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  1. This has advanced shows tonight as well, so it may get 1 mil with the two combined
  2. Bloodshot and The Hunt seemed pretty DOA, I Still believe could end up a mid teens opener though
  3. Interesting that MTC1 is so low. Guessing shows just haven’t been posted yet
  4. Did you see anything unusual about it’s showtimes split? I wonder if Wild had more matinee showings than usual playing to the Ford audience
  5. If this happens, perhaps there isn’t as much school break after Presidents’ Day than the norm
  6. I’m actually not sure those two movies count for Phase 4, which is why Charlie worded it as he did
  7. Certainly not in my area. Already getting moved to the smaller screens
  8. It’s called fanboy WARS. The slippery slope was already being started. Perhaps In the future they can relook into something similar, but there has been enough abuse for the mods to make the call at this point
  9. No one is saying to not discuss unpopular positions. The problem is in my time lurking here, people are not very good at doing so without being a complete a** about it. It’s very obvious. That’s the part they’re trying to curb here
  10. No previews so this one is up in the air. Given the genre, not much already sold at the moment
  11. I see $35 as well. Still a deal in some areas but not really a knock your socks off one
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