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  1. WeneedtotalkaboutKevin

    The Box Office Buzz and Tracking Thread: Electric Boogaloo

    By the way, does anyone know the numbers of The Trump Prophecy? I am really curious. For your information, The Trump Prophecy is scheduled to be screened by Fathom Events in theaters throughout the U.S. on October 2 and October 4, 2018. The film was made with a budget of about $2 million
  2. God ! It is gonna be the DARKEST X-men movie ever.
  3. From this trailer alone, I can already tell Captain Marvel is pretty much an instant superhero movie classic movie, just like winter soldier, black panther, GOTG, Avengers...etc. Maybe you don't see the nuances in the trailer...
  4. No good comp. Cause Captain Marvel is leading in ALL CATEGORIES.
  5. Always love to hear what DMan7 says about superhero movies. So insightful. You are my man !
  6. KEVIN you freaking did it. All hail MCU !!! WW 1 billion here we come !!! MCU forever !!!!
  7. WeneedtotalkaboutKevin

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    The jury in the trial of Paul Manafort would have convicted the former Trump campaign chairman on all 18 criminal charges if not for one juror who had questions about the reasonable doubt standard of guilt, a juror told Fox News on Wednesday. But the jury of six men and six women could not reach a consensus on 10 other counts https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/aug/23/paul-manafort-juror-says-one-holdout-kept-jury-from-convicting-on-all-counts
  8. https://deadline.com/2018/08/melissa-mccarthy-happytime-murders-crazy-rich-asians-meg-weekend-box-office-1202451694/ ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ heading for $25M second weekend, looking at a drop of only about 5-10% from last weekend - Friday evening estimates My reaction:
  9. What are you even talking about?
  10. You guys talk about superhero fatigue all day long. But no one gives a damn about the Rock fatigue. LOL.
  11. WeneedtotalkaboutKevin

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    Kevin was once ridiculed by his desire for drinking Scarlett Johansson's bath water. Today, the whole basketball world TALKS ABOUT KEVIN. All men are motivated by desires. The moral behind Kevin's success story is FIND YOUR DESIRE.

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