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  1. Read a synopsis by someone who saw it in a (very) early screening.
  2. I found some bits slow, which in retrospect I'm grateful for, because when this punches you emotionally, it really hits. This was not a movie I expected to cry so much in. I'm going to rewatch it again. This is the first movie in nearly ten years that could possibly be my new Favorite.
  3. If Nick has to make another movie out of their preschool properties, there's really only one choice: Backyardigans.
  4. Morieris

    Best Original Song Predictions - 2018

    I don't think so because it's using a lot of Toto's Africa in the chorus.
  5. Morieris

    Crowd Reports Thread

    Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse Me and three other people. It was 10:30 in the morning, though. So I went to the "second run" theater, because I guess since it's the only theater in town they're getting new movies until they fix the other ones. I literally had to go into a back alley because the rest of the mall is slated for demolition besides anchor stores; There was a huge crowd of little kids and I was thinking "Oh geeze." until I remembered that the Grinch was playing there too and thankfully they all went to see it. After one of the two employees got around to taking my money, I went to the theater printed on the ticket and thought it was odd that the person in line before me who I was talking to wasn't in the theater. When an older couple came in, I asked "Are you here to see Spiderman?" "We're here to see The Mule." So they just switched theaters and didn't bother to tell me. I guess that's what you get for 5$ a ticket all day every day. No reaction to any trailers; I didn't miss any because I saw the guy again in the right theater and he told me they just started. Aquaman Dragons 3 Dark Phoenix Lego Movie 2 I sat so far in the front maybe I missed crowd reactions besides a few chuckles, but I loved it.
  6. This was superb. This may be my new favorite movie.
  7. I'm surprised it's not in DBOX. Guess that's for the ten people going to see Mortal Instruments. Still trying to decide between 3D and 2D....I might get 2D on my second viewing bc my mother wants to see it but can't make it tomorrow.
  8. The lighting....looks....nice?
  9. We'll be lucky if the face looks that....reasonable.
  10. ...... I missed something, what is this bc I may be all about it.
  11. Morieris

    SAG 2018 thread

    Come through times 2, Emily! No Regina King tho
  12. Morieris

    SAG 2018 thread

    Where 😧 Variety said they'd be on TBS' Youtube live but I'm not seeing anything. Wait they're on TBS. They don't waste time, only 10 minutes long.

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