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  1. If Avatar 2 is released in China no chance. If not, definitely possible.
  2. ticket prices in non fancy theaters barely go up. Definitely behind inflation. not to mention its so damn easy to get a deal on amc movies without trying hard
  3. Between work and family over 40 cases in the last 14 days. 1 person went to hospital unvaccinated. But I get media acts like we are all going to die. All or none for both sides at this point
  4. its 10-15x weaker than Delta versus vaccinated. Unvaxxed by choice im done with
  5. Disney is going to hit 200 million subscribers by 2025 at the latest. Netflix has been streaming since before the iPhone even existed and just hit 200 million. Disney will likely be $10 a year/ $9.99 a month at that point too if not slightly higher.
  6. huh? I think 2b or slightly less is very possible. Depends on reception. 3.25 is 99% rotten tomatoes with massive china release
  7. not a chance in hell it sniffs 4B. 3.25B is super bull case
  8. 3d is dead, and novelty is dead. Characters are shallow and it’s been delayed half a dozen times. Think I’m being more than fair. Not to mention china is going nuts restrictions wise lately.
  9. If that grosses 5B it’s because the US dollar crashes and 300+ million live in a Dystopian state. I’d rather not advocate for the deaths of millions. give me 3b absolute max. 1.5 bear, 2.25B average
  10. avatar and honestly I doubt it does unless it’s earth shattering. Maybe globally it well, reception should be great abroad
  11. 675 is a joke. 1 billion isn’t happening either. Omicron numbers are going to be insane soon. Media narrative will be nuts. Glad it got a ton so quickly
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