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  1. Young, uncool people being styled like dowdy frumpsters is something I'm extremely familiar with, so I'm like "Yes, finally, seeing my 14 year old self represented on screen!"
  2. So it wasn't just me going "Well where'd he go?" Besides the "ending", I was super engrossed in this world, set up, and piecing things together as someone who never read the book (and tried to get through a podcast outlining it but didn't get far). It wasn't going to be anything but beautiful and well acted, but I was surprised how quickly I grew to like these characters, and interested in them. I was more impressed with Chalamet doing things than his subtleties. I didn't think he had it in him. I don't know what happens next, but I don't feel as inte
  3. I'm not familiar with Uncharted all that much but I'm beginning to think this Tom fellow doesn't have a lot of range outside of the MCU's character writing. But I'm also not sure this warrants emotional range with how generic it looks.
  4. I wasn't convinced in the beginning but seeing the other characters looks on their faces...excited to see where this goes.
  5. I didn't know Sweet Tooth and The Sandman were part of the DC Universe.
  6. And here was I thinking that when the Rock showed up for the intro that we were going to get a peek at Black Adam 🤡 we still could, but, uh. Didn't expect him to be here.
  7. What time is FanDome starting? I think last year they even streamed parts through HBO Max (At least small portions on DirectTV).
  8. Glad WB has confidence in it. Don't know if I personally can sit through 3 hours of it, but love the studio backing it up.
  9. The first bit of merch is...hidden away sold by a third party on Target and not ShopDisney. Interesting pieces, but it's only screen prints on shirts.
  10. Kind of wonder if this plot hinges on "Ya'll treat Mirabel so poorly* because she has no power, so now ya'll don't get any anymore." *Outside of maybe her mother and Luisa. I'm slightly more interested than before, but I am glad it finally has a full trailer.
  11. Real talk: I forgot this was a musical. And I saw the movie. Absolutely nothing stands out except for Requiem and the (second?) number with the three kids. Normally I can find at least one song to enjoy - and I did - but if I forget the tunes to any other songs at all, that's not good.
  12. I don't find his...appearance...to be the most distracting thing in the movie, more just how passive an observer he is. He's swept away in what happens. I get it. But he also has no personality besides "severely awkward and climbs trees"(?) IDK how it is on the stage, but we needed at least a more - not good, not bad, but interesting - protagonist.
  13. Our national nightmare is at an end: https://deadline.com/2021/09/clifford-the-big-red-dog-returns-to-q4-release-schedule-will-go-day-date-in-theaters-on-paramount-1234843483/ Nov. 10th, day and date.
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