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  1. How so? there was an extensive marketing push for MPR with all the billboards, posters on buses, merchandise push, and Social media posts. I don't really know how else Disney is supposed to market this film. what did WB do differently?
  2. I want to analyze MPR after we've seen it perform (or underperform not flop) at the Box Office I think it just confirms that maybe Emily Blunt cannot really sell movies to audiences like how a movie star like Dwayne Johnson or Jason Momoa, or Sandra Bullock can do Also, despite Lin Manuel Miranda being so beloved in the USA due to Hamilton, his appeal is only limited to that region (or to an extent, including the UK) and I think Disney didn't keep in mind that Lin is virtually unknown to the rest of the world, and Hamilton is only a hit in the USA. Coupled with the fact that the songs aren't as good and ear wormy as the original's (and not even on par with modern musicals), plus the critical complaint that the movie is a retread of the Original, made MPR perform the way it did. Thoughts?
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