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  1. I wonder how the BO prediction threads for 2021 are gonna look.
  2. It is, and I was one of the people who liked the Suicide Squad / BOP styling. This just looks like Apocalypse Now.
  3. Sometimes it pays to be part of doll instagram; spoilers are right there, (but it's not embedding right now, so it's still behind a spoiler tag)
  4. if I recall correctly, yes there will be songs, and ... I don't remember on the latter. I think yes though.
  5. I....totally forgot about this movie. After the Trolls debacle earlier, I wonder how Universal is going to distribute this. Put it in the few open theaters? Skip 'em, but give theaters warning?
  6. Yeah the music made me take pause for a good chunk of this....but it looks cool outside of that.
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