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  1. Totally disagree. Rare side effects from covid can kill healthy kids. 22% of current new cases are from kids in the US. Kids that seem healthy with underlying health conditions can die. Multi-system inflammatory syndrome, long covid and other side effects can be deadly. Thousands of kids will die from covid this year, likely 600+ in the US despite precautions
  2. There is basically nearly zero reason not to get a vaccine. My daughter gets a flu shot every year, as do I. So much of our family is not getting the vaccine on my wife's side. I told my parents outright (mom and stepdad were hesitant) that no vaccine means no visit. They got it. My wife's dad said they are waiting (age 70) but if they have to for their next cruise they might. My wife is a PA and tried to answer questions or concerns. They brought up fox news talking points and refused to listen. Slowly their minds have been destroyed and it sucks. Instead of listening to their daughter who is a healthcare professional they listen to their essential oils outright antivax daughter in law. I'm so done with this shit. At this point shame and make everything mandatory that's fun to require it. Adults are terrified of a tiny vaccine kids are begging their parents to get. Makes me sick. (Not directed at you)
  3. Looks like EU, Canada, and others will push forward with vaccine passport for travel. I'd love to see mandatory quarantine for anyone not vaccinated over the age of 16. Make it difficult possible. Then they can decide if their bullcrap political stunt is worth it.
  4. I don't think I would want to do it 5 days a week. I like it two days a week and would really prefer three or four days a week. I have a 75 minute commute each way. The CEO scared everyone instead everyone back in September. About a third of my force threatened to quit because in my market more than anywhere other than San Francisco we will have the highest percentage of work from home. My boss already told me he's fine with me working from home 2 to 3 days a week for the rest of my career which slightly annoying because it makes it really hard to ever look anywhere else lol 🤣 talk about a ridiculously privileged problem
  5. Well it's like holes to indicate that work from home is the new normal. It will represent less than 10% of the United States. Hybrid hopefully eventually will become the normal but 5 days a week in the office so many are going to try to push that so hard to snuff out work from home. Even a tech industry won't be above 25% for fully remote For the record I desperately want to work from home to encompass 25% or more of the overall market. I'm in finance where it will be like 2%, or even less. I literally do remote surveillance of stock trading as a part of my job yet very few employers under 1% offer anything remote for that. It's infuriating
  6. I wish Americans cared more about drinking and less politics my friend. I'm not sure why I'm surprised we have more flat earthers in the United States per capita than any other country in the world
  7. I think for England which has a huge delay between the first and second shot It would make sense for those that at least have their first shot on their vaccine passport to have the same privileges conditioned upon them getting the second shot as well within the same criteria. Age 1 I bet you'll be able to get it in a couple weeks so it won't even be an issue for you hopefully
  8. Oh I see I thought we were just talking about vaccine passports in America. I'm well aware other ones are doing it which obviously has had very positive results in getting people to get the vaccine. I think you have to establish the vaccine passports before eligibility though otherwise it takes too long and then people make excuses and use politics to try to stop vaccine passports like we are doing in America. Literally people are acting like they're being treated like victims of the Holocaust in order to have to have a vaccine passport
  9. Exactly. I can honestly say that nothing infuriates me more than people joking about a pandemic that killed 600,000 people in America. Flu deaths are down 99% because of the restrictions and we still have that many people die. Now those same people that made fun of covid and had covid parties are pretending to be concerned about the one in a million risk with a vaccine that provides 100% protection against death from covid. My father-in-law is the biggest Trumper ever and even he and his wife both got the vaccine. Hell that was enough in itself for me to mend some of the friction due to his intense political beliefs.
  10. While the polling indicates that I think that at best 50% of the population will adopt to utilizing mass on a reoccurring long-term basis. People see the need for it right now but when things are calmer the polling will plummet
  11. Huh? What age are you talking about 16+ is available for everyone. Anyone who hasn't got the vaccine it's their fault at this point
  12. Can't be from the government though. At this point you would be punishing 150 million people that did their job and encouraging anti-vaxxers. Free giveaways, vaccine promotions, private employer compensation absolutely all off the above
  13. Another problem for India is the sheer population size. Say the United States gives them 20 million vaccines, It doesn't even make a dent. After the United States has really run into demand issues and we have gotten the bulk of our country vaccinated at that point we might as well start exporting because there's no point to save up. I totally agree we should have given up all 30 million of the AstraZeneca and we've started to I hope we continue to do so. After that I would love to see us produce at least another 500 million vaccines to transfer to other countries.
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