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  1. I forgot ☹️ Though with the Holland Spidey movies being so low, I hope ItSV is like super high.
  2. https://www.warnermediagroup.com/blog/posts/20190814-warnermedia-makes-big-splash-nabj-miami MBJ was at the National Association of Black Journalists in Miami and showed some clips.
  3. Come hell or high water, someone was determined to release it.
  4. Aw man I should check my friggin' stocks. Also gonna watch Overlord tonight.
  5. I saw this and went....this comes out next year....they haven't cast let alone filmed it? Let alone CGI and reshoots?
  6. There's no tickets sold for Angry Birds 2 at the big theater at 1 PM. Why? Because the kids went back to school yesterday 🤣 Ok , I'm blind, there's quite a few sold on the fringes...
  7. I watched Guardians of Ga'hoole. It's like speed running half-assing a book adaptation. It's still hands-down gorgeous though.
  8. SPA is becoming That Studio who comes out of nowhere and makes better movies than we expect. Pity there won't be a Peter Rabbit 2 teaser before it.
  9. https://www.linkedin.com/posts/afonsosalcedo_mywork-losangeles-hustle-activity-6565604647053201408-kr3Y (the site tried to embed it but I have no idea if it can embed LinkedIn posts) The lighting is going on until at least the end of September.
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