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  1. Aren’t those comps for final count from our trackers, as in, if today was day of previews, 25-30 is where it you’ll be today?
  2. Better comparison would be the Wednesday close numbers then. I2: 129193 Toys 4: 77032
  3. Yep, the only caveat being how much is going to next week. Still a good number is incoming regardless
  4. Luckily this was the last weekend of the Akvalley data. I2 had 183850 fandango transactions at the close of Thursday. Toy story 4 had 114041
  5. Three day domestic opening weekend: 144,000,000 Domestic Total: 525,000,000 OS-Total: 900,000,000 Worldwide total: 1,425,000,000
  6. Yeah, Halloween will save it from a likely 11-12x but it’s certainly not shooting all the way up to something like a 17x either
  7. The weird thing about atom is didn’t they lose Regal in between Endgame and now? I know they added some as well but that was a big loss
  8. Not sure about the Maleficent IM, you can spin it a great many ways. Aladdin this year was 12.8x with a boosted Sunday, but with much larger previews and being in May. Dumbo has 17 with possible spring break loading. I would settle in the 15 range given October
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