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  1. I enjoyed large parts of this movie, but there were some narrative choices that left a lot to be desired. I hope there will be more focus if a sequel is to be made. Still would recommend a ticket though
  2. Guessing based on historical trends. Happens every weekend
  3. Then let’s use Fantastic Beasts as the example. It’s never 1-1. Otherwise you end up with movies with sub 7x Multis which do not make sense given the history of Thursday night shows. Not to mention Tuesday may be an easier day to go to the cinema than Wednesday. Who knows?
  4. That’s not how it works at all lol. Just like adding the Amazon shows for Aquaman to the Thursday preview arbitrarily
  5. The Fast and the Furiosa

    The Box Office Buzz and Tracking Thread: Electric Boogaloo

    http://akvalley.pythonanywhere.com/static/fandango_report.txt Looking like a negative on previews of any sort for Happy Death day or Isn’t it Romantic
  6. The Fast and the Furiosa

    The Box Office Buzz and Tracking Thread: Electric Boogaloo

    They do not appear to have shows this evening
  7. As someone who has tracked these for the past year, this is a good start for Alita. However, as Deep Wang mentioned, due to the early Wednesday opening, Valentine’s Day, and President’s day, these sales are going to be spread out. This makes it particularly difficult to compare to other films in this data set. Ready Player One comes to mind as a possible comp with a similar Wednesday preview. Alita is selling well behind that for FSS (35% of sales), but RPO has the adavantage of Good Friday vs Valentine’s Day Thursday taking away grosses from this window. Let’s see how it progresses this week
  8. Unfortunately most of those Alita tickets are not for the 5 day, but rather the early showings. Genre also matters in these things; some can’t be comparable to each other
  9. Trying to glean anything from AKvalley’s fandango check this far out is only going to get you in trouble. Best to wait till the Monday of release to get anything useful
  10. The Fast and the Furiosa

    The Box Office Buzz and Tracking Thread: Electric Boogaloo

    Dragon sales are lower now, but they didn’t use to be despite being two weeks further away. This is ignoring all sneak peak showings
  11. The Fast and the Furiosa

    Wednesday 23rd Jan

    Looks like you gave Glass a +90% instead of +190% here
  12. So are you telling me the 4 day Broly PTA is over 9000?
  13. IIRC, Sony Entertainment is the majority owner of FUNimation, but Fox is handling international.
  14. Maybe not FUNimation itself, but Sony almost certainly did for them as the distributor
  15. When the reviews come out is important as well. The embargo lifting too early curbed the momentum it did had when tickets first went on sale

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