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  1. They are family movies at least. That's not in any way condescending.
  2. Well, excellent craftsman (and film technician) I can agree with. But I don't find most of his directorial blocking choices particularly interesting.
  3. It's a saga movie in Star Wars. People will flock to see it.
  4. The blocking at the beginning of the trailer is quite repetitive though with all the slow dolly shots on Ray. Also the moment where she runs away from the danger and jumps in slow motion looked rather cliched blocking wise. Abrams is not particularly original, but he's competent enough to deliver a decent popcorn movie that pleases the masses.
  5. Why? He's a captivating and well-known villain. Far better than Snoke. The trailer itself was meh, but they probably don't have a lot of finished footage to show yet.
  6. It's simply become a popular thing to hate on Rowling nowadays. Never mind she created a beloved phenomenon in the first place. It's just like the George Lucas hate: I get it, the prequels may not be good movies, but for God's sake, he created Star Wars - be a little grateful folks!
  7. Sure, but evidently the director and/or the producers were responsible for cutting out some character moments between Nagini and Credence (deleted scenes) and Queenie talking with Grindelwald. All these moments were in the original script (not the one released as it's altered in accordance with the final cut). That being said, I guess they got some feedback from the test screenings that the movie felt too long. It seems they listened to the complaints because the movie is quite fast-paced. On the one hand I like that it keeps me engaged throughout, but at the same time I think they should have been a bit bolder by including a few more quieter character moments. There are still people who think the movie is boring as it is; they would still feel the same way even if another 15 minutes were omitted. The filmmakers might as well just give the middle finger to that impatient portion of the audience and allow the characters to breathe a bit more. It's all clearly in the script, Rowling knows how to develop characters IMHO.
  8. Those scenes should have been included as deleted scenes at the very least. Other scenes missing are Newt talking in a pub before the French Ministry break-in and the croissant scene. It's just like Order of the Phoenix; we know they shot a lot more, but for some reason they are holding it back.
  9. It was not because he cried. She was jealous that her father loved him more than her. I thought that was pretty obvious.
  10. Not really. They'll have their Pokemon movie pretty soon, which is what they wanted from this. Harry Potter was always darker and more substantial. I'm still a fan of Rowling and trust where she is going with this franchise.
  11. I watched the honest trailer on youtube and honestly I was more interested in how beautiful the images looked than their actual nitpicks I mean complaints. Yates' style (though far from perfect) is quite elegant in its cleanness.
  12. You're right. General audiences mostly just care about the stars.
  13. Finally a decent trailer. Looks like Will Smith is having fun. Might watch it just to see him in the role.

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