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  1. 2021 won't be normal but 2022 demand will be pretty intense I think. Gotta wait to see how things shape up. Still gonna be months before we know..
  2. Damn that's like 500k in USA but then US will soar past 400k before February.
  3. Dude Justice League isn't even F- Critics that do that should lose all credibility for life. So stupid.
  4. I just got my refund from England for the year ending April 5th 2020. Lmao took 2 months to get a check in America. Now I have to figure out how to deposit it. I have a platinum checking account that supposedly accepts foreign checks......./crosses fingers
  5. The speed to adapt vaccines to variations is way faster than the initial production.
  6. I have apple now only because my wife's employer reimbursed her for an iPad for virtual health appointments. But that one i might keep after a year I get apple gift cards 20% off I can buy a year for $50. Disney is a lock for years. As is netflix (wife loves it and I'm not suicidal 😂). Beyond those not sure. Finally got a good indoor antenna! So I have local channels.
  7. For me it's a non-starter .loving Wonder woman but I wouldn't pay $6 a month for this the way it's set up. Especially inside other apps.
  8. Hbo system is the clunkiest dumpster fire ever. I did a free trial for hulu and HBOmax combined. Hulu worked perfect instantly. Hbo not so much. Took forever. Definitely cancelling after watching this movie.
  9. Disney and Netflix share a different purpose and it makes sense for my to keep disney for my daughter (even though I like it more!) Not a chance on earth I ever do Netflix and HBOmax. I hope HBO successful I just wish AT&T and Warner Bros weren't in charge of it they're horrible at management.
  10. Gross adds for HBOmax will lose probably 2-3x as many as disney did
  11. I really think Cinemark is going to buy AMCs assets and close down nonproductive theaters I don't think AMC can survive another 8 months of almost nothing revenue.
  12. Joker rating is fair. It was way too dark and depressing. Great acting but yikes.
  13. Tested negative 2nd time for Covid. Got sick but at least it's not covid!
  14. lmao Spiderman FFH made 1.1B thanks to MCU post end game. It was extremely tacky, on par with CM. Fun but super childish. Did fairly well in China but 70m less than Venom
  15. Holiday travel is down 40%. Much better than Thanksgiving, still gonna see a spike
  16. Definitely. My example was two 25k GBP earners Taxation for my wife was brutal 31% but again I loved it there. Cant wait to retire in Europe. I hope UK is back with the EU by then.
  17. Don't I know it! I lived in England for 3 years and spent next to nothing.
  18. A duel earning family making 50000 pounds ($66k USD) takes home 55k USD after income taxes and NI. In US for the $66k gross income you are looking at $9598 in taxes (FICA/Federal) and state income taxes. Average family insurance premium is $1100 monthly and dental is separate (Add $1k per year) $66000-$9600-$12100-$1000= Take is $43300. UK is way better because their out of pocket expenses are way way lower. It's literally not even close. I lived in England for 3 years.
  19. Let's not pretend we all know or understand what China likes. They went nuts over Venom....
  20. Health insurance in America is a confusing nightmare. Kids are covered by Medicaid till 19 for most states. Adults with self employed plans get screwed royally. For sole coverage at a small firm I pay $3k, annually employer pays 7k. Individual coverage with not too bad of deductible (2k or something after health discount) Wife's plan refuses to cover me if I can get coverage. Her plan is awesome and shockingly the hospital covers 85% (100% of individual, most have horrible coverage). My wife's offer from Virginia's hospital family premiums were $2000 monthly no joke. (0% paid by employer.) Some folks have incredible amazing insurance. IBM, Fidelity , Vanguard, Twitter, Activision Blizzard, and tons of other Tech firms offer incredible benefits. Seriously flawed have and have-not system. My old employer Fidelity underpaid me for the market but my benefit package there versus my current employer was worth literally $10000 more annually.
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