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  1. Han Solo will be the Suicide Squad of this franchise? If the movie is this divisive, it might damage Star Wars canon irreparably
  2. As a brown Latino , I completely disagree. The fact I hate how Hollywood represent us shouldn't be a reason to ban those movies. America literally choose a guy that hate us and want us out. Yet we don't try to ban movies out of thin air
  3. Why critics from America didn't like this film goes beyond me. The rest of the world liked the movie , at least for what I heard
  4. Scott is trying to make a record? I mean, I think he has made every day an article for Wonder Woman since the premier
  5. I never liked it, so I am glad I am not the only one I just don't like the new Spiderman , they should have use Miles Morales. I am honestly tired of Peter Parker angsty teenager drama
  6. I agree, this is like the ninth ape movie, and the third in a short period of time The first one worked really well as a standalone movie, I don't know why they made a sequel at all
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