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  1. I LOVED the second film. Better songs (Let it go and then nothing versus tons of good stuff), and I loved the depth of the film. First felt very basic to me. Fun but basic.
  2. It's possible. It's FAR FAR from a lock. 225 in a weekend is incredibly hard and remember the following weekend is going to be incredible as is the ENTIRE week following the 19th. No school and Christmas on a Saturday? If it does worse than expected probably has way better legs than anticipated. If it hits your 225+ probably hits 650+ might as well beat black panther then.
  3. I love how people are guaranteeing the next infinity war despite the fact that no Spider-Man films even sniffed it, we have no idea if the reviews are going to be amazing and typically Sony messes up everything, there's a pandemic, an inflation is hurting a lot of things including people's budgets. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. 600 million domestic would be absolutely monstrous but if you look at the predictions on this thread it would be actually a huge disappointment which is hilarious. Feels like a detective Pikachu thread. I definitely don't expect this to bom
  4. I agree that it'll open big however I don't believe that big we shall see. Legs have sucked balls thanks to covid and while the Christmas month will provide legs no matter what especially just where the day is fall how good it does I think will depend on reviews and pandemic numbers. If the pandemic numbers are down and the reviews are amazing you might be right but 700 million is a massive stretch for domestic.
  5. I get it, people are excited but the pandemic does exist. It's not going away and case counts will rise probably 40 to 50% in late fall. It will keep people out. Hell thanks to Evan Hansen sucking I've been to ZERO movies since jan 2020. No Pandemic, 99% RT score and it nails it sure 275m OW is possible. However, pandemic and Sony always screws up every movie a little bit. It won't be perfect just like FFH wasn't. Perhaps I will be wrong but 225 OW is projecting what 500 million domestic in 14 days? No way.
  6. Why wouldn't it? Case counts are plummeting, and by the time it comes out 10+ million newly vaccinated kids 5-11? Numbers should be great. Considering Christmas is on a Saturday and most will have Friday off (NYSE holiday and Federal Holiday) it's going to have a banging good first week and an amazing 2nd week. Some are predicting insanity like 225 OW in just America despite a pandemic. I'm happy to stretch for 250m for 7 days (FFH did 195m in the summer not in a pandemic directly after End Game with Iron Man link). This has nostalgia, other Spiderman, Dr Strange (massi
  7. Great cast, weird story angle plus mega powerful superheroes. Should do awesome IF reviews are solid.
  8. Not fully back but mostly. 5-11 vaccine and shortly after 6 months to 4 will bring back to last families holding back like mine.
  9. But don't you understand delaying the movie six consecutive times only increases the hype........
  10. Let's be realistic prior to this movie coming out and being announced ask a hundred people who Shang chi is. What percentage would get it right? 5% maybe?
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