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  1. Honestly I don't care if they do or not. I'm hoping to join my old company in a few years ( less salary but they match 7% and contribute 10% profit sharing) and put a combine 40% of my pay in for 10 years and get out for good. Id love to leave by age 49 or earlier. Told my daughter if she's ready for the long haul I'd go for her entire highschool but I suspect she won't want to. 40% of the nation thinks Trump is the new Jesus so the country is screwed anyways.
  2. 70 years ago America was the #1 country where people wanted to go. Now it's great place to save for retirement and then fun screaming from. It's 28th overall on the social progress index and will be getting to 40th soon enough.
  3. Djokovic ejected after he smacks a ball in frustration after losing a game, hitting a line judge. He was forced to retire. Poor antivaxxer
  4. Thank you kindly test was easy. Walked into a clinic no appointment. Waited 20 minutes, nurse only out the door in 30 minutes. Test results in 48 hours. Rapid test is available but typically you have to schedule it nearly a week out.
  5. Getting my first covid test. 99.99% chance it's negative. Living with a healthcare worker put me into the must test requirement after 2 symptoms. Argh
  6. If movies had no wait 90 day period and streaming became the main protocol I imagine 80-90% would close.
  7. Good on him. Me hell no. Nearly killed a perfectly healthy girl who had a double lung transplant. She's going to be at reduced lung capacity and high risk for life.
  8. I think rooting for the failure of movie theaters is a bad idea. They employ nearly half a million folks and streaming will replace them with near zero. That on top of all of the jobs it generates that support it. It's like people that rooted for the failure of GM or Ford. I don't love either car company but I hope they do just fine.
  9. Please get your Flu vaccine. It's basically free all over. Hell if you can't find it for free DM me and I will find a close location for free in the US. Should be available soon earlier this year. I will be getting it the week it comes out.
  10. The 2000 figure was always inaccurate. Regardless I agree the numbers should be dropping a lot faster and it's a failure in the US. being realistic knowing that we would have never shut down entirely like South Korea we could have kept our death count to 25, 000. Instead it will end up over 10 times that.
  11. 2.6% with no points 30 year mortgage can be had for refinance. My God. 1.99% with points was available for short while ....on 30 year. I swear if 1.99% no points comes I will do my 3rd mortgage on 2 years.
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