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  1. Cinemax had Justice League on last night, and I hadn't seen it (Funny how I forget all about it when naming DCEU films), so I did. I've seen worse. I liked Bruce and Barry and Clark.
  2. Is anyone else watching Eurovision. Lots of good songs but Norway >>>>>>>>
  3. ...I kind of liked it near the end. It seems that it took some time for everyone to really get into the performance....and it was still kind of halfassed. Why continue with the boring cut if people don't wake up until the middle.
  4. Read a synopsis from someone who read the script. This sounds awesome and right up my weird, not-expensive movie alley. Probably the only new thing I'm seeing all summer.
  5. Is it...premiering on some sort of commercial break on ABC?
  6. https://www.flickeringmyth.com/2019/05/robert-zemeckis-the-witches-adds-stanley-tucci-and-chris-rock-as-filming-begins/
  7. The moral is a natural progression from the first movie. They're both very good. The humor that worked was nearly nonexistent for me, though I am glad WBA has toned back throwing in references to themselves as a joke. But for the first hour of this movie, it's just borderline obnoxious to me. I wasn't even sure what they were trying to satirize or say until 20 minutes before it ended, just throwing bright shit at the screen. Might have been better if it showed Bianca and Finn playing together but growing apart for the rising action and conflict instead of straight up "Hate playing with kids". Feels like the twist and (very!) good moral came in too late to really make this a good movie. It's just...fine. It was never going to have that punch because that twist was spoiled in film one. I'm surprised the music was so good.
  8. I want someone who doesn't know about this movie but has a vague knowledge of Pokemon to read this statement and see the expression on their face.
  9. I keep forgetting that DP is actually a game and not just a funny concept from mainline games to movie because I never played it. Point conceded.
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