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  1. Seems pretty dependent upon the weekend right? I'm hoping for it as well. 150+ would be awesome
  2. Yeah it's crazy. CM will lose screens super fast as it's dropping like a rock. Gotta make way for the new ones coming up.
  3. Come on now, if that was abysmal I would say the same as Captain Marvel. Surely you recognize the fact that I mean $37 per screen is abysmal not $135 million in China which is good for any movie.
  4. Yes I'm aware, it makes drastically lower per screen in China. The numbers are abysmal at this point there as well. With way more showings it made what 550k yesterday. The screen showings are down 77% and the per screen figures are down 83.6%.
  5. Haha, it would rain tears from the sky from all those so upset even if did like 80 million. Probably like ten thousand deleted or banned twitter accounts.
  6. My reaction to that trailer below. The end of the trailer is the best part. Totally seeing that movie in England and America just to do my part.
  7. Isn't that because they didn't get paid on the last Disney movie in Pakistan? My understanding is there are a a lot of issues with the box office in Pakistan.
  8. I mean I think it looks awesome. My daughter loved the Aladdin pantomime here in Cambridge and I hope to take her to see this. She loves movies with singing in it so it should be good to go. It looks awesome and I think Will Smith is going to absolute kill it.
  9. I almost spit out my cereal. I love this gif and my god what perfect usage.
  10. If that's accurate I believe that's a faster breakeven then Infinity War. Holy crap.
  11. Discount Tuesdays were big even when I left in 2016 but I can imagine why with how expensive movie tickets are. I had movie pass when it first came and paid $360 for the year. I saw at least 75 movies that year so it wasn't hard to break even. I worked at 6am back then and often finished by 130pm (no lunch just grind and finish) and I often would go see a movie and then pick up my kid after. Definitely getting Alist when I move to Washington in May. They have a classic and upgraded theater both within about 20 minutes of where I'm going to live. In England for single tickets, cheapest day is Monday. I saw Captain Marvel for 5 pounds, normally the price was 13.49.
  12. Which it absolutely did not. Here in England I saw little to nothing in Cambridge promoting Captain Marvel. Contrast that with Infinity War and there crap everywhere.
  13. Indeed. Screencount has plummeted from 3802 to 2374 a 37% drop yet on Monday Alita did $140 per screen in the US. Massive jump to $229 per screen on Tuesday however it did that last week and plummeted the next day.
  14. I bet Captain Marvel is net profit by Saturday
  15. How long did it take Infinity war to break even? Probably what 9 days?
  16. I would gather it has more to do with the fact that it's nowhere near 750 million to break even and the fact that it will recoup most of it's cost just from America alone. It's going to be a big profit maker and frankly I'm glad it was after Ant Man and the Wasp barely did enough.
  17. I mean reopen for what 10 people to see it? It made like $200 per screen yesterday....
  18. Indeed and they were wrong. Female, black, white, male, animation only.... I could care less as many others don't either. I like them all and will see them all. In fact I hope we see even more of it. The more barriers we can shatter the better.
  19. Flerthers are offended this suggestion of a global conspiracy. There can only be one.
  20. Considering so many have seemed to beg for this film to fail it's glorious to see it do so well. I felt the same about Aquaman. Oddly enough, my 70 year old father even enjoyed that one.
  21. Oh no I understand your comment and it makes perfect sense. It's just crazy and I certainly hope for 1.8 or 1.9 happens. That would be much better.
  22. Jeez, I knew it was like 88% just for that Friday but 81.5%.....for that movie and I'm sure Venom did awesome.......I just don't get it haha.
  23. how bad is that in comparison to the historic horrific drop black panther had on it's 2nd Friday?
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