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  1. Bad Moms will win comfortably.
  2. Box Office Casino

    I didn't know about it!
  3. Franchise Wars: Marvel Vs DC Vs Star Wars vs etc. | STAR WARS WINS!

    Hmm let me see Nolan Memento/The Prestige A+ Inception B+/A- Insomnia B+ Interstellar B TDK C+ Batman Begins C Regarding Snyder I will probably consider doing one when he does his first good movie. Until then it's gonna be a depressive list that no one would want to see...
  4. Box Office Casino

    I want to take this one too.
  5. Box Office Casino

    I will take.
  6. My Little Pony OS Thread

  7. I pray we don't have a World War until we get this just for the meltdowns when it does $3b..
  8. Box Office Casino

    Free points I see! Gimmie!
  9. Box Office Casino

    I will take those.
  10. Let's start bookmarking some posts. Their value will significantly increase when this does $2b.
  11. Not Frozen grossing almost double of what that masterpiece did.. What a disgusting taste!

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