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  1. Morieris

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    I'm at a complete loss if our theaters are up and running or not. They only have showtimes for the new releases and nothing else instead of being downright closed as they were during another hurricane. The AMC lobby has something crashed through the roof, so they can stop being lazy and actually remodel it.
  2. lol @ so much "I'm not a SJW, I don't care if people have been erased from their own stories NORMALLY, but..."
  3. Oh boy, looks like I'm going to spend half of this movie going "That's not how that works." but whatever, it's fiction.
  4. Maybe they could have chilled with the arrow motif on this considering it's aimed at like every good guy. Though i like the giant people on fire to the right.
  5. I hope we see a deleted scene. Just a storyboard of a lightsaber hacking something up, and Ralph and Vanellope look like "....." and walk away.
  6. Morieris

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    The air conditioning people are trying to extort people so I have no idea when we can get our air fixed 😧 I'd rather have that before the internet and cable.
  7. Morieris

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    We get the strangest spammers here.
  8. I rewatched Moana and it looks gorgeous on a BluRay set up. I was stunned, just four years later it looked better than WIR. Technology is amazing. & yay @ KFP being 30. I don't like the sequels all that much though.
  9. Ooh yeah. I thought people liked Stardust / it was good but I never saw it so IDK.
  10. Eragon, Seventh Son...that's kind of all I remember.
  11. My thoughts in order. "Damn... JESUS....that music, I dig it....y'all saw what my man did?*...I love this, I can't wait." *Nothing bc he was not in this trailer.
  12. Shit I have power but the fiber with Verizon is jacked up don't know when internet will be back...argh it's been eighty four years!! Good looking out @CoolEric258

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