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  1. Yeah, it hasn't slowed down yet. AIW's definetly in play which is mind boggling crazy to me. Marvel is humongous in SK and Frozen 2 to beat one of the biggest tentpole ever is shocking even though Frozen was a phenomenon there.
  2. Great start to the day for Frozen 2. Already over 656K, it's going to go well over 800K. 1M presales are a done deal at this point, real question how close to AIW it can get.
  3. Well? It's doing phenomenal, only movies it should trail by the end are the last 2 Avengers.
  4. TLK crossed 1.6B with actuals Total Lifetime Grosses Domestic: $529,106,439 33.1% + Foreign: $1,071,012,963 66.9% = Worldwide: $1,600,119,402
  5. Total Lifetime Grosses Domestic: $523,549,294 33.3% + Foreign: $1,046,327,746 66.7% = Worldwide: $1,569,877,040
  6. OS actual has gone up nearly 3M to hit 1B OS!!! Total Lifetime Grosses Domestic: $510,635,735 33.8% + Foreign: $1,000,775,374 66.2% = Worldwide: $1,511,411,109
  7. Guys keep it up. We had stalled at 317 for a while now all the way up to 320 and counting. Only 37 more pgs to go!!!
  8. For some Disney is evil incarnate and they can do no right but if this fee thing is true then Sony made out crazy with this deal. Disney has the right to ask for better deal for Feige and themselves. It's stunning Feige worked without the producer fee essentially working for free.
  9. Weekend was 2.5M not 1.1M which is Sunday gross. $100M should happen but not much more. Maybe 105M finish.
  10. Great story by Matthew Berry, how he became extra on Endgame. Joe Russo had a big hand in that. Man, love all of these guys and gals. Thanks to everyone for what they have done for MCU. https://www.espn.com/fantasy/football/story/_/page/TMRlovehate190813/matthew-berry-love-hate-2019-most-overvalued-undervalued-players-fantasy-football
  11. OS made 400K Total Lifetime Grosses Domestic: $857,916,768 30.7% + Foreign: $1,937,556,293 69.3% = Worldwide: $2,795,473,061
  12. OS up 2.3M Total Lifetime Grosses Domestic: $473,103,826 35.4% + Foreign: $863,839,256 64.6% = Worldwide: $1,336,943,082
  13. MCU for the year has surpassed $5B WW!!!!! Second only to Disney for the year!!!! A sub studio is number 2 for the year and it's not really close either. AEG $2,794,720,921 CM $1,128,274,794 SM:FFH $1,078,438,221 WW total= $5,001,433,936
  14. With the latest SM-FFH number, MCU for the year has gone over $5B WW and easily second to Disney for the year. Absolutely crazy year for MCU.
  15. There is nothing to be disappointed about. It's going to finish around 13M admissions which absolutely loony.
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