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  1. the fact that ‘a rian johnson whodunnit’ is so prominent on the poster made me laugh. he really does not have the name recognition to be pulling that shit. and i’d wager the people that DO know his name, don’t necessarily have a high opinion of him
  2. maybe kotm needed some kind of name. bryan cranston was riding high off breaking bad when godzilla 14 came out
  3. not if his performance is as dead and monotonous as his voiceover in that trailer
  4. the booksmart vs aladdin discourse on film twitter is so exhausting. you mean an indie comedy with no stars made less than a live action disney remake of one of their most beloved movies starring will smith? shocked.
  5. i’m sure someone like AO scott has legitimate reasons for disliking aladdin, but rt let’s too many randoms with a wordpress blog become rt critics. those are the ones who are most susceptible to following buzz and wanting to feel like they’re part of the ‘in’ crowd by joining in on bashing something that seems to be universally reviled.
  6. farmiga's getting singled out for bad acting? i refuse to believe that, she's so good! a lot of letterboxd reviewers seem annoyed by mbb, but who knows if she really is grating in the film or if it's just letterboxd being grumpy as usual
  7. i’m here for the chaos if aladdin overperforms and godzilla underperforms and aladdin beats it for the no. 1 spot 😈
  8. disney can make up for its terrible marketing up to this point by making sure the aladdin drop is as minimal as possible. release new tv spots touting its high rt audience score. get radio stations to play the dj khaled remix of ‘friend like me’. the video of naomi scott recording ‘speechless’ got 5m views in three days - they should do the same with ‘a whole new world’ and the genie songs. this can be a super leggy run if they play their cards right.
  9. aladdin’s hold next week is going to be very inch resting to watch. i can see some people who didn’t show up to opening weekend bc of bad buzz/reviews show out next week bc of good WOM.
  10. these monster movies don’t do anything for anyone’s careers. the monsters are the stars, humans are a total afterthought in them and they don’t do anything except scream and spout some terrible terrible dialogue. millie’s movie breakout isn’t going to be godzilla, even if it does well
  11. brie larson had literally just won an oscar when skull island came out.......
  12. it was weird how everyone except aladdin and jasmine (and the genie) had heavy accents. even nasim pedrad was putting on some weird atlantic accent, whereas aladdin just sounded straight american
  13. i’m not convinced actual footage of real lions singing disney songs in a hyper-realistic setting won’t look super fucking weird and goofy. it’s not a coincidence they haven’t shown a single second of that yet and all the talking in the trailers are done via voiceover
  14. it’s only a matter of time until disney runs out of renaissance movies to remake and turn to their pixar movies. although i wouldn’t mind a live-action UP
  15. lol that would mean only like a 30% drop and i don't see that happening
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