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  1. 967,146,578 OS, 4,117,508 last 7 days, down 8.5% from previous week.
  2. OS $963,029,070, 4.5M over the last 7 days WORLDWIDE $1,437,340,195
  3. Fantastic news! Folks worried that Marvel won't let Raimi make his movie need to look at Ragnarok by Taika or Gunn. Hell Russos with Winter Soldier, Infinity war and Endgame. They had complete control and I have no doubt Raimi will have complete control as well.
  4. OS update, up .5M from estimates $958,555,935
  5. See BoxOfficeReport.com's other Tweets
  6. Kobis uses current ER for the total which is causing the confusion. Disney however doesn't do that.
  7. Frozen 2 OS update, up 1M in actuals $950,470,724
  8. No one knows right now. First priority is containment and then hopefully things will die down with the virus. Couple of issues with the virus is a problem like the incubation period of 10 days. Honestly we don't know but my guess things should be normal by Mulan. Hopefully for Chinese population sake, things become normal as soon as possible.
  9. I wouldn't worry about movies. Main concern should be health of Chinese population.
  10. Frozen 2 Grosses DOMESTIC (33.2%) $466,476,766 INTERNATIONAL (66.8%) $938,725,401 WORLDWIDE $1,405,202,167
  11. EG shattered presales to the point that, no movie is comparable. It had 300M+ presales for OD alone.
  12. Frozen 2 OS Update $913,248,839, up 1.25M WW is up to $1,372,632,881
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