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  1. Was anyone else aware that they apparently did not include the 2D artists in the credits? I'm trying to find a primary source beyond animation pundits.
  2. I think the shining point in this movie is McGregor. The delivery of the witticisms and fish out of water was really well done. As for the rest of it, It starts off strong, but I didn't get a sake of adventure later on and despite starring two of the most charismatic people in Hollywood, they had no charisma with each other. We're getting to the point where it's not enough to simply have a new movie out during a pandemic, it has to be worth the 2 hour runtime.
  3. I really hope they're not going back to the drawing board to ... what? Make Clifford redder? Maybe they thought it was too close to Addams Family 2 and Hotel Transylvania 4.
  4. I keep thinking Shang Chi is standing in between 2 copies of the WiFi symbol. It's nice to have the rings be the focus, but I like it way more when they're in the circular formation behind the logo.
  5. Even with tempered expectations, I wanted to like it more, but I still enjoyed it a great deal. If you don't like reading into things in movies, this won't be for you. It may be too off the wall, but I feel like that's the norm for Arthurian legend. I liked the little changes from the story - or, what I can recall of it. It seems to me the film never tried to reach the lofty goal it set with the opening narration. There were some thing I missed because they speak so low in this movie, and I wish some parts had a smidge more lighting - movies are a visual medium, please help me out
  6. Boy howdy, it's good to be back in this thread. The Green Knight 7/30, about 15 people. Trailers: Dune Eternals Shang Chi Re....Re something. Regenerance? Free Guy Everyone was pretty muted. A chuckle at the one joke in the theater. EmpireCity was so right when they said this wouldn't play well with the GA. Walking out, two guys sounded very disappointed. I liked it, but not as much as I wanted to, even with tempered expectations. Surprisingly,
  7. I feel some sorta way about this right after Simone stepped down from the Olympics. The timing is ironic. Looks legitimately good, I'm more interested in the young actresses than Will.
  8. I loved the original Guardians, I love DC movies and am mostly excited for them, but I want to see reviews from people who liked the 2016 version. I wonder how much of these are colored by "Oh god, it's not nearly as bad." instead of letting it stand on its own.
  9. I'm American, I just like the corny music lol. Cyprus' song is well on the way to being my #1 on Spotify.
  10. Tickets went up today...I might be the only person in the stadium, but boy howdy will I be there. First movie in the theater in over a year!
  11. What I don't understand is that when I tried on Peacock, it has it...but live for only a handful of minutes if you're on the free tier. Then you have to wait until the next day to see the replay. How were they able to stream all of Eurovision in real time, and not this? Did the IOC stop them?
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