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  1. Netflix and chill to many is like take out or fast food versus going out. It's just not the same. Amazing for folks for who hate theaters, agoraphobics, etc. Similar to staycation does not equal vacation.
  2. By the way if anyone is looking at getting life insurance make sure you start the process now. Thanks to COVID, It took me 120 days from the start to get my policy finalized. I swear they asked me like 15 follow up questions despite having literally perfect blood test scores. My wife was infuriated as she eats way better than me yet my scores are higher muhaha. In the end she won. Her policy was cheaper for more coverage. Rude 😂
  3. I think the horrible cold weather non-holiday season has helped reduce exposure. Massive snow storms across the US may help as well
  4. Then 2 million a week after thanks to next 1 shot vaccine. 100 in march, over 150m by end of April. I imagine paces slows then like Israel thanks to antivax folks.
  5. Takes like 3 weeks until you are more resistant. He had gotten the vaccine a few days before getting COVID. Basically means nothing
  6. I would love to see teachers be bumped to the top of the list. If there are those who refuse to be vaccinated they can attempt to find remote work. If nothing is available, take the vaccine or quit your job.
  7. No they were not. There was no EU referendum at the time. There were a bunch of trolls bitching about the EU for a decade. UK's economy will shrink, London's influence will plummet, and they were a be worse off country. Already seeing huge issues now
  8. I mean let's be honest here. England told scotland the only way they get to stay in the EU is if they don't leave the UK (EU was totally silent). They choose to remain. Basically a few seconds later UK starts plotting to leave EU royally screwing Scotland.
  9. Almost like 80% of theaters that are choosing to reopen. Restrictions will plummet once we start pumping vaccines hard next month. 120 days is probably more accurate. I suspect a lot of theaters will never reopen again.
  10. That's a dangerous idiotic headline there is no evidence that variant is vaccine resistant. It's like the headline indicating that the vaccine may cause deaths when there in fact was no correlation at all
  11. They had the option to buy 100m more doses last year and didn't. It's all on trump
  12. It's not going to kick back reopening by 3 months. Biden in office in a few days and will accelerate the time time table greatly. We have 2 more vaccines incoming. This does suck though, I was hoping to get the vaccine next month. Almost no chance now
  13. I'm cool with sending all nonvaccinated folks to a very remote island.
  14. This is with a president that has done literally nothing. J&J one shot vaccine incoming soon and Biden will push Vaccines HARD
  15. They are a private company and they are under no obligation to service clients that endanger the lives of others. That client can bank elsewhere. I'm sure the Tories can provide some anti-mask options.
  16. People fail to realize just how effective a coordinated government strategy can be since we haven't had one in over 4 years. We have the potential to vaccinate at least 3 million people per day. Just look at what Israel's is doing. They have fully committed to it and their results are incredible
  17. 2021 won't be normal but 2022 demand will be pretty intense I think. Gotta wait to see how things shape up. Still gonna be months before we know..
  18. Damn that's like 500k in USA but then US will soar past 400k before February.
  19. Dude Justice League isn't even F- Critics that do that should lose all credibility for life. So stupid.
  20. I just got my refund from England for the year ending April 5th 2020. Lmao took 2 months to get a check in America. Now I have to figure out how to deposit it. I have a platinum checking account that supposedly accepts foreign checks......./crosses fingers
  21. The speed to adapt vaccines to variations is way faster than the initial production.
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