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  1. It smells of sadness and death in here. I don't like it
  2. I wish my daughter would get back that Zootopia kick. Such a good movie. I've now seen seasons 1-8 of my Little pony 3 times now. /Cry
  3. Im a sucker for all vampire/alien/witch/werewolf films even if they suck. I somewhat enjoyed pretty much all of them. twlight all 4, vampires. I mean I watched vampire diaries, originals, Roswell, all of that stuff. Judge away I deserve it
  4. Imo I liked the books fine. Movies felt like vampires CW series but much worse. Felt like a romance novel but really cheezy built for teenagers. (Like vampire diaries). I still liked it.
  5. This entire thread is full of hangry folks. I'm hangry as well. Food has taken 45 minutes.....for brunch! Jesus Christ. Lol
  6. Asaddin is gonna flop so hard. 25 tops I bet. Maybe even worse but that would be worse than Dumbo which was a horrible film.
  7. I'm so confused I still haven't seen US yet some say it's best best movie of all time yet others hate it. It's legs were definitely not good and personal WOM for me has been bad.
  8. 500 million It will lose money next week. Sequel will beat Avatar 2. Pickachu is dead (Barney ate him, I told a child this once in 5th grade, got in sooooo much trouble)
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