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  1. I misspoke. What I meant to say is that Hellboy will take a small chunk of its potential revenue since it's a similar type of movie (comic-book superhero). Whatever money Hellboy makes next week will be money that would have been a part of Shazam!'s second week.
  2. Then August it should have been. Why on Earth did they not push it back? Its legs will be hit somewhat hard by Hellboy next week and then completely immobilized via a strike to the knees by Endgame. Do you think that WB didn't want it released too close to Joker, which will be released in October?
  3. I saw Shazam! two weeks ago at a preview screening and really enjoyed it. It's a shame that WB didn't release it in late July or early August; it would have had less competition and possibly better legs. Damn.
  4. I haven't been checking the numbers. Based on Friday's numbers, does Kevin Hart's The Upside have a chance of dethroning Aquaman this weekend? I hope not. Also, kudos to WB, DC, James Wan, Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, and company for making Aquaman as good as it is and subsequently assuring that it would become the first entry in the DCEU to earn $1 billion!
  5. Black Panther Mon: 4.7M Tues: 6M Weds: 4M Thurs:4M Fri: 9M Sat: 16M Sun: 10M 4th Weekend: 35M
  6. Assuming that you're talking about Thor (2011) and not the Thor films in general, I agree with the implication of your statement, which is that Thor (2011) is a good movie (which I think is criminally underrated).
  7. What's JL's current world wide take? It should be at $500M at this point; it's got to be.
  8. I find any estimate less than $500M domestic for IW to be ludicrous. Do you know how many repeat viewings this movie is going to get? Hardcore fans of the franchise and Marvel in general will see this movie 4-5 times in theaters. They've been waiting ten years for this. Ten years worth of subliminal and overt advertisement for a movie - an event - to a loyal fan base results in more than $500M.
  9. IW will be the culmination of the last ten-years worth of films, which have all been received quite well (some more so than others), whereas JL is the complete opposite. Hence, there's no reason to worry about IW's performance. I personally predict that IW will earn a little more than $500M domestically. If It's at least as good as Civil War in terms of its story and action, it'll break records due to its robust roster of characters, which is what'll push it to $500M.
  10. When it's pretty obvious based on a film's first few days of performance at the box office that it'll be a disappointment, it makes no sense to reiterate that conclision or point out new corroboration of that conclusion every time a new figure is revealed. To do so is to be sensational and intentionally negative. When we get the estimates for today, Sunday, that same user to whom I was responding and all of the other users like him will - yet again - reiterate the same obvious conclusion and - yet again - use metrics from the Sundays of past Thanksgiving weekends to point out the obvious via comparisons. Stupid and sensational.
  11. Oh, piss off with this repetitive drivel. There's no sense in beating a dead horse. This film has been performing badly since its Thursday night previews, and the franchise of which it is a part has been performing badly since its first entry (barring WW). So, you and others like you need to stop pointing out the obvious and the expected.
  12. It earned $35,000,000 on Friday when you subtract the Thursday-night previews. So, if we triple that value, we get $105,000,00 for the raw weekend and $120,000,000 for the weekend including the previews. That's pretty good. What do you guys think the final domestic and worldwide totals will be?
  13. Wonder Woman's performance has been inspiring and incredible. What a run this movie is having. May it continue to exceed expectations, both in regard to the remainder of its theatrical run and in regard to its home-video release.
  14. This is actually my third time seeing a film here; I saw GitS and WW here. However, I still appreciate the sentiment. Thanks, mate.
  15. I'm currently sitting in my reserved seat for a showing of T5 in true IMAX 3D at AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13 waiting for it to begin; the trailers start in 17 minutes. Time to see what all the fuss is about. EDIT: By the way, this screen is HUGE! It's 76 x 97 feet.
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