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  1. A note: week over week is about to be a somewhat useless metric as more schools enter the fray
  2. The good news is while kids tickets will be a plenty, theres a sizable audience here that: A. Wont have kids, at least in comparison to TS4 B. Are willing to pay for PLF Two advantages i can possibly see compared to the more family films
  3. But as we already saw, a large film can have a great sunday without fathers day (looking at you TS4). I think the sweet spot is 9-9.5x in the end
  4. July 4th is tricky. Let’s split into tiers: Monday-Thur: having the 4th will boost over a typical July weekday Friday-Sunday: weaker than a normal July FSS day, but the difference gets made up in the weekdays surrounding (with the exception of Saturday, that’s a heartbreaker on those weekends as Friday benefits only slightly)
  5. Let’s say this. It’s unprecedented for a movie to open midweek on July 2nd. During this week in the calendar, the choice has always been July 3rd for opening day.
  6. This is so exhausting. Yes ER’s are worse now than 10 years ago. Yes the market has expanded quite a bit since then. Yes, more and more studios put more effort into promoting their films internationally (which is one of the largest differences when comparing top 10 now and previous decades). Let’s move on
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