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  1. Love this comment: Anonymous • 7 hours ago So…any trolls going to come out this week claiming once again that DOCTOR STRANGE is a disappointment? Deadline Forum has become a Marvel Bashing Central. Every time a new movie is out they yell "disappointment" and "bomb". The joke (on them) never gets old.
  2. I don't know where to post this but since you are talking about LOTR here...well, I'm so pissed. WTF has happened? First BBC completely snubbed LOTR when they made 100 Best Movies of the Aughts list (apparently, there were only 3 submissions, 2 for FOTR and 1 for TTT) and now THR placed LOTR movies way low on their Top 100 of All Times: I don't get it.
  3. I hope they attach this trailer with a big movie. It has all the makings of a leggy crowd pleaser plus Taraji has some boxoffice clout (No Good Deed, Think Like a Man movies).
  4. it gotta be so accentuating action is puzzling since Rogue One is all about that. More emphasis on human element given the star power and that it's the heart of the movie would work better as counterprogramming. What's the point of advertising a potentially epic romance as another run-of-the-mill action flick, directly competing with another space actioner?
  5. He's considered tall in Sicily where his family is from. Average height over there is Danny DeVito's (another Sicilian).
  6. This should resonate emotionally but it just doesn't (personal opinion that may not be shared). That's the problem I have with previews. May be poor Sony marketing or maybe the movie fails to establish any real danger for the glamorous duo and that's reflected on marketing. It looks fun with some inventive action but human element is lacking.
  7. Is there anticipation for Passengers? On paper, this is a slamdunk - lost in space sub-genre has been very strong commercially (Gravity, Interstellar, The Martian), two big names, holiday season, some really interesting visuals (the swimming pool sequence). However, I'm not hearing much talk but, again, that may be anecdotal. I do agree that they appear like they don't know how to market this. First trailer emphasized romance over action but now this one is all action with one-two obligatory kisses. So it's tough to gauge what audience they are targeting. If this was supposed to serve as counter-programming to Rogue One, than they should stick with romance despite Jyn/Cassian commercial since there's nothing overtly romantic (unlike Passengers scenes).
  8. More gifs: Production values are top notch, though. But, damn, 3 hours of heavy subject matter and no stars (save Neeson but in a small non-action role). Needs awards push which may not be guaranteed for such a late release and apparently missing some important precursor screenings.
  9. I flip flop betwee FOTR and TTT for the best. ROTK is definitely most flawed but, still, what a finale, what a finale! And it had incredibly emotional payoff. That said, I'm happy that the trilogy won even if it may not be for the best movie of the three. It deserved the win and awarding the last one was really for the whole story. So no complaints from me regardless of my personal ranking.
  10. yes but for some reason TP is adopted. But we can do it here.
  11. Sorry. TP = The Prequels OT = The Original trilogy ST = The Sequel trilogy GFFA = Galaxy Far Far Away That tends to happen when you spend too much time on the Cantina forums where everything Star Wars related is an acronym.
  12. Holidays don't feel the same without LOTR. I'm bigger on it than on Star Wars. Just love the scope and world building (which may be why I prefer TP to OT).
  13. Not impressed to be honest but this is not my type of a movie so... Not a fan of Portuguese accents at all. Either go full Tarantino and have them speak Portuguese or just drop it. Especially since the Japanese guy speaks with perfect Queen's English not with Japanese-flavored one. Neeson obviously has a small role as rumored. Trailer is a bit on torture porn side. Don't see commercial prospect. As already pointed out in other posts, if this had Leo than yes but no Leo, no boxoffice. Driver's ears, though. May be the real money shot of the movie. Damn.
  14. Agreed. The book itself cannot be squeezed in one movie even 3 hours long, but it doesn't need Hobbit-like stretch into 3 movies either. Moreover, Hollywood is primarily interested in money shots while dept is secondary and this book isn't about giant worms and crazy powers, but is deeply philosophical. I honestly don't see any of current directors who have blockbusters on their resume fit for this material. Especially writer/directors.
  15. Oof, that looks like playing dress up to me. And Neeson poster is pretty terrible. His role is supposedly small but his being a boxoffice draw is why they are trying to sell this on his name.
  16. Alderaan genocide didn't get much dwelling on either. leia reacted in one scene and than was giving "too short Storm trooper" smoldering looks, hand on the hip, etc. I mean, they went from this: to this: So much for grieving. Bothan Spies who lost their lives got more than Alderaanians.
  17. Agreed. It's actiony and glitzy enough for foreign markets plus romance for counterprogramming. Also, there must be some positive feedback cause Rogue One is increasingly slipping hints of Jyn/Cassian romance. Nothing overt but this newest spot called Jyn and Cassian definitely wants you to think there's going to be something between them. And Passengers is direct competition with a full-blown romance in space. So I guess they are trying "me too" strategy. Hey, GA, if you want romance, we have it too.
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