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  1. Guys, known actors are universally terrible in GvK type of movies cause they know that nobody watches those movies for them. So they treat it like a paycheck job and just show up to read bad lines from a teleprompter. They don't put all their talent in those no1care roles cause they know audience would rather that they aren't in the movie at all. So it's actually better when they cast unknowns cause those sad sacks hope to launch their careers and actually put a lot of effort.
  2. LOL this is a satire right? There's absolutely zero, no make it minus 1M chance for BW to open below GvK let alone flop like Mulan and Raya. You know it too.
  3. That was amazing. Is there a video with only that music?
  4. Like TLJ's what happened between Luke and Kylo? That had 3 accounts with differences.
  5. Most excellent. Well over 300M OS and well over 100M dom are locked.
  6. We knew that Deadline can't count but holy shit this 5 day projection fail! GvK's gonna make more in 3-4 days lol, losers.
  7. I liked all BW trailers but this one is the best. I always get lump in a throat when they show a flashback of Nat's last moments.
  8. Yes boxoffice is back and feeling is back! Fantastic opening! Do you guys think that studios might get encouraged to go for full theatrical in the upcoming months instead of the hybrid release (theater and streaming)? :crosses fingers for Black Widow full theatrical:
  9. So KotM should go down both OS and WW, right? 🤞 🤞
  10. It delivers what people look for in this type of movie - epic monster mash. The movie knows nobody comes to see humans, even if they are played by known names, and backgrounds them in favor of true stars which is Godzilla and Kong.
  11. Agreed. Either way, it's a badly written synopsis that only focuses on main plot beats and twists and doesn't say anything about character dynamic even though character dynamic is Marvel's strongest suit. That's how they elevate generic plots. But this guy was too focused on reveals so it's hilarious to see redditors in panic when it's obvious that he stripped the movie to bare bones. Which is what most leaks tend to focus on anyway. Leaks =/= reviews. They are "I've seen it, this happens, this is a twist, the end".
  12. It's a terribly written synopsis. Gives a general idea about what's going on but holy shit that guy can't recap a movie to save his life.
  13. either way it should outgross KotM (OS) despite worse circumstances.
  14. 70M weekend is 70-75M range that I predicted after the meltdowns. So better than 60-65M which never felt right.
  15. I'll take it over 60-65M Yeah Hollywood ain't dead in China unless it's Star Wars. Movies won't blow up from the first take after the pandemic. Also, Marvel hasn't opened in China yet. When that happens, Scott's narrative will be dead (pun intended). It really depends on a movie and release. With theaters and streaming device hybrid, it's hard to pull numbers reserved only for pure theatrical release.
  16. Numbers always go up. Yesterday meltdown was fun like all meltdowns but it was way all meltdowns. So OW should be between 70-75M no?
  17. Grammy's 53% drop is a big vindication for the Army. They were melting down on twitter over BTS snub.
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