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  1. Well, excellent craftsman (and film technician) I can agree with. But I don't find most of his directorial blocking choices particularly interesting.
  2. The blocking at the beginning of the trailer is quite repetitive though with all the slow dolly shots on Ray. Also the moment where she runs away from the danger and jumps in slow motion looked rather cliched blocking wise. Abrams is not particularly original, but he's competent enough to deliver a decent popcorn movie that pleases the masses.
  3. Why? He's a captivating and well-known villain. Far better than Snoke. The trailer itself was meh, but they probably don't have a lot of finished footage to show yet.
  4. Finally a decent trailer. Looks like Will Smith is having fun. Might watch it just to see him in the role.
  5. I'm not gonna defend the movie, but I did think it had good production values such as nice sets, even if overly CGI-polished. I don't see any redeemable elements about Aladdin however. Your assessment that it's garbage that no one will bother to see is probably on the nose.
  6. At least it looked spectacular from the trailers. The same can't be said for Aladdin unfortunately.
  7. Cameron's opinions are actually worth paying attention to. It's funny that some internet fanboys consider themselves a better filmmaker.
  8. He is allowed to speak his mind? Regardless he liked the movie for what it is.
  9. Finally got around to watching this and sadly it was a disappointment. Drama is life with all the dull bits cut out. Roma feels like life with all the dull bits that come with it. Certainly there are some good or even great things about it, but a movie that's supposedly just about the way of life isn't particularly interesting narratively.
  10. I'd rather keep Yates over Wan. The latter knows how to block action scenes and deliver imaginative CGI, I'll give him that, but in all other aspects I prefer Yates.
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