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  1. That dance got me so hyped for this movie lol Even though it has nothing to do with movie lol
  2. Is there a problem with averages? Nobody said this movie is better than first one, nor said it's good as first one. So. Score, percentages or whatever is about right it seems.
  3. Campea and crew from Collider who seen it are still under embargo about their review, but from what they could say they liked it. That it's better than a trailers and it has a magic in it. So good start.
  4. This post started interest me and asking myself who is director of The Dark Tower and after 5 sec of googling I am shocked with name it came up. Nikolaj Arcel? Who is he and why him. His resume is certainly nothing I watched, or heard about. Why this guy is directing this property. This is some guy who didnt direct a movie for 5 years and last one he did was independent one. This guy never directed anything worthwhile or anything hollywood related in his life.
  5. We dont need to be blown away. This is a sequel to already great movie. It has it's audience according to box office. It was recieved by critics very well. Same director, same cast. We got glimpse of new characters which is most important with first trailer. It's just a announcement it's coming. If you talking about trailer needing to blow away people and attract audience to go see it they can go watch first movie. That's the best trailer they can get. 2h trailer footage to get hyped for next one.
  6. obligatory https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJelEXaPhJ8
  7. watching so many fake reactions to the trailer . having a blast

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