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  1. Riverdale doesn't even get good ratings so idk what they thought Katy Keene was gonna do ratings wise and hell the CW Crisis crossover didn't even do that good ratings wise
  2. 2019 Detective Pikachu started the video game craze? There's been tons of video game movies before and hell in 2018 Rampage a property who doesn't even touch the popularity of Pokemon this generation made damn near the same amount and wasn't you guys and damn near half the media saying how Detective Pikachu was gonna be a billion edit: Oh yeah I forgot about Warcraft
  3. and I thoroughly expected to be on my back reciting gospel hymns by now but as you see life throws you curveballs
  4. It’s 7pm and I have yet to scream out gods name once. My vagina doesn’t deserve this neglect
  5. 15 bucks? I slept with the theater manager and got free popcorn for my showing. I could have gotten free candy but anal isn't my thing
  6. I'm pretty sure they do that with all their movies since its a connected universe but okay
  7. Wait correct me if Im wrong but they're really wasn't anything connecting Captain Marvel to Endgame except the post credit scenes
  8. The where is Spider-Man picture isn't from Venom its for LA shoots for Morbuis
  9. I knew something like this was gonna happen. My cervix was in shambles all this week and that only happens when a movie I want to perform well doesn't
  10. Yeah the writer of the first Doctor Strange just recently tweeted that him and Derrickson never wrote a script for the sequel
  11. I kinda wanna have a baby but I don't want my v**ina to suffer for it
  12. an R rated Gotham City Sirens with Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy eating each other out would have been epic
  13. Honestly not adding Batgirl to Birds Of Prey is so WTF to me
  14. Thanks 🙂 I was arrested a few months ago for aggressive prostitution
  15. Suicide Squad trailers editing was god tier tbh from the first "I Started A Joke" trailer then they were just showing off with the "Bohemian Rhapsody" trailer like I really cant believe how trash the actual product came to be cuz WOW those trailers were amazing
  16. I honestly love all Toy Story's but I never understood the alot of the praise for Toy Story 2 at all
  17. Dark Phoenix is out here making Marvel look all types of bad I swear this was a Fox's plan from the start how dare they give us such a fucking dud after our 2 back to back billion gross films
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