm interested though.
  5. What rules did Voldemort have in place for himself? 🤔
  6. I'm so surprised that I...I think the first one is better. I'm not even a big fan of it and I think the screenplay is awful, but I think it's more satisfying and structurally sound than this.
  7. I'd be surprised if they didn't move it back...but all the way to November!
  8. Ahhh. I actually thought that was slightly annoying, and I usually love humor like that. He's probably the one character I didn't think was improved.
  9. I'm confused as to what you mean by this.
  10. A Parasite B+ Shazam! Alita : Battle Angel Aladdin B Us Midsommar Fighting With My Family B- Detective Pikachu Ad Astra Little Monsters C Frozen II Bird Box
  11. Frozen II 9:45 AM I wanted to hit the first showing of the day because I'm not sure when (or if) these kids ever go to school anymore. There were still about 5 kids in there. And some teenagers. Trailers: I got there kind of late to begin with, and then learned that oh, now they charge us tax, so I had to go look in my car for change. I have no idea what else I missed. Jumanji 2 A Beautiful Day in The Neighborhood Onward Someone was on their phone at one point, but it was when Olaf was doing something stupid, so it's okay. Occasionally a kid would cry.
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