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  1. That stinks. Assuming you can't hire internationally because it would be tough for them to get a visa?
  2. Awesome that's good to hear. I hope you can help some people that need it.
  3. Communal view through streaming is a horrible replacement though. Just straight awful Like fast food versus a real restaurant. 2021 will likely be horrible too for the US thanks to the worst president ever (#1 now congrats). Movie theaters will exist, airline will exist as will hotels. Just not sure what they will look like in 2021.
  4. Prayers to you and your family. To add insult to injury for my wife's family her brother just quit his job without another line up. Before people think that's insane it's likely that half the team will be fired. He got 6 months paid with 6 months benefits. Better to get out now and start looking. They are willing to move so he's looking all over the country.
  5. One thing I want people in the States to think about is ramifications to your personal situation should a strong or even mild second wave occur. My wife's hospital has not recovered. Benefits were ripped hard and they screwed with her hours big time but compensation for 6 months stayed the same. Now she is forced to work 10% more or take a 10% pay cut and she has no choice. Some of her friends were furloughed without pay so life could be WAY worse. We're fine, we have been super conservative the past 6 months and insane as it sounds I was promoted right at the epicenter of COVID. I accepted a job in February of this year and started after the new company had already closed and went remote. To all those who can please be cautious and do you best to prepare for bad situations. I hope the majority of you are able to avoid such scenarios. All the best.
  6. I can't even fathom. It's so cruel how much this impacts those that depend on this. My daughter's best friend in England has Asperger's. He's an absolute genius but socially he struggles. My daughter got on great with him and I chatted with him with his mom all the time. I wonder how it's impacted them in England.
  7. 25% drop off absolutely! Death not even close. 50%. Niche is a 95% drop. PVOD worked for trolls and failed miserably for most. It's a horrible platform that will be the niche that many are talking about. The idea of studios owning theaters is disturbing but interesting. Amazon and Netflix theaters would be kinda badass too.
  8. That's awesome. Our friends are doing a zoom remote school with their mom helping multiple kids at once. They seem like they're handling it pretty well.
  9. How's everyone doing be with their kids school? I'm so glad I created a private kindergarten. Our daughter is so far ahead thanks to the wonderful teacher. It was scary but I'm more happy her going there than full time normal school.
  10. Definitely! However there is no alternative for movie theaters. Just like making a drink at home sucks versus going to a bar with friends. Takeout still sucks big-time versus dinner with friends or date night. I agree that some will permanently change their habits but not to the extent folks think.
  11. It will be more than a niche. I can't convince people that life will eventually return to normal. That's just my opinion. We could be the only country ever to not return to normal after a pandemic I don't see it. Things are scary right now. Fear is natural. Sadly I think a second wave is super likely in 30-60 days
  12. Imagine people saying all bars are gonna close because you can make drinks at home? lol I need a drink
  13. Again not a fair comparison. Digital sales and streaming radio killed it just as much. Going to a movie theater is an experience. Watching PVOD is a horrible experience. I'm under no illusion that someone will outright buy AMC. They will wait for them to fail and buy the parts they like for cheap. It will suck for the customer and I can't even imagine how many cities will have no movie theater. I think that's a lock to be honest. I'm not optimistic about the next year year or so but this whole movie theaters is going to die permanently is like folks saying the coffee plants will be gone in 10 years. It's hysteria and unrealistic. I live my life as a natural pessimist but even this is out of control for me. Are things irreversibly damaged for good? Yes. Destroyed forever? nah
  14. toys r us is nothing like AMC. Going to toy store to buy a toy was nice but they ran out of stock all the time, had less selection and were more expensive. Watching a movie on your TV for $30 is crap and everything knows PVOD is going to die. Come on guys. Yes if AMC goes under people would love to buy the successful theaters. The unsuccessful ones will be closed for good. There will be consolidation, lots of job losses and many markets will suffer due to less movie theaters.
  15. Nah it's not forever. Korea was totally normal a year later. Americans have super short term memory.
  16. Amc itself may die. Tons of people would love to buy their assets on the cheap. Their subscriber model can be successful once post pandemic life occurs and that is going to happen.
  17. It won't die. PVOD will fail miserably as Mulan showed. Tons of theaters will close. They will consolidate via bankruptcy. Unfortunately likely another 100k jobs down the toilet
  18. it hasn't even hit America yet they're in for a rude awakening in October and November
  19. I believe even under that scenario 150k is too high. Us has 34x their population with a worse healthcare situation and equally bad response. That would put the use at 5 million with chronic covid complications. Way above actual numbers.
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