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  1. He just said SOLO would not go under the movie whose director has been accused of rape lately. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/luc-besson-accused-rape-report-1113429
  2. SOLO solo movie is probably the most expensive and least profitable star wars movie. Its budget is over 250 million. http://variety.com/2018/film/features/solo-a-star-wars-story-directors-reshoots-ron-howard-1202817841/
  3. Will you get a boner if the poster comes with "produced by James Cameron" ?
  4. Thor 2 disappoints critically, not financially. Once a Star Wars movie stops making PROFIT, Kathleen Kennedy will probably be sacked.
  5. Unless RT officially says that the website is under the attack of hackers or bots such that the rating of "want to see score" drops to such an extent, otherwise I firmly believe that is the TRUE opinion of the PEOPLE. PEOPLE voted. Please don't disrespect their votes by simply saying they are trolls.
  6. To be honest, unless those "irrational" Star War fans use hacking or BOTs to lower the "want to see score", otherwise I think there is nothing wrong with it, They are just giving out their honest opinion even by giving a very low "want to see score". Everyone has his/her rights to what he/she wants to say. I uphold the freedom of speech, especially in this forum. If you just ban people from rating "want to see score", you are not helping at all.
  7. The allegation that I have any grudge/agenda against any studio is absolutely false and it is purely FAKE NEWS/FAKE INFO. I like to discuss movies is all. I try to hold an objective view as much as possible and give out my most sincere opinion.
  8. I guess it depends on how you look at the definition of "word of mouth" People are a flock of sheep and people live in the internet age. When one critic says it is bad, ten other people will believe it and retweet that and other people will follow suits. Now that over 100 critics have reviewed it, you can already guess how it is gonna spread on the internet. It will undoubtedly hurt the OW. Kathleen Kennedy shot herself in the foot by lifting off the embargo so early.

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