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  1. That animated version of Lebron doesn't look like him. Also is his son in virtual indentured servitude. BUT THE REMIX OF THE THEME.
  2. I'm glad Sony has faith in it to give it a true theatrical release.... but damn c'mon. I just want to see the talking rabbits.
  3. The watch party on Twitter (#RayaWatchParty) was super cute and fun. It was more about the tech than the story (surprise), but there was a lot of discussion about....that....scene in the climax.
  4. The more I think about this movie, the more I think that the highs are great but the lows aren't lows, but just...there.
  5. Yep. The first 20 minutes showed a lot of promise that this would be different, and would show Disney could do something cabable without a ton of laughs. But I guess "no music" was as far outside of their comfort zone they could get without getting a lot of "It's nice, but it's too serious for their target audience - kids who want toys."
  6. I wish they had dug into the distrust aspect a little bit more. The moral boils down to "Everyone's hurting, and some times, you just have to be the first to reach out." Wasn't as annoyed with the sidekicks as I thought I would be, but I wish it had just kept the fairly serious tone throughout. Also Whoa this was so beautiful.
  7. Maybe they can find a place with Netflix...speaking of... I LOVE THESE BOOKS.
  8. "The dragon looks like Elsa!" It...does, but it doesn't bother me? I like how she doesn't look like a "typical" eastern dragon, but I miss the colors.
  9. The action looks great but the rest kind of....doesn't? I'm glad Raya is like Mulan 2.0 but the humor is not landing for me.
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