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  1. I'd hate to be anticipating this movie right now. Not even a trailer before it all went to hell.
  2. Wait...I saw that young Squidward funko at Target. It was for a show, not the movie? Huh.
  3. Birds of Prey - B+ Trolls World Tour B Bloodshot B- Onward C Sonic C- Scoob! F without respects
  4. How can they say that when the most prominent part about this movie is that they've yet to arrive.
  5. I haven't used Hulu in years, wasn't there a free option?
  6. Was there a rental option, or just buying it outright? I'd actually rent this for a reasonable fee.
  7. It makes more sense for a tiny distributor like this, at least outside of big markets that enjoy indies. But then you get the Universal issue again unless you make it 20$ rental - Which is (presumably) more expensive than a single ticket in LA/NYC.
  8. Who says movie studios weren't going to put out entertaining fare during COVID-19? #HeckNoWeWontShow
  9. We may not have a theatrical release, but by god, Artemis Fowl WILL have an Oscar run! I wonder if A24 is hastily making deals to put Green Knight onto someone's service...
  10. I didn't know this had come out. Then again, seeing the date, that was 2 days after a Category 5 hurricane wiped out my city, so I could be forgiven for not noticing.
  11. I don't even think Fox was developing it, just bought the rights to have them, so they probably did. Pity, it's a great book.
  12. Unrelated; Ages ago, 20 CF bought the rights to the children's book "The Fantastic Family Whipple". with everything that's happened, I wonder if it'll get made.
  13. Right...to this day, I still don't understand how Elsa actually grew as a person in this movie. Anna, yes. I just hope Movie #3 doesn't do what Tangled, the Series did.
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