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  1. What are you even talking about?
  2. You guys talk about superhero fatigue all day long. But no one gives a damn about the Rock fatigue. LOL.
  3. WeneedtotalkaboutKevin

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    Kevin was once ridiculed by his desire for drinking Scarlett Johansson's bath water. Today, the whole basketball world TALKS ABOUT KEVIN. All men are motivated by desires. The moral behind Kevin's success story is FIND YOUR DESIRE.
  4. @vc2002 I just wonder who that guy in your Avatar is. Is it James Cameron...???
  5. The better Q:Is James Franco's career still there? Once you get got by #MeToo, you are gone for good.
  6. Make the Boba Fett movie the FIRST R-RATED Star Wars movie! EDGY! DARK! BLOOD! BOLD!
  7. For all you guys who taunt how bad SOLO does in China. It is a friendly reminder.
  8. "Most box-office analysts say the main problem is the fact that Solo debuted just five months after Star: Wars: The Last Jedi hit the big screen, resulting in a clear-cut case of audience fatigue with the Star Wars extended universe. " https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/will-dismal-solo-box-office-cause-disney-rethink-star-wars-strategy-1115233 "Most box-office analysts"...really ??? Even an indie sensation-level BOT user can tell you right away that it is mainly about the reception of The Last Jedi, not the timing...
  9. SAD! SHAME! He is probably the last DCEU fan in this forum.
  10. MCU is one of the greatest achievements of humanity. No little SHIT is allowed to stain it.
  11. Assuming you are not another Avatar of @IronJimbo @JamesCameronScholar @Lothar you are gonna have a great time with these James Cameron fanboys. By the way, welcome to BOT !
  12. Why do we always need to talk about Kevin when it comes to saving failing franchises?
  13. "MCU having a Good Dinosaur situation" Not under KEVIN's watch. It happens only when KEVIN retires.

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