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  1. Predictions were 170-210 roughly before Thursday night. Box office pro predicted 185. Don't be ridiculous. Things will continue to "disappoint" in relation to previews as previews continue to expand.
  2. First off let's see the final total, yes considering you ranked it as the worst movie this year worse than Hellboy 3 I think just maybe your predictions are smidge biased. Maybe 4th but assuming Frozen is a lock for 600+ is crazy. Might get there but it needs ALOT
  3. 197,200,203 whatever it's awesome and your prediction was incredibly good. @Porthos part of that is due to people hate following this thread creaming themselves at the possibility of it doing "only" 199. Weirdest thing ever.
  4. Not a HP fan? I was skeptical and then became a huge HP Stan. Read all the books, listened to all of the audio books (incredible) and watched/own all of the blur rays In the top 100 I have not seen It (remake only, saw original) Minions Fifty Shades Passion of the Christ
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