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  1. Fantastic movie, top 3 origin movie along with IM1 and BP. I don't get Taskmaster hate, she's a tragic figure just like winter soldier. Plus movie was about Natasha and her family, no time to expound much on her.
  2. Wow, fantastic origin movie. Family dynamic was so much better than what the trailers showed. 9/10, top 3 origin movie IM1 BP Bw
  3. Fantastic preview numbers. 100M OW isn't quite dead yet like some folks are saying. 13.2M 30M 32M 25M 100.2M
  4. Lol. Ultron got royally screwed by Mayweather/Pacquiao
  5. Thanks 15M 30M 31M 24M 100M 100M will be tight with 15M previews. Hopefully Friday ends up at 32 or 33M giving some breathing room for over 100M OW crowd.
  6. Number will go up should end around 200K. Great start!
  7. It must have gotten to 90% recently because around it's release it was around 89%.
  8. Holy shit, you're back!!! You know things are started to get back to normal when Rth is providing updates.
  9. Thanks, as always. Great thing, these data points will help with BW projections.
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