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  1. There wasn't any screenings for Army of the Dead yet according to ViewerAnon.
  2. This cosume is ... ok, i guess. Not as good as Ben Affleck, obviously. But, i don't know. Lets be honest Affleck was just perfect as Batman. Anyway, this movie will be fine.
  3. That's why Aquaman and WW (Snyder wrote this btw) did so bad, right? So no, the Snyder era was great. (MoS and BvS UE are among the best cbm ever for me) We were lucky to have this guy. And you all can keep hating. Honestly, it's just pathetic. BoP (and Shazam) flopped because people just don't like these movies. You need to accept it and stop blaming Snyder, Ayer or anyone else. Grow up already.
  4. Hey mods give this guy a warning or something. This is not ok. Thanks. Terrible, terrible numbers for BoP. I don't like this movie, but it's just wrong.
  5. It's a bad movie, so this flop is not a bad thing. Hope Morbius will destroy this abomination.
  6. Apparently not as good as MoS and BvS, but it looks cool anyway. Something similar to Ragnarok and GOTG. Fun, hope and optimism everyone was waiting for. lol
  7. Seems you are really triggered that fans loved the Ultimate Cut. And yes, the full version of the film is truly great. Great start for Venom. Hope they will bring Spider-man for the next movie. I would love to see Andrew Garfield again. That would be awesome.
  8. For you. For millions of other fans it was great. Hell this movie in top 50 Blu-ray Sales of all time. Damn, poor Solo.
  9. My ranking of movies for 2016: 1. BvS UE 2. X-men Apoc. / SS 3. Civil War 4. Deadpool
  10. http://www.forbes.com/sites/scottmendelson/2016/10/09/box-office-suicide-squad-tops-deadpool-overseas-as-finding-dory-crosses-1-billion-global/#1fe42ac257ad
  11. http://www.forbes.com/sites/scottmendelson/2016/09/18/weekend-box-office-suicide-squad-passes-iron-man-2-secret-life-of-pets-tops-deadpool/#24b535f0444a
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