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  1. I think the idea of streaming replacing all theater is silly. Of course theaters are crushed they were touted as massive covid hotboxes even though it's not really the case. Lots will close and reopen under different management. Streaming is a horrible platform that is so easy to pirate for new releases. I imagine many will be delighted to move away from it in a year or 2. In the meantime no help is coming to theaters. I mainly feel bad for the employees and the independent theaters. That just sucks. I love both near by. Very unique and both may close 😲
  2. Absolutely true. Christmas/Holidays in the 70s gas crisis was worse, Christmas during the wars worse. Christmas during depression worse. Many things were way easier for my parents than they are for me. My dad stayed at 2 employers most of his life and got great raises. They got a house for a really cheap price with a high interest rate and then refinanced down to a reasonable payment. House they bought in 91 for 100k is now worth 475k. Most of my raises have sucked in 12 years. 80% of base increase has come from doing 8 different jobs. With covid I plan of sticking this one out until 2022 and hope to stay with the current employer until I vest 2 more years after. Beyond that I probably will go into position #9 and 10 with a different employer in the next 5 years. Funny enough though I started right in the middle of the global depression in finance. That is still WAY better than starting right now.
  3. Agreed I forecasted 2500 deaths daily at some point. Hoping it doesn't get worse but not optimistic
  4. Just think if we didn't have medical breakthroughs with treatment and a vaccine otw in a few weeks. We would be looking 600k+ dead just in America
  5. Certainly. Travel is expected to be over 80% of last Thanksgiving. This will likely lead to a surge in cases. Likely 250k+ cases daily average in early December If we had this case count in March we would be looking at 10000 or more daily deaths. 2500-2800 sucks but thank God we have some amazing medical folk here.
  6. I don't buy the death count jumping that vertical. We treat the disease so much better than we did in March. A much bigger chunk of hospitalizations don't stay beyond 7/14 days and a lot less go to the ICU. The death rate for those in the ICU is now much lower.
  7. Covid sucks but hotel being dead is great. Haven't seen a soul. Upgraded to corner suite, $100 dinner credit, $60 breakfast credit. Total price is $12 higher than today's rate for superior room. Check out virtuoso folks. Laters
  8. Super glad at least the transition is going smoothly, and Biden will have access to all of the important information for covid. What a great country.
  9. Shoot for $10 hell no for me haha. It's useful for me my kiddo and future shows coming at legit. Makes it easy to pay peanuts for this year 2021 and 2022
  10. I cut the cord a long time ago and only have Netflix and Disney and Amazon. Amazon I don't have for streaming but we do use it. Netflix I prepaid for 3 years and now I'm screwed because the discount isn't near as good. Although I'm shooting for about 20 to 25% off for Black Friday to buy a year's worth. Disney I have for 3 years at the ridiculous price of a few bucks a month. HBO seems to be incredibly hard to get at a discount. Apparently I could look for iTunes or Google play store gift cards and subscribe through the play store for HBO Max.
  11. The problem is a lot of people will sign up for HBO Max just to watch Wonder woman and cancel after that. It's just so expensive especially if you have Netflix and everything else that a lot of people are going to stick with what they already have. I can't imagine getting rid of Netflix it's a non-starter for my wife and there is literally no way I'm arguing over $15 a month.
  12. Wow 1 billion film to a loss jesus. What a weird strategy for, I guess HBOmax really is struggling big time
  13. Sure but they suffered mightily. 42% got infected. In America most places are under 10%. It would take another 500k to a million deaths to get there. For instance see New York. Low 20s. With a vaccine almost here why do people even talk about herd immunity anymore?
  14. I hope people use this experience to realize how evil and nasty and manipulative Elon Musk is. He spent today saying covid tests were fake or inaccurate and that hospitals are getting rich of testing. At this point I'm just hoping my wife keeps her job. Over 15% of medical staff was fired or furloughed. I don't want to rush the vaccine but their volumes are in the toilet. If anyone wants this to be fake it's me. They make me fucking sick. I will never forgive Republicans and the antivax/antivcovid crowd.
  15. Perhaps America will be stupid and not take drastic action. I certainly hope not. I would say that it's unlikely to jump that high but the president in the United States isn't doing anything to prevent it from happening.
  16. I feel like France didn't have a super high opinion of macron but at least in regards to the virus he seems very proactive in responsive. What do you think?
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