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  1. The weird thing about atom is didn’t they lose Regal in between Endgame and now? I know they added some as well but that was a big loss
  2. Not sure about the Maleficent IM, you can spin it a great many ways. Aladdin this year was 12.8x with a boosted Sunday, but with much larger previews and being in May. Dumbo has 17 with possible spring break loading. I would settle in the 15 range given October
  3. I wonder how Parasite is gonna hold up, there’s some loose Jojo shows starting tonight
  4. Yesterday was Rosh Hashanah. Couple school districts out. See September 10th of last year
  5. Also lower than John Wick 3 🤔 feel like the range is still wide on this one
  6. If anything, 4.3-5.3 would mean that Deadline is lowballing the tracking a bit. Have to think multi is at least a 12x in october
  7. Yeah there aren’t to be any comps at this page for Joker sales. The frontloaded nature of the DC audience has me at a pause; we know they will show up in droves, but can it get others in the room?
  8. The caution is It’s T-1 is at a different time distance than Joker’s T-1 to release
  9. Yeah it’s basically this, Ford vs Ferrari, and some of the searchlight stuff (we await Spies in Disguise). Other films like Art of Racing in the rain were DOA
  10. Deadline also said 2.2 for the sneaks last Thursday, which some of the members here had. Well done
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