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  1. This has advanced shows tonight as well, so it may get 1 mil with the two combined
  2. Bloodshot and The Hunt seemed pretty DOA, I Still believe could end up a mid teens opener though
  3. Interesting that MTC1 is so low. Guessing shows just haven’t been posted yet
  4. Did you see anything unusual about it’s showtimes split? I wonder if Wild had more matinee showings than usual playing to the Ford audience
  5. If this happens, perhaps there isn’t as much school break after Presidents’ Day than the norm
  6. I’m actually not sure those two movies count for Phase 4, which is why Charlie worded it as he did
  7. Certainly not in my area. Already getting moved to the smaller screens
  8. It’s called fanboy WARS. The slippery slope was already being started. Perhaps In the future they can relook into something similar, but there has been enough abuse for the mods to make the call at this point
  9. No one is saying to not discuss unpopular positions. The problem is in my time lurking here, people are not very good at doing so without being a complete a** about it. It’s very obvious. That’s the part they’re trying to curb here
  10. No previews so this one is up in the air. Given the genre, not much already sold at the moment
  11. I see $35 as well. Still a deal in some areas but not really a knock your socks off one
  12. Often if the theater is dropping them for the weekend, they drop for Thursday night as well
  13. A lot of companies will honor the holiday on the Monday if it falls on the weekend
  14. I more or less agree that it will be nostalgia driven, but that only takes you so far. Outside of the MI franchise, paramount has struggled mightily to gain much of anything. They need to be on their A game to crack into other audience demos. Most under 20 years old aren’t going to care about this
  15. I think it’s being fairly overpredicted across the board. Something like this would be perfect for Father’s Day. It should do better than 100 mil total but more than 150 would definitely be an overperformance
  16. Yep, and Keyser’s number would have indicated that due to Canada business yesterday that he cannot see with the MTC numbers
  17. Seems normal. Wolf of Wallstreet dropped 27%. The drop from true Wednesday is actually better than that here
  18. Yeah, it’s weird that Jumanji plays so much like a kids movie but doesn’t follow frozen for the holidays. Did this in 2017 too. I’m guessing this shows the power of Frozen in Canada versus Jumanji
  19. Snoke may have bridged them at first (or he was lying), but Kylo and Rey took the reins from there. They were just unaware such a bond could exist
  20. The thing is Luke did try. The only reason Leia and Han (which wasn’t even a unanimous decision) sent Ben to train in the first place was because he had tendencies; they could feel Snoke’s influence. We don’t officially know how long he trained Ben for at least what I can recall, but since it appears to be a significant amount of time, think Luke did his diligence here. It’s not even a change in Luke’s character core. What is his most shining aspect? His willingness to go out of his way to help the friends and the galaxy. Ever since leaving Tattooine in the beginning, he has shown this time and time again. Leaves Dagobah to fly to Bespin against Yoda’s warning. Leaves Endor to turn himself into Vader and co. And again when he agrees to train Ben. Why is this important? It’s an admirable characteristic, but it does not always have positive outcomes. He goes to Bespin not ready because of his visions, loses his hand and makes things murkier (if not for Lando swapping sides, he would have lost everyone he knew with his decision to go). In the throne room, Luke literally taps into the dark side of the force to defeat Vader. Yes, he rejects the Emperor at the end, certainly admirable, but that doesn’t necessary negate everything that happened before (including force choking Jabba’s guards to gain entry.) Now we zoom into Pre TFA, he gets a chance to help his sister’s son not become another Vader, to live up to his legendary status after the War. And despite all his teachings and time, he gets visions that Ben aids in an evil force wiping out more planets than the Empire ever did on-screen. Devastation. Luke has never been perfect. He has always had problems with following visions of the future, just like his father. You don’t have to explain how people can get jaded over time because that’s us. I myself, find Luke’s last chapter in his life compelling. One of my favorite heroes is human like the rest of us. That makes it possible for anyone of us to do the same
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