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  1. I'm cool with Disney getting the shaft here. Could have paid her an extra 5 million. Instead it's going to be even behind closed doors with bad press. Pretty pathetic. Lmao at maximizing her revenue with Disney plus. They give her 1% of that, should be 10%
  2. It's going to be absolutely nuts the next few years at the parks and cruises. Insane pent up demand. Then streaming will improve I love all of those companies and sales force and DocuSign. I don't own Nvidia but I own the semi conductor index (ticker smh). I need to sell other crap and buy more amzn/good/nvda. I have way too much apple/DocuSign/from/fscebookl/msft. Over 20% of my total portfolio lol. Not my fault pandemic did it 😂 Too chicken and my company forbid me to (strongly discouraged) to own amc/gme. So I own the stocks who rent property to them (epr
  3. If he was sick for 5 days he probably won't have long covid. I had side effects from a horrific flu but I was sick for nearly 90 days.
  4. It's basically the exact same as it was before the variant. Vaccines are extremely effective in protecting people from hospitalization and death.
  5. Well shit. 103 degree fever for daughter. First fever since Jan 2020. We've done 8 small trips and never a problem. Hopefully it goes away quickly. Basically wiped yesterday afternoon through all of today and tomorrow. She napped yesterday and today and she literally never naps even on planes.
  6. I'm glad to hear that for you. In my area the vast majority of people have got their vaccine thankfully. I think King county is probably the biggest county in the country to hit 70% already.
  7. I resisted the urge to utterly shame the 22-year-old in front of everybody. I said look man get the vaccine or not but you're wearing a mask when more people come in the office if you don't. My more people come in the office remote isn't going to be an option for you because your brand new. I knew from day one he was going to be a problem. I think people like him failed to realize just how important manager feedback is. The other guy from Montana immediately was like yeah I'm getting the vaccine.
  8. So my company has advised at the end of the month you do not have to wear a mask indoors as long as you are vaccinated and go into your work profile and update your vaccination proof. On my team of 12 I have two people who are hesitant to get the vaccine. I advise them that more people are coming into the workplace and that even at their desk they will need to wear a mask if they're not vaccinated. One of them who had covered through a hissy fit talking about antibodies. Advised him that an antibody test would not be sufficient but they were welcome to get a vaccine a
  9. The nostalgia is hitting me hard. I can't wait to see this freaking film
  10. Yes but I think you're going to see more lift there as well. Remember that the majority of these people are not actually anti-vax. They are literally just not getting the vaccine to spite Biden and the Democrats. They do this simultaneously while wanting to credit Trump for the vaccine rollout and operation warp speed. The hypocrisy is almost too much to take.
  11. This is what I mean when I say that the US is lost and is getting MUCH worse. This has nothing to do with supply, accessibility, medical concerns, cost, or any other potentially valid reason. Nearly all of it is due to politics. It's pathetic. Kudos to Utah and SD for being slightly less delusional regardless of politics. Granted SD numbers were horrible per capita so no surprise they got it.
  12. Personally for me America does have a lot of beautiful things scenary wise. However it's insanely expensive to get everywhere vs Europe flight in wise. No matter what you think of culture the variety in US is dwarfed by Europe. It used to have a lot of other traits, at least I thought it did. Now there is so much ugly everywhere, everything to help businesses is bad, everything to help lesser fortunate is socialism. This is not going to end, it's only going to get worse. Both sides are wrong
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