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  1. Which given the tepid reactions in the early going in this thread, is at the very least possible if it strikes the right chords
  2. It has happened on this weekend before (albeit, with smaller openings like A:C and Fury Road). 20-25% drop wouldn’t surprise me, but it has been on the weaker side of the jumps so far
  3. Derby League 2

    Rough luck based on opponents lol
  4. The Box Office Buzz and Tracking Thread: Electric Boogaloo

    MT is good for tracking trends, but shouldn’t be taken as an absolute at face value
  5. Cinco de Drinko on a Saturday is quite the one-two punch
  6. Thank you, I feel like my thoughts on this have been lonely...there are ceilings on those days given our current market
  7. That would redefine how we think of these megaopeners since nothing has even gotten passed 70 mil Sat (adjusting for inflation is wonky because of 3D share differences). Would love to see it happen and would happily be wrong if it’s the case. Historical precedence as of now is, your FSS is capped at maybe 200 mil and the previews make up the rest
  8. Yes, but there is a difference between TFA/BP/JW and the rest on that list, having kids out of school the following Monday. A Sunday like TA is what I have if Saturday is around 70 mil
  9. Hmm not as certain on this. You can make an argument for a slightly better True Friday and Saturday, but it’s gonna lag behind Sunday as well as whatever the difference in preview money is. 235 mil is a great target for this
  10. Avengers Infinity War OW contestaroo

    Previews: $38,100,027 Friday: $61,000,027 Saturday: $70,020,027 Sunday: $57,250,027 Opening weekend: $226,370,108
  11. Derby League 2

    I remembered to play this week...
  12. The Box Office Buzz and Tracking Thread: Electric Boogaloo

    I’m surprised too. I don’t live near them, but the prices are hard to beat for a double feature
  13. So when people are talking about adjusting for inflation for these megaopeners, remember films like TFA and TA has MUCH larger 3D shares at that point. Sure, there are more IMAX and other PLFs, but I don’t believe it quite offsets just from availability alone
  14. Isle of dogs has been underwhelming for sure, but we have some really good holds for the old releases. The calm before the storm. Troopers I thought could crack double digits for the weekend, but more like 11 mil and not 15! When in doubt, I'm putting comedies around 17 million and calling it a day. Traffik, geez idk what I had it at before the preview. Around 3 mil I suppose.
  15. I would have done super well this week. Thats a season killer

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