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  1. Why so? I think my argument is valid. It is unusual for a studio to discount ticket prices that early. All the parameters (Youtube trailer view, promotional song view etc) show that Birds of Prey got no hype. Heck, the late review embargo date is actually a warning sign.
  2. I feel like a bomb is coming. It looks like Margot Robbie's last appearance as Harley will be in James Gunn's Suicide Squad. FEBRUARY 7-9: Birds of Prey: 20 million OW My argument:
  3. It is even lower than Charlie's Angels and yet has a higher budget. What the hell !?
  4. "She hardly lit up the others." LOL. Are you kidding me? She is probably one of the hottest women right now. She will definitely have great chemistry with other cast members.
  5. After Dolittle's little opening weekend, I can already imagine this scene... Robert Downey Jr. picking up a phone. RDJ: Hey, dog, how's it going, my man Kevin? You know I am always your boy, right? By the way, Bro... Kevin: Cut the bullshit. Iron Man 4 ain't happening.
  6. "This coming from the guy that loves Michael Bay's Transformers films." I really gotta see this masterpiece called "Dolittle"...
  7. Dolittle Is Anti-Cinema I guess, Dolittle is not CINEMATIC then...
  8. Bloody hell...Its RT score is even worse than Cats...I could see it going into single-digit...
  9. I totally forget that this movie is coming out in two months. The Bloodshot cinematic universe is dead on arrival.
  10. On the behalf of a lot of excited MCU fans, Jared Leto, Tom Hardy, I welcome you two to this great MCU family... It is a remarkable day in the history of MCU. It changes things forever.
  11. With the vulture cameo, this trailer is probably now cemented as the greatest MCU movie trailer of all times. The MCU has become bigger than ever and it is gonna change movie history once again just like the avengers (2012) did. MCU is now like a black hole. It can bend any movie franchise on its knee and absorb it like a sponge. Join us or no one will watch your movie/franchise.
  12. If you direct a Marvel movie for Kevin, it is like you would automatically get a certified fresh 90% RT (both audience and critic score) movie for free on your resume. Who would say no to that? Ari Aster still needs to prove that his movies can resonate with the general audience. Otherwise, studios could not keep throwing money at him forever.
  13. CATS....??? What the hell? We are barely into 2020. The movie news are already that exciting...What a fantastic decade to come !
  14. Kevin needs to hire Ari Aster (the director of Midsommar) and Robert Eggers (the director of Lighthouse) !!! For those who say Kevin is not taking risks...I would say the contrary...and ask you all to think about these... Captain America: The Winter Soldier A political thriller that questions the role of governments Captain America: Civil War A political drama that explores the partisan politics of U.S. Antman movies Can love and relationships survive in the realm of Quantum Mechanics? Can humanity overcome the barrier of science? Captain Marvel It asks how memories shape a person , sort of like Memento Thor movies The duality of God/Man in one person, mirroring Jesus Christ, reflection on Christianity Black Panther Analyze the racial discrimination which is rampant right now in US society All these movies have deep and big themes. They ask important questions. You might question their execution but you can never doubt the ambitions behind them. Yet, you still wonder if Kevin is risk-taking enough to make Doctor Strange 2 a horror movie?
  15. Guys, don't panic. Believe in Kevin, Marvel and Disney. Everything is going fine. Heck, given that, things are probably going into a better direction with a better director attached !
  16. Hanny, take your time. I would rather see a detailed and insightful box office prediction rather than a half-assed one.
  17. Hanny Boy, no matter how controversial your box office predictions are or how much I disagree with them, you are still MY G. Heck, you are everyone's G on BOT. Just keep being yourself ! Cheers !
  18. Knowing that Tay-Tay kind of breaks out in Cats (relatively speaking when compared with other cast members), I just want her in one of those DCEU movies.
  19. Bro, I can understand Elon Musk trashing Cats, but not Brie Larson. Hey , Brie, the cast of Cats are your fellow actors. What if your Captain Marvel turned out to be the worst movie of the century and other actors trashed it on twitter? How would you feel about that, huh?
  20. Can someone genuinely tell me how bad Cats was ? I know the CGI is wonky and weird. But do the plot ,pacing and music really have no redeeming qualities at all for the movie ? After all, the director is Tom Hooper who made the Oscar Best Picture The king's speech. It is like you are telling me Nolan made Batman & Robin after The Dark Knight. I just think people are kind of over-trashing Cats. Can anyone enlighten me without spoiling the movie?
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