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  1. Did they replace Jihad with Crusade or it's just one line picked for the trailer? Sorry to be nitpicky.
  2. That's literally in the book. Chani is important for Paul's hero journey. The movie depicts it well judging by little snippets.
  3. I love this but that's not surprise ha ha. Big plus is that trailer is already much warmer than the book. Smart idea to beef popular faces such as Momoa and Zendaya in the trailer even though they have supporting roles. Everyone looks spot on and Shai Hulud looks great. Song is awkward, though, but is also hummable. I think it'll grow on me. It gives a good idea what the movie is about so GA should be interested. Really prettily shot.
  4. Dune is a slow build up. People talk. A lot. And they walk. A Lot. There are several action and fight scenes scenes but it isn't an action story. It's philosophical and that aspect is important. They made some changes that should be for the better. Some characters that are introduced in the first half of the book will be introduced in the second movie . That balances out their number per movie and makes them easier to follow. It won't flop. I honestly think that GA will be engaged. It's a family drama in a nutshell and that's accessible. Dune writing style is less accessible than the story itself.
  5. To everyone who compares Dune (Part 1) to BR2049, WB is going to make the second part. They won't make Dune Messiah (aka sequel to Dune) but they will finish the 2 parter. Take this to the bank.
  6. I think WB will make the sequel regardless. They didn't mind BR2049 dismal boxoffice since they gave Villeneuve big budget for Dune plus took the risk by splitting it in half (which is the only right decision, one movie isn't enough). Both movies are their prestige movies rather than just blockbusters. They picked up awards nominations for BR2049 and this should do just as well or better.
  7. I have a pretty good quality link. want? New stills: Duncan vs 19 Sardaukar! Momoa casting is a stroke of genius. Everyone looks great.
  8. If it has LOTR run (major nominations, last movie wins for the whole thing), I'll be very happy. That said, first part of the book (means up to where the movie cuts off) is stronger than the last but movie has liberty to fix that. I'm very excited and rooting for this.
  9. Dune for the win, please! Picture, Director, Actor, Supporting Actress (don't think Ferguson would make an Actress cut but she should solidly make Supporting), Supporting Actor (Stellan or Bardem), Adapted, Editing, Cinematography, all sounds, SFX, costume design, production design, score.
  10. what's the user's name? I want to see all his answers if he's AMA rather than posting the whole synopsis.
  11. Damn covid-19. I would love to see BW in IMAX then but my dad banned the family from gong to the cinema this year period.
  12. That's a really good analysis. Thanks. Sucks but it looks like that's where everything is heading.
  13. Well, it was good while it lasted. RIP Endgame, TFA and Avatar. Tenet has just been released in 2024 and it already made 4 billion after 3 weeks. Nolan has used time travel to assure the most lucrative date for his new movie. In other 2024 news, The New Mutants are still waiting for release while Chaos Walking is still waiting for reshoots.
  14. Does this has any hope of 1B in November? I stopped following covid-19 long time ago but I was predicting 1B way before the trailer. I think it had a legit chance then but I don't know what are expectations given the virus.
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