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  1. Curious to see what actually happens now. Next year is gonna be a pain in the ass in regards to UK/USA. Hoping for the best, whatever that is.
  2. Hard to say. It had opened in a couple places lately all done now. 50-70m more?
  3. Yeah for sure on TS4. And sure Technically Frozen is more impressive than Frozen 2. Frozen 2 had a shit load of pressure and delivered. Lion King did too and failed. Box office wise it did not but it was not anywhere near as good as the original. People dismissing the legs of Frozen though are being crazy. They were very good. That movie expanded the Frozen universe and really tried to do its own thing. I loved it 😍
  4. I'm not convinced Avatar 2 will have the same effect. They waited way too long to make it and basically very little innovation will be present in the film.
  5. Mtc4 is opening a theater near me. Not sure if that is good or not, we'll see
  6. Depends. If AMC continues to scale it could eventually be valuable to have a a family alist pass
  7. Great holds considering the massive start. Frozen started out so much smaller hence the longer legs. People just dismiss the much smaller openings and pretend their legs are amazing. Awesome movies that underperform on opening. More fun to track, not more impressive if they end up less (typically do but not always). Aquaman ended up way less than CM domestically but more WW thanks to China
  8. "Reception and legs have been nothing special" thats not great+ but we've debated enough. Agree to disagree.
  9. 90th percentile isn't even sniffing average. I'm happy to admit it's not absolute best case scenario. Literally almost no movie ever reaches the 99% threshold. Probably a couple in my entire lifetime. To illustrate my point people say the next level is having a good run that hopes to get near 300m, 105 million under domestically of the original. Contrast that with Frozen2, which will end up 75 million above. Can we see how ridiculous that is to lump both as good?
  10. 1.55 being damn near perfect means 1.45 is excellent. 1.25 would be good 1.15 solid 1b+ average but still not bad 800-1B meh Under 800 no bueno
  11. Do you have the cineworld unlimited? I enjoyed that when I went to cineworld in Ely back in 2013.
  12. Yep agreed, absolutely crap. People are pretending that 1.45B for an animated sequel isn't incredible are fooling themselves. It's not just ok, or decent it's awesome.
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