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  1. Fine how about a coma rendering his presidency null and void. Magically wakes up healthy 10 years from now
  2. Considering the rain forest stuff I think wishing for his death is fair. I won't do it but I get the feeling
  3. Worried about UK. Hope the reopening doesn't incite a huge surge. Miss my Brits.
  4. I don't think it's over. But the suggestion the virus is getting stronger with the death rate plummeting is unlikely. Far from over. It won't be over in 2020. Hell who knows if it's done next year. Incremental improvement. I fully expect increases in the death rate within 7-14 days. I just pray it's minimal. Be safe everyone and hopefully month by month it will get better. Glad I'm in a state with a very conservative approach
  5. You really need to calm down. Again I'm not going to further the debate after you threatened me. Have a nice day
  6. Florida and Texas absolutely hid death totals. Frickin pathetic too. So obvious.
  7. Threatening people because they interpret data differently is pathetic in my opinion. But you're a mod, do what you need to. Everyone hopes the numbers continue to improve, and of course there is concern we will see steady rises in the death rate soon. I'm not going to defend anything because you threaten to ban people who disagree with you. So you win.
  8. I disagree. The data proves otherwise. If you want to be more pessimistic that's your right. I interpret it differently. The death rate has plummeted. I will be happy to admit I'm wrong if it skyrockets soon. Small increases are a lock due to large increases in positive counts.
  9. Great example of a situation where it mutated stronger and burned it self out. Thank god we didn't have that. We would be in total lockdown with tons of deaths every fay.
  10. Mutations can make it stronger or weaker. If it was stronger the death count would be exponential and we would be at looking at a million deaths. Again maybe I'm wrong and the daily death rate goes from 700 to 7000 but I don't see it.
  11. If the virus doesn't weaken when it spreads it burns out due to killing all of the hosts. https://www.pennlive.com/news/2020/06/upmc-doctor-says-covid-19-has-become-less-prevalent-and-less-severe.html If not we should see 300% increases in death rates soon in many states. Color me pessimistic of that. Lord knows I hope that's wrong.
  12. It's more contagious and weaker. As the virus mutates to spread caster it weakens each time. This and our ability to better effectively treat it indicates why death rates plummeted despite test case count spiking. We will see slight increases j think in death count, perhaps back up 50% after the 20 day lag period ends.
  13. competitive eating really does take INSANE stamina. A standard person cant eat more than 10. When I was packing in 4000-5000 calories a day in college like an idiot I can handle 15ish, max 20 back then and I doubt it. 75 lmao.....I couldn't sniff 25 on my best day. 21000 calories in 1 sitting? I've never consumed above 5k or 6k in a day lol.
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