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  1. Honestly, the instrumental of Reflection was enough for me, in a good way. A little bit of nostalgia, not all of it ever.
  2. No one should be surprised. The most film-ignorant person, someone who has never heard of RDJ, movies, or animals, should not be surprised that this is bad.
  3. Didn't know I needed a dark version of Fur Elise in my life, but here we are.
  4. The same thing could have been done with nominating Lupita, or Awkwafina in place of one of Scarlett's noms but yeah we shall see.
  5. I'm going to pretend that Frozen II lost its spot to Klaus. Hell, it probably did. Now I have to watch it + Missing Link bc I'm not going this award season without seeing ANY of the Best Animated Feature nominees.
  6. So I scheduled my Azure Fundamentals cert for March 13th and was going "Does something happen then?" Then I was going through Han and Eric's predictions topic again and realized it's when Bloodshot comes out. Then I rolled my eyes and went "Yeah, I think the world will keep turning if I don't see BLOODSHOT on opening day." I still want to do it earlier bc it's not super hard but it is new.
  7. IDT I can name one film produced by Sony this year outside of Bad Boys 4 Life that has kept it's original release date this year. I am not counting on Mitchell's vs. Machines to do so.
  8. It's a game...also this reminded me to log into my account after like 3 years.
  9. It's so funny they sat on this shit for 2 years but...what we got doesn't even look bad to me.
  10. When they said "Jason Momoa from SEE" I just realized he was there. Also heh @ Frozen being shunned twice.
  11. "We usually just show up to these things, we didn't expect ya'll to finally realize animation exists outside of Disney a second year in a row."
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