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  1. 1 N No Time to Die United Artists $23,300,000 4,407 $5,287 $23,300,000 1 - (2) The Addams Family 2 United Artists $2,773,171 +233% -51% 4,207 $659 $23,895,022 8 - (3) Shang-Chi and the Legend … Walt Disney $1,170,000 +147% -28% 2,800 $418
  2. Exactly, who gives a crap if Eternals get Oscar nomination. As long as I enjoy it rest don't matter.
  3. SC is trending towards 250M finish domestically. Fantastic result regardless of Pandemic or not!!!
  4. Yeah, my wife wants to see Chal Mera Put 2.Carol. news,, I've booked SC for tonight at Curo.
  5. I'm in Jalandhar, scheduling is ridiculous for SC. F9 has showtimes through out the day including in english while SC has English screening once a day at 10:45 PM which is a fucking joke. @charlie Jatinder Funny thing, I asked at the counter SC was selling substantially better than F9.
  6. Very much so. Fantastic story telling with so much emotional heft, truly a masterpiece. One of Pixar's very best!!!
  7. I love grand spectacles so hopefully 3rd act lives up to it. I'll be in India when it opens, are theaters open and will it play there?
  8. True but this will be second only to Endgame in likes which just shows the excitement level for GA.
  9. Holy crap over 512K likes in 1 hr on main Sony Channel, this is Infinity War territory! Teaser has definitely done its job, excitement and hype is real.
  10. My biggest fear watching the teaser is the messy nature of it. Hopefully with Kevin Feige involved, he has earned our trust that NWH will atleast be competent.
  11. After watching the teaser few times, it's very messy. Hopefully, run time is long enough to flesh out some of the ideas being discussed.
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