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  1. Yeah, this. Big studios very likely won't work with him at least for the time being. So he can re-brand himself like McConaughey did prior to his Oscar win. Pick strong roles in strong small movies and take it from there. In all honesty, having to leave the sinking ship Fantastic Beasts is a blessing in disguise for him save paycheck loss of course.
  2. Guys, does anyone know how 14 day quarantine work? I'll be quarantined due to travel outside of the country, upon return. Do they even let you walk around your own yard? I'm scared. It's supposedly tough and they send police to your house to check in on you.
  3. I think feeling apathy now does not mean it'll stay that way when things get well again and movies come out. It's hard to imagine sitting at the cienam now but in 6-7 months, it may look very different. I'm hype for this. always been, always will be.
  4. Thank you! if more reactions come out please post here or PM if spoilery. More on actors: Comment under this post also praises Rebecca, Jason and Josh. says others were great too but not enough time. That guy spoke to someone who saw the movie so he gives more details on his page.
  5. Good to hear that Baron impressed. The script didn't give him much to do but scripts tend to come off dry. It's really important to nail his character so praise is exciting. Does anyone have links to Letterbox reviews? Please PM me if you don't want to post here.
  6. Finished reading the script. No spoiler review: it's faithful to the book to a degree. I can see many fans not being happy with this though which will be explained in the spoiler version. It also feels very much like Part 1. The ending is awkward to say the least. I don't see any acting nominations. Characters are just there, move the plot and spout exposition but don't really have much of a character. They are warmer than in the book which is good. Tons of stuff happens yet the middle really drags. If you didn't like TPM trade talk, you will suffer through this for it's trade x 1000. It's much lower on philosophy than one would expect. Dialog remains rather stilted. Paul and Jessica are the largest roles. Leto right behind them but he is so boring and the reason for middle drag. Duncan has 2 great action scenes but isn't in the movie much. Chani is barely in the movie and only serves as a fast-baked love interest. Romance is awful like in the book. I followed the script easily because I read the book but this is really a Harry Potter movie - Greatest Hits Digest. If you didn't read the source, you will be confused. Too many characters, and despite tons of exposition, not that well explained universe. If you have any questions, put spoiler tags for the uninitiated and I'll answer in tags as well.
  7. Colin make up is totally winning Make up Oscar. It's unbelievable. This looks great but hard to keep hype for so long. Oh well, they'll revive it when the time comes. Zoe's on fire! Stunning, very feline! It's great to see the reunion (Colin+Zoe) of the best actors from Fantastic Beasts. Nice of WB to put them in this. @Maggie Colin may not have lived up to his leading man potential but he's still working on relevant projects while many others disappeared. It's a tough industry so working at all is a win let alone on something that matters in significant roles.
  8. If Tobey and/or Andrew have more than just a cameo in it, they would want to advertise that since it's the main draw for the movie. Opening weekend of over 200M guaranteed. Otherwise it's just another sequel.
  9. Hey if they rebrand it as a comedy it should pull Hangover numbers.
  10. oh wow that's crazy! Monsters look superb so obviously SFX is not what eats up the budget or some 200m+ budget movies would have better SFX. Which they don't. Yeah, this tons of looks fun. What are the chances that Jovovich has a Blood of the Dragon moment?
  11. I see a lot of votes for Eternals which confuses me. It cannot get 1B without China (more anticipated movies such as Civil War, CM and FFH didn't get there w/o China) and we know there will be explicit gay content (kiss) in it which China doesn't allow. So what does it mean? There won't be China release or Disney will remove the gay kiss for that market and other markets that object like they already did with some other movies?
  12. I read these books and they are terrible so I have no clue why anyone expected something good out of it. Critics overpraised this crap for some reason, same goes for Mortal Engines. But then they praised Mortal Instruments too so...
  13. Kirsten and Zendaya MJ aren't even the same character. One is Mary Jane Watson the other is Michelle Jones. They aren't like 3 Peter Parkers. They are not versions but 2 different characters altogether.
  14. They will be. Doctor Strange confirms multiverse 100%. So they are bringing in Simmonds and Foxx but not Tobey and Andrew? Suuure. It's happening. It's done. All 3 PPs will be in the same movie. Xmas is going to be gigantic.
  15. Count me in! RE movies are big guilty pleasure of mine. Mila will be missed but looking forward to see what they do with this. Kaya should be great, very impressive in Crawl.
  16. Titanic was released in December because the studio expected to lose money and that was the only leggy season with lower competition (although it opened against Bond so not entirely competition-free). Basically a desperate move. Which paid off in an unprecedented way that also changed the industry view of December slot, female audience, long movies, etc. That it won record-tying 11 Oscars also made the month a popular spot for epic movies with awards aspirations (see LOTR trilogy, Django Uncahined, Wolf of Wall Street). So Dune fit that bill but my guess is that Spiderman 3 taking Dec 2021 spot worked against full year delay. So WB went with another lucrative month where their own Gravity and Joker did spectacular business. However, those 2 releases followed the sizzling fall festival buzz. Very doubtful that Dune will take festival route in 2021 if it wasn't meant to do so in 2020.
  17. I have a feeling that WB has no clue WTF they are doing.
  18. Cold of Disney to hold the lucrative date even if they won't make it. I mean, if the movie doesn't move with the production within some reasonable time than I suspect someone will throw a gauntlet and schedule their big finished movie there. But boxoffice wars are always fun so...Remember when Disney put Civil War in the same slot that BvS already booked and forced BvS to move? WB might return a favor. Or not.
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