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  1. its pretty much the ending that "true spider-man fans" have been wishing/bitching about he should have. He's literally all alone, no aunt, no friends, no avengers, just a friendly neighborhood spider-man listening to police radios for crime
  2. I really feel like people like Andrew Garfield more than they actually like The Amazing Spider-Man movies
  3. first rotten review? alright y'all you know the drill make dummy accounts and harass him and if he has a wife we beating her ass on the street
  4. Tom Holland delivering his best performance while standing besides other Spider-Men is just cherry on top for me.
  5. pretty much but we're just gonna sit back and enjoy the acclaim while it last *checks watch and sets timer*
  6. I mentally blocked out Campea after he had a temper tantrum about Ahsoka beating Darth Maul in clone wars yet completely forgot how he got sliced in half by Obi Wan yet finds his unbelievable the student of future Darth Vadar would best him in battle.
  7. The film introduced some cool new concepts like "micro-naps and Freddy still torturing you because your brain doesn't shut down immediately after you die" I thought Jackie Earl was great as Freddy. I personally loved his look and mannerisms but I HATED his voice. You can tell it was altered. Nancy was sorta disappointing since the original Nancy as a certain fire in her and I felt this Nancy was honestly dull as shit but the script did her no favors whatsoever
  8. My issue with spoiler dying is that I already know its gonna lead to spoiler doing stupid shit throughout the 3rd movie just off pure emotion and I already have a massive headache thinking about it
  9. The fact that Dewey or Gale are gonna die this movie gets me emotional. I hate it here
  10. I was actually surprised they dropped the "Final" trailer so early I mean it doesn't matter since we know Marvel does 2 trailers (sometimes 3) and then about 500 tv spots
  11. I wanna live in a world where i'm not shamed for having small titties but praised for my deepthroating skills
  12. My ex said I was mid tier in bed so idk how I feel about this conversation.
  13. Idk how I feel about the trailer. It seems like they're gonna be spending alot time making sure new audience is caught up on the franchise. I also didn't like how it seems like Neo is gonna be using his powers a lot oppose to hand to hand combat
  14. You're still the prophet to me. I give my blood, sweat and tears to see you through the promise land. One little miscalculation wont stop the reckoning. When the virgin dies and the blood moon rises you will sit on the throne
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