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  1. I thought this was a Crash Bandicoot movie based on that still.
  2. They've started promo on the IG page...what's the sound of one hand clapping?
  3. I haven't heard glowing reviews about what he does for the Parks. Hope other people can help him with the movie side.
  4. I give them credit for a different way of online advertising.
  5. I just realized how much stuff is coming out on March 13th....like good luck, I can absolutely see Hunt beating everyone else.
  6. I think the concept is interesting, I just don't know if the movie is selling me on it so far. I want it to succeed not only bc yeah, another superhero universe, but I'm tired of my fave being in flop after flop after flop after flop x 10.
  7. It'll be funny if it turns out this should have been R and BOP should have been PG-13.
  8. Did they ever release the score for this officially? I still love the bits that play when they're talking about Cass and the diamond in the same scene.
  9. TTTTTTHANKS, I hate it. I loved the alliteration of the first title! 'Connected' sounds like a parody of some mommy magazine title. I'm sure it'll be fine, but...eh. Oh geeze the more I read about it the less excited I got. Welp. We'll see. I have faith in Sony.
  10. https://deadline.com/2020/02/abbi-jacobson-sony-animated-film-the-mitchells-vs-the-machines-chris-miller-phil-lord-1202863362/?utm_medium=email&utm_source=exacttarget&utm_campaign=Deadline_BreakingNews&utm_content=192947_02-19-2020_headline&utm_term=3043955 I don't know who that is but hey at least it's still coming out this year.
  11. The movie's called SONIC but it should be called ROBOTNIK. Imagine being a video game icon, the fastest thing alive, and being upstaged by a human being. Honestly, Sonic was obnoxious, everyone around him levelled him out but not a whole bunch. the model looked much more like Sonic and less creepy, so that's good.
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