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  1. Astros have turned into a train wreck. They need to get their head out of their asses and play ball. Get over Luhnow making no trades, it's water under the bridge at this point.
  2. Saturday already over 164M, high 300s very likely with a shot at 400M, unbelievable. This is WW2 second Saturday, absolutely stunning!!!
  3. That was awesome!!! Marvel needs to just release the damn thing already, too many cuts are already online.
  4. Just came out of Dunkirk!!! Amazing movie, Nolan deserves an BD nomination. Best of the year and right up there with his best movies!!! It definitely deserves multiple viewings to just soak in everything. 10/10
  5. Rsyu so far SMH has been ahead of your pace. It's looking good for over 6M by Sunday!
  6. You need 14M+ admissions to get there. I don't see a Marvel movie doing it. They're starting to get a bit frontloaded. For both Infinity War movies 10M admissions should be the goal like Ultron. My guess probably a new IP that could push 100M. Dunkirk presales are already in top 3, so it'll have a great OW but it's also going to need crazy WOM. Even than 14M+ admissions seems like a dream.
  7. Looks reasonable. Around 44% drop for the weekend. Nearly 6M admissions after Sunday, 7M would be locked and it would have a shot at 8M+ admissions, phenominal results for SMH.
  8. Monday number SMH 251,931(-74%), good drop, playing like a family movie. Total 3.814M+.
  9. Final Sunday number 970,522 and total 5-day admissions 3,562,942, amazing start for SMH!!!
  10. Final Saturday number 1,098,249. Sunday with a normal drop should be 925-950K. Phenomenal OW.
  11. Just got of a screening for SMH. Great movie! On par with SM1, just below SM2. Holland was born to play Peter Parker/S, 9/10. On par with WW for best SH movie of the year. WOM is going to be great!
  12. Yesss, over a 100% jump. I was right with my projections. We're looking at 3.4M+ admissions!!!!

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