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  1. For me flat earth was and still remains one of the easiest things ever to dismiss. Yes USSR and USA and China would totally work together.....sure sure to coordinate such an elaborate hoax. I get why people get drawn into it but those facts make it laughable.
  2. Bezos who is worth more gives 100m (gates did weeks ago). Gates says here is another billion jesus
  3. Massive bunch of California tests were stuck on a 7-14 day wait. Washington has a huge batch too
  4. You can say the same for Washington and I have repeatedly said how pissed I am about their terrible job on testing. That said Washington thus far has flattened the curve even more so. Kinda pissed we extended order for a month but I get it. Better safe than sorry. Sorry being death
  5. California probably has 50000 cases but the curve has already flattened there. Florida is screwed hard.
  6. Florida 11200 cases as of 10am. Only 102k tests this far. Florida needs at least 1 million tests
  7. 6 of his 8 years. Wow Morgan Stanley predicts 38% GDP drop for Q2. 5% drop is considering horrific.
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