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  1. You could go that route, but it could easily become far too drab. Newt is a fun character with all his creatures and innovative solutions to conflicts.
  2. Well, I found the trailers much more exciting than any of the promo material for FB 1.
  3. As for "what went wrong", I don't think there is one simple answer to the question, but IMHO Rowling has a good story that just needed more tweaking in the way it was told. There are too many characters and subplots and the exposition is sometimes delivered clumsily. However personally I really liked it. I'd rather rewatch Crimes of Grindelwald than the first one, which I honestly find a bit dull in parts (mainly the capture of the creatures).
  4. At least he has now "chosen his side" by the end of the movie.
  5. Yet I think the second Narnia film is tons better than the first one, save for the ending battle. Much darker and thematically more interesting.
  6. Like a last minute decision in the script process?
  7. I felt they should have just called this movie "The Crimes of Grindelwald", but I suppose "Fantastic Beasts" is there for branding reasons.
  8. The interesting thing to me is that I think Rowling really nailed everything that was Dumbledore/Grindelwald related in this film. She stumbled a bit with Yusuf Kama storyline and the middle parts of the film, but when we got to the real meat, i.e. Grindelwald's speech and onwards the film really shined to me. The ending promised a great conflict with Dumbledore in future movies.
  9. I guess it's harder to see mistakes in someone you have worked with for over 15 years or so and respect and like as a person. Even if he did see his shortcomings I don't think Yates has the heart to sack his long time collaborator. Note that I'm not saying he is an awful editor, some of his choices are actually quite good, but unfortunately it balances out with some noticeably bad things IMHO. As for hiring an additional editor to help Mark Day, I think it would basically read as, "We don't think you're up to the quality we expect from these movies". I don't see that as a realistic option, but of course if the studio should demand it he must either accept it or leave the project.
  10. It seems that's part of Grindelwald's agenda, to appear like this peaceful revolutionary who puts the Greater Good above himself to fight off "injustice". I'm pretty sure he will feign innocence regarding the blue fire dragon he let loose to destroy Paris. As he said, "Spread the word. We're not the violent ones". As for the baby-killing, I interpreted that as him thinking he is above executing such acts himself. I mean it makes sense he leaves it to others considering he is in a position where he doesn't need to do the dirty work himself.
  11. After rewatching it I thought the transitions between scenes and plot lines flowed a bit better, although there were some questionable editing choices: 1) Suddenly cutting to Hogwarts with no build-up whatsoever? Sure, it's a lovely surprise, a great movie moment, but I'd rather prefer they cut to the safe house first to complete the scenes with the Zouwu inside the case while the event from the streets is still fresh and relevant for the viewers. The problem is when they cut back to the safe house after spending a significant time at Hogwarts the audience has almost forgotten that they travelled to the safe house in the prior scenes. What's worse is that it creates this redundant notion that Newt needs to tame the zouwu once again rather than making the moment a meaningful payoff to the capture of the creature. 2) The super quick cuts in the thestral chase. What the actual fuck? That's some horrid editing. They killed this splendidly shot action sequence in the edit. I remember an interview with David Yates back in 2016 where he spoke of his new work routines with his editor, Mark Day. Supposedly Yates has always overseen Day's work at the end of the day in the past, whereas he would now step back a bit more in order to allow Day to experience more and mostly give notes at the end of the week. Now I don't remember the interview in detail, mind you, but that's pretty much the gist I got from it. If that's true it sounds like a bad call considering I find the later Potter movies to be better edited than both Fantastic Beasts movies and obviously superior to The Legend of Tarzan. 3) Polyjuice potion confusion. First Newt transforms into his brother. In the next scene Theseus is having a conversation with Leta, but initially the audience has no idea whether this is Newt in disguise or the real Theseus. A quick fix would be to open the sequence with Newt (in disguise) and Tina entering the french ministry of magic. I won't blame this on Mark Day necessarily; this is a storytelling issue both the screenwriter and especially the director should be able to spot in the blink of an eye. Not a major flaw obviously, but simply annoying considering how easy it would have been to fix it.
  12. I'd recommend rewatching this movie (that is, unless you hated it). Not only does it feel more coherent as a whole the second time around when you know what everything is leading to, but I discovered some new details and nuances as well. For example look at the scene where Queenie and Jacob are arguing outside Newt's apartment. Jacob doesn't outright call Queenie crazy, but she knows that's what he is thinking and he knows it. More importantly he is ashamed about it. Compare this early scene to their final moment in the film: Just before Queenie is about to join Grindelwald Jacob refuses to join her and actually speaks his mind about her. "You're crazy", he declares frankly. He no longer excuses himself and he doesn't express or show any signs of regret or shame for being brutally honest to her. That's some powerful payoff IMHO!
  13. In my opinion he is great working with actors and has a pretty good eye for the visuals, but his sense of pacing is not really the best. I don't know if that only comes down to his editor or if they are both lacking in that aspect, but either way he's partially to blame for that.
  14. Now you've jinxed this, one of these days it'll be confirmed he is not only doing the third, but all of them.
  15. Best adapted screenplay? I know it's originally based upon a book, but I'd consider it an original story. However it doesn't matter either way. Obviously it won't be nominated. The best it can hope for is best costumes, production design, visual effects and sound mixing.

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