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  1. I just noticed from another thread @Charlie Jatinder upgraded to purple so congrats my best friend name is Charles so when we're having sex and I'm screaming his name i'm gonna be thinking of you
  2. I think I loved Endgame more cuz it gave me time to actually breath and plus it had great character moments for me that Infinity War lacked but I still find it hard to compare ether film cuz they're not part 1 and part 2 but I still feel without Infinity War I wouldn't have the character beats that I love so much
  3. So you decided to edit in the "Will be photofinish when actuals come." after I initially used my astonished reaction? you son of a bitch
  4. I'll never forget the time I went to the midnight premiere of Avengers and it was packed and a fight broke out and I caught a slap to the face that wasn't even meant for me
  5. That’s dedication at 6am I’m usually sneaking out of somebody’s bed before the wife comes home
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