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  1. TIL our independent theater in our condemned mall is still open....so I guess they'll have something new to show in 2 weeks.
  2. As sad as I am to see that...there's not much to advertise about BOP anymore, is there? If there was a confirmed sequel being written, sure. It is a bummer about Yan not following the BoP Twitter.
  3. I wonder if Disney will do the very limited release in the US and a wider-scale one overseas.
  4. With the closure of...well, quite a lot of Dinotopia in Animal Kingdom, I really hope they restructure that into a Zootopia park. also; I know things got thrown very out of whack, but I wish we had at least a snippet of animation or something.
  5. Little did we know this would turn out to be a smart move.
  6. Yes! I know BOP will be on my list, let me look at some others...honestly, it'll be a surprise if my list isn't 90% WB films.
  7. I know, as a black woman this is exactly what I've been asking for. No, not really, who is asking for this.
  8. Just keep pushing it (and, at this rate, "Raya" as well) back. That can totally come out (maybe) mid Summer 2021.
  9. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2573372/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_6 Oops I have been waiting for this movie for ages and it came out 4 months ago and I was a wee bit distracted.
  10. If ONLY the creator of The New Mutants thread hadn't just put "Delayed Again" and called it a day. That would be a clear winner. What is this 'unconventional release strategy' they're imagining, I wonder. Just overseas first? It happens, though Americans waiting 4 months for an American movie would be unusual. Unlike NM, this is a movie I could believe has a 'No PVOD' clause in the contract between Nolan and WB.
  11. They look exactly like the classics, so that means at least 30% less whining online. It's the Logo that screams "Direct To Video oh Look They're in a Chocolate Factory too" to me.
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