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  1. Spring break should be buoy the hold. Should drop low to mid 60s.
  2. Probably couple of hrs. They shouldn't deviate too much from Charlie's numbers.
  3. druv10


    OS update for CM, up 1.8M+. $495,869,447
  4. druv10

    Thursday (03/14/2019) Numbers - Early Estimates.

    Nah, let it flow you. It could still have great jumps and approach mid 70s.
  5. druv10

    Tuesday #s - CM 14.6m

    Nah, he has access to the same numbers as Rth. He's not quite as good as Rth in extrapolating the data. His late numbers however are pretty close to actuals.
  6. druv10

    Tuesday #s - CM 14.6m

    Which is the point, it's already normalizing. It bodes well for good hold on the weekend and the overall legs.
  7. druv10

    Tuesday #s - CM 14.6m

    It's only 6:30 AM in India. He'll be here in a hr or 2.
  8. druv10

    Monday (03/11/2019) Numbers - Cap Marvels 10.9M

    It was heart of spring break which led to weak Friday increase in March.
  9. Yeah, if 154M by deadline is accurate we've 467.3M WW OW. Which is absolutely crazy when you think about it.

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