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  1. Fantastic for everyone. BO continues to recover, bodes well for Summer. Very excited to see, where things are headed.
  2. Wow, absolutely fantastic weekend for GvK!!!! Hopefully this weekend is just the beginning for normalized BO.
  3. No question, I'm waiting for a perfect combination of a DC3 type of buzz and presales with Hi Mom's WOM for a single movie. We could easily be looking at $1B maybe even 1.1B+ with the perfect combo. I'm loving the runs these movies are having. We needed it after what happened to Domestic market. Let's not even forget about Demon Slayer in Japan. Fun times for us BO enthusiasts!!!
  4. Now the real fun begins, can Hi Mom gain 1.51B+ on DC3 remainder of their runs? Maoyan is predicting 4.5B+ for Hi Mom while DC3 at 4.85B. Astonishingly, both grosses are over $700M. This is only possible in CBO!!!
  5. Hi Mom is a runaway train now. It's with in 3M of DC3 presales for Monday and it'll comfortably win the day and rest of the holidays. Fantastic performance based of WOM!!!
  6. Hi Mom is winning tomorrow no question, real question is can it gain 1.5B on DC3 to win the race. Either way both are looking at $700M+ total which is astonishing to me. One a presale monster while other a WOM monster, only possible in CBO. Hopefully domestic market can brighten again because runs like this are the reason we love BO watching to begin.
  7. No doubt on that. Hi Mom presales for tomorrow are rapidly gaining on DC3. Monday will be more or less a tie then I fully expect Hi Mom to win rest of the days. Only in China box office is this possible where a movie can open around $360+M but finish second to another in the same holiday frame. Hopefully Domestic BO can be amazing again.
  8. Hi Mom seems to be breaking out. It's gaining on DC3 plus crazy high score of 9.5.
  9. Lol, not bad. It would shatter the old record of EG OW which had previews rolled in. If we look at FSS it would be 430M+ vs 297M for EG. That's what I call absolutely destroying the previous record.
  10. Around 500M Yuan right now, 800M-850M for full day. Unreal performance so far!!!
  11. I think it's going to be close to 1100, which is an alltime record of $170M. It's rate has been tremendous this morning.
  12. Soul with nearly 51% of the presales with 36K+. Looks for a breakout!
  13. My boxoffice expectations were next to negilble for Soul so this score has brought some hope. If this is a runner, then we could be in for a fun run in China even with piracy.
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