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  1. ...Where are the BO numbers???? Isn't that the point of the site? I'm so glad the-numbers is still here.
  2. Okay so I'm watching 911 on Fox, and a commercial went "So you guys are being hunted by a cyborg cop man" or something, and I legit thought Sony had already started TV spots for this until I saw it was .... Hobbs and Shaw.
  3. We still have a fair amount of seats so far...I don't even remember when I bought tickets for TLJ. I think about a week before and we were good.
  4. "Merry Christmas, here's a trailer for New Mutants, which now comes out September 8th, 2020."
  5. I love how the general consensus so far is "Wow, this movie doesn't look like it makes me want to die!"
  6. Why do they keep releasing everything about this movie at like 1 AM lol it looks better than the confidence they seem to have in it! Also, my first thought was legitimately "Well, it looks loads better than Hurricane Heist, look at my boy moving on up there."
  7. Was there really no teaser for this in front of Zombieland 2...or was there and nobody cared enough across the entire internet to say anything
  8. Imagine letting someone waste time like that. Disney really thought people wouldn't have a problem until that late in the game?
  9. This category is so boring on a mainstream level for me this year. I've only seen Lego Movie 2 and I didn't think it was amazing. Hope the foreign pictures get to America.
  10. Aww man, I missed Disney night! I am really excited for this song and It sounds like it won't be as big a climactic disappointment like "Shiny" was.
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