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  1. Jeez 100 million predictions. I still think 60+ is crazy but perhaps I'm the one who's crazy. Curious to see word of mouth on the ending and what sort of penetration it gets.
  2. cdsacken

    Tuesday - CM 7.6m

    Ok let's assume 60 million for US a 80% increase over Get Out with a much worse ending. Still think CM gets 35ish. If it does 80, maybe 33.
  3. cdsacken

    Tuesday - CM 7.6m

    Maybe. I read the spoilers and the ending just sounds sooo bad. Maybe I'm wrong but 40% increase from get out doesn't seem that conservative to me for a horror film.
  4. cdsacken

    Tuesday - CM 7.6m

    Cm is 33-39 with me guessing 35-36. I said US is 40+ with my guess being 47. I saw presales 60+ still seems unlikely. Ending sounds horrible guess we'll see.
  5. cdsacken

    Tuesday - CM 7.6m

    That was for CM. I have US at 40+ right now thinking 47 but sure 50+ is possible
  6. I like pretty much every type of film, but horror film is easily my least favorite genre.
  7. Is pet sematary going to hurt this after the first 2 weeks? Considering it has great reviews.
  8. I hate those endings. Mystic river type endings are the worst.
  9. cdsacken

    Tuesday - CM 7.6m

    I think the 60+ predictions are delusional for a horror film. It's possible but very unlikely. Get out was unreal and it got 33. Less crossover on that type of film. If it explodes I think maybe CM goes as low as 33. Realistically im thinking 35-36 with range of 33-39. Far from me thinking the film will fail. 40+ (perhaps 47, a 40% increase over get out) opening and a 200+ DOM finish.
  10. If it holds well for weeks 6/7/8 that could certainly do the trick.
  11. DOM as much as Black Panther was damn near impossible for an opening solo film. It's overseas success is shocking. I never thought I'd would sniff Aquaman WW numbers but it will go close to or beat them. late legs will determine the success of this. It's gonna be very close.
  12. cdsacken

    Tuesday - CM 7.6m

    It's probably not gonna drop 60% on its 3rd week. US looks to open really well but it's a horror film. A 20% increase from get out is 40 million.
  13. cdsacken

    Tuesday - CM 7.6m

    Nice! 🤑
  14. I think it's hard to judge End Game yet. I mean we have people predicting it will do worse than Infinity War and others predicting 800 DOM and 2.2+ WW. How it actually performs should affect the post release rankings.

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