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  1. cubsfan

    Tuesday Numbers 2/19/19

    Nothing today. Yesterday BO had it on twitter.
  2. cubsfan

    Tuesday Numbers 2/19/19

    Opens this weekend.
  3. 100M is almost a given, right? Glass hit 40M for the 4 day and went on to 100M and that was mixed WOM.
  4. I have a feeling the Saturday numbers for Alita will be better than expected.
  5. That's the way I basically look at it, except I still go by with the critics I follow that align with my tastes. Of course Ebert dying that has become troublesome. I thought Glass was incredible and the community didn't, but overall I get what you are saying and are correct. It's not my hardline on every movie tho.
  6. Doesn't feel anything like it. Avatar had a review embargo and Hollywood Reporter and Variety broke it with glowing reviews and they said fuck it embargo is over and more positive reviews followed. If I remember right? LOL
  7. cubsfan

    Tuesday Numbers 1/29

    Glass is going to hit 100M, right?
  8. cubsfan

    Tuesday Numbers 1/22: Glass $3.81M

    On par with Split.
  9. I'm going with 19M for glass a little more then 50% sounds about right and what else is out?
  10. Did glass go up WW? Yesterday it was at 89M Boxofficemojo has it at 95M https://www.boxofficemojo.com/movies/?id=universalevent2019.htm

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