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  1. Oh yeah I agree. I specifically mean American toons. Local toons can go crazy as we have seen this year.
  2. It all fairness maoyan scores are crazy. It's damn near impossible for American toon films to resonate there. Incredibles 2 did 51 million and it was a superhero film. It also had a lower Maoyan score and managed 2.44 legs.
  3. Love that poster. Anna and Elsa look so determined and badass.
  4. Doctor of credit and slickdeals.net are great ideas for stocking stuffers and over deals. I don't maximize as well as I good but I get pretty good deals.
  5. Why is chase pay doing promotions if it's dying? So weird. BTW guys if you like promotions check out Safeway/Tom Thumb/Randall's. Oddly enough they have really good ones.
  6. 17 would be great mind you. Just knowing what to shoot for. I will hope for 16+, be thrilled with 17+
  7. What's the best one can hope for in regards to FVF for next weekend? Maybe 17m?
  8. My daughter doesn't want to go as Elsa. I'm crestfallen lol.
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