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  1. What buzz? If this thread is any indication, there wasn’t a whole lot of hope for this one
  2. I’d just be cautious on the Friday increases in particular. Its already setting non-holiday weekday records. One should not expect much higher than 100% if it even gets there
  3. The fact that the 3rd/4th presale day for TFA was Christmas Day the following Friday tells me that money was left on the table for OW. Idk about 300, but definitely higher than 247. Also it’s in way less theaters opening in the winter
  4. The thinking behind this is being the first in line for PG fare this summer rather than sticking it in the middle of the competition. The schedule is so packed with younger skewing family films this year. Maybe you could move it to fall, but I’m not sure. They seem very confident in its ability to hold for the first two months of summer. Or it’s WB’s foolishness, I guess we’ll find out
  5. Yeah this is my bad. I was looking at May 11ths data and incorrectly assumed 24 hours of sales. 1967 for that day compared to Pika’s 1300 or so
  6. Spiderverse is really the only one I can think of that didn’t truly take off like normal PG films
  7. You do a good job and always love your posts. Not saying they’re equivalent by any means, but I2 had 1967 for its first 24 hours. Not exactly Earth-shattering
  8. Before anyone hits the panic button, anyone care to guess how many Pulse transactions Incredibles 2 had on its first day? (May 11th, so similar gap to opening day)
  9. Last week had more college breaks though, a bit harder to tell than a straight comparison
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