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  1. I just explained that your post was obviously a speculation but that flew over their heads and they didn't even have reflexes fast enough to catch it.
  2. So this seems to be the post that started the 1pm EST watch even though it is an obvious speculation. MAYBE anyone?
  3. FFS! I've been refreshing this page for 20 min and every time there's a new post I thought finally but nope. WTF?
  4. So how's everyone feeling after seeing this tease? Imunity boost 100% or what? I think we'll all turn into superheroes after seeing the trailer. can't wait to see what my power will be.
  5. JDW needs an oxigen mask and Patts doesn't. That's a clue. JDW can't breathe in Pattz's world or something. Question is why.
  6. It's not a joke. I believe that Nolan will cure Covid-19 and that he should be the president of the world.
  7. No, Nolan knows that his movie will kill the virus and cure the world. you see the movie you get lifetime immunity while any virus brought into the cinema keels over. such is the powah of Nolan [where is Jesus Nolan meme when you need it?]
  8. That list means nothing. I'm sure some are going to predict sure-fire flop in making Furiosa prequel as big breakout thanks to it but nope. However, Maverick will do well, though, list or no list. Good release date and TC. It should make a bank at least OS which came to The Mummy's aid (329M vs dom's paltry 80M).
  9. Kek, I've seen McLachlan version and while he was superior Paul to to the guy in Sy Fy mini, he was still too old for the part. Paul is 15 at the start of the story, about 18 at the end of the book. Timothee can pass for a teenager, not 15 but 18-19 is still solid. The whole point is that the character is very young.
  10. he is. I generally really hate it when they ask actors from a flop if they are looking forward to the new version of their flop movie. But he's a class act. Unclassy question, classy answer.
  11. either way, it's good to see Neo and trinity alive. Revolutions ending was depressing af. It also didn't help that he revived Trinity first and then they still killed her at the end.
  12. I may get Jessica and Chani for my youngest sister if the toys are appealing. Sometimes they get really good likeness, sometimes it's
  13. So who wins the holiday boxoffice, Tommy or Timmy?
  14. yeah, at best and worst, this is gonna be whatever, shruggable, middle of the road.
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