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  1. personal favorite moment of endgame goes to Carol's entrance in the final battle. The pin drop silence after the loud bombastic firing of Thanos ship, cut to Friday saying "Someone just entered the upper atmosphere" absolute chills
  2. I feel like the pace of Endgame was earned and warranted and if it had the same fast pace like Infinity War it would kinda undercut the emotional moments that cliffhanger of Infinity War brought about
  3. between endgame's 3rd act and Infinity War's I dont think I'll ever get a theater experience like that again. Little kids were legit crying after the [you know what] and it was the first time nobody clapped like Infinity War was literally gasps, omg's and complete silence nobody knew what to say it was weird yet chilling honestly does spoiler warnings go for Infinity War like at this point the 3rd act became an entire beast of its own due to memes
  4. Finally watched it (my thoughts) - Simu was great in the role and I've noticed alot of these new heroes kinda have their own thing going on cuz I remember earlier alot of the newer marvel heroes would have a Tony Stark esque 'quippyness' about them. - I know people find Awkwafina "annoying" but I can't help but find her endearing. Katy was great to me and also she said alot of things that resonated with me personally especially when it came to not really knowing your path and just dropping things the moment they get even a little difficult - Tony Leung WOW!!
  5. i already got it this morning now im probably gonna get spit on so thanks
  6. Okay but I thought this was a disaster movie involving the moon and I ended getting what looks like a sequel to Independence Day
  7. I promised my boyfriend anal if this goes pass 8 so fingers crossed
  8. Its still a big WTF on why they're doing 2 games for the first movie especially since the second game is outbreak and the first game is only contained within the mansion unlike the 3rd game which takes place for a time during the 2nd game
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