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  1. I really liked the deleted scene of Dumbledore telling Newt why he sent him to New York. I kinda figured it out in the theatrical cut, but it was left a bit too vague. Still I think they decided to cut it in order to keep Grindelwald's motivations a mystery until the ending scene.
  2. I'm not gonna defend the movie, but I did think it had good production values such as nice sets, even if overly CGI-polished. I don't see any redeemable elements about Aladdin however. Your assessment that it's garbage that no one will bother to see is probably on the nose.
  3. At least it looked spectacular from the trailers. The same can't be said for Aladdin unfortunately.
  4. Cameron's opinions are actually worth paying attention to. It's funny that some internet fanboys consider themselves a better filmmaker.
  5. He is allowed to speak his mind? Regardless he liked the movie for what it is.
  6. No news about the director yet? I guess Yates is safe for now and that's fine for me from a purely selfish perspective. I'm not so certain a new director would be more capable to help Rowling smooth out the script. They'd need a writer/director who works well with Rowling to succeed in that regard. There have been suggestions about bringing Cuaron back. Also he is a writer/director, but I doubt he is of any more of help in the script department than Yates. IMHO he is not a great writer, but an excellent director and a brilliant technician. Roma showed once again his skills in cinematography, but also revealed that he's not a good screenwriter as far as I'm concerned. If they bring back Cuaron he'll probably direct it brilliantly, but my guess is he will trust Rowling with the script. I do however hope Kloves helps out a bit.
  7. TheBigYawn

    Roma (2018)

    Finally got around to watching this and sadly it was a disappointment. Drama is life with all the dull bits cut out. Roma feels like life with all the dull bits that come with it. Certainly there are some good or even great things about it, but a movie that's supposedly just about the way of life isn't particularly interesting narratively.
  8. I'd rather keep Yates over Wan. The latter knows how to block action scenes and deliver imaginative CGI, I'll give him that, but in all other aspects I prefer Yates.
  9. The BO numbers are pretty darn impressive, especially considering it was not nearly as loved as other superhero movies like Infinity War, which also won the critics. In the ocean of superhero movies you wouldn't really expect what many would consider a fun yet irrelevant flick to deliver such numbers. Hats off to the marketing team.
  10. I don't really understand the massive backlash over such a minor detail. Besides McGonagall could be considered older in the Potter movies than in the books. None of my friends who never picked up a Potter book had a problem with her being in the movie.
  11. "Boring" is highly subjective though. I found Aquaman pretty boring for instance in the sense it was mainly an action CGI feast, but I know I'm in the minority there. I like mystery movies that pique my curiosity and surprise me in some ways, which CoG undeniably did.
  12. Rewatching HBP and DH 1 explains why. Particularly how emotionally intense DH 1 is. Ron leaving, Harry and Hermione dancing, visiting the grave of his parents; all those moments still managed to touch me upon my 7th rewatch or something. However I agree it's probably enough of Yates now. His direction on the series peaked with DH 1 in my opinion.
  13. Looks pretty boring. The daylight city scenes could use some more contrast, just like a lot of other Marvel movies.
  14. Who wants The Cursed Child? The Fantastic Beasts series is ten times more exciting.

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