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  1. Okay I'm done because this went from Youtube haters to Brie Larson to security guards dating their clients and then workplace romances and now I'm confused as hell.
  2. my thoughts are scary because I believe in some professions should remain professional especially if your job is to protect a client? I will die on that hill
  3. Honestly everything about this response is a big oof but like she didn't even name his name she simply said "a security guard" lmao but like this logic you have within the workspace says alot
  4. Actually she was disliked because she went to an awards show and defended Ava's "A Wrinkle Of Time" and during the same time said she wanted to see new faces in the press lines because all the POC reviewers were constantly being pushed in the back and never getting any questions for their websites edit: Wait I'm sorry but what is a security guards job? to flirt or protect?
  5. Normally artist doing this would annoy me but those channels are literally the worst and most of them are racist and sexiest as hell. I remember Geeks and Gamers saying he was upset Captain Marvel did good because he wanted Brie Larson to pay for her racist comments (She said she wanted more diversity in her press because she kept seeing the same faces)
  6. Honestly the 'Anthony Mackie is not charismatic' is the thing I meant by trolling because Mackie is probably one of the most charismatic actors in the MCU
  7. 1. Who said he was my favorite lol 2. Simu Liu is getting praise to just look at the reviews and not the ones that helps your argument 3. Anthony Mackie was definitely praised as a standout for TF&WS so idk what the fuck you're talking about just cuz you found him dull dont mean the critics and fans did
  8. lol stop trolling. people literally said the same thing about Chadwick with Black Panther movie how he was overshadowed by everyone and he's boring blah blah but since Chadwick passed away people wanna act like they wasn't saying how he was second fiddle to Killmonger and Shuri
  9. personal favorite moment of endgame goes to Carol's entrance in the final battle. The pin drop silence after the loud bombastic firing of Thanos ship, cut to Friday saying "Someone just entered the upper atmosphere" absolute chills
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