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  1. That's an unfair thing to say, because, while the Dunkirk events had major repercussions for the outcome of WW2, Detroit details a struggle inherent to American society and maybe equally important at that. It is the same debate of why movies about slavery or race issues don't resonate with OS audiences.
  2. Asgard blesses us early. SMH 7.4, Apes 7.1, WW 1.2M Tues

    Half-Blood Prince
  3. The numbers of SM:H are to be expected, and I suspect that Iron Man was not such a draw this time out, because audiences were at an equal measure intrigued and annoyed by his prominent presence, at least on marketing. I know I was. I am also trying to remember the "WOW" action scene, and the only things that comes to mind are Spiderman trying to lift the rubble and the presence of Zendaya, who tried to be quirky but came off as weird.
  4. ...oooor you could just start eating healthy stuff...
  5. Boxoffice.com predicts 9 million for the weekend, 43% drop. Me thinks very good in the face of Spiderman. So does this get to 400 mil? Anyone more experienced?
  6. I used to follow her very much but some things she says really don't make much sense. She was indeed rooting for WW to succeed, but i agree that she (intentionally?) underestimates the movie's success, always trying to put its accomplishment in some kind of perspective. Also, I seriously couldn't believe what i was hearing when she gushed over TF5(!!)..
  7. Finally saw it last night... wow, just wow. Everything has been said before, but what I will remember from this movie is that there is a clear arc for the main character and how long was it since we last saw EXHILARATING fight scenes? (No man's land and Warehouse scenes). Plus, i was watching the clearly happy girls in the audience and tried to bring my self in their place, what a role model! It really accentuates everything good about being human. Last, not least, sorry, but how beautiful is she, guys.. her smile lights up the screen. And she had that Mediterranean warmth, so yeah!
  8. I live in Egypt and no new movies are out here since the 27th of May because of the Holy Month of Ramadan. Never before have I rooted more for a movie I haven't even seen! (that's WW)
  9. Saw Pirates tonight. Good: production values, return of the Turners, Geoffrey Rush Bad: they completely ruined Jack Sparrow, the girl was annoying as f*ck, people had revelations out of nowhere, the direction was awful. Overall, better than 3 and 4. I liked the intention for an homage to the "Bring me that horizon" scene, but it could have been much better. i think 180 mil domestic is the ceiling for this.
  10. Pirates? I think it will get really close to a billion. There is good feeling about this one. I wish it could recapture that "Now, bring me that horizon" moment from the first movie..
  11. Not really surprised about Guardians not connecting OS. The rest of the world doesn't seem to fall head over heels for the MCU movies that don't involve Iron Man. Plus, the movie was a bloated mess, although it improved a lot in the end (Yondu stole the movie). Also, Chris Pratt can't act for his life except for goofy/funny lines. His "dramatic" moments were laughable. Add more Stallone in part 3!!
  12. I follow Grace on Youtube and I was very surprised with her lukewarm reaction to the final trailer. She makes the mistake of going only after the "big money shot" and she didn't get that from the trailer, although almost all of the other reactors did (it was the shot where she is slaying a bunch of guys in the flames). She seems kinda desensitized, it just goes with the territory I guess. i predict around 85 million OW.

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