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  1. Q: I can't contact any mod for weeks now so for anyone who may know, can you be permitted from posting in a thread without any warning point or anouncement of thread ban?
  2. Seriously though, where is any type of admin? I have been trying to contract for days as well and no reply.
  3. Strike is withholding labour, which is exactly what these players are doing. What are they boycotting then NBA?
  4. It's a very tough and close call for me. Melodrama is obviously a masteripiece but NFR is like more of my thing. Maybe you are kind of right given that in terms of production I still think Melodrama is superior.
  5. Folklore is very good. A bit long but I really liked it. Exile is the best track for me, closely followed by Seven. Jack Antonoff hardly ever disapoints, although I think that his peak was on Norman Fuckin Rockwell. It still amazes me how great an album Lana put out.
  6. Haven't listened to a whole TS album in a while, but that track with Bon Iver was the best thing I have heard from her by a lot, so lemme check.
  7. Is JK Rowling like OK, at all? I have my own share of concerns about some gender issues pushed by trans activists but to push it thus far, to decide that this is the battle she will die for? Starting a war with a deeply wounded community that her words can have severe damage on. Seriously wtf.
  8. Anecdotally, but I don't think anyone is really staying at home eitherway in Southern Europe so...
  9. I watched it while in Athens and I have to say I enjoyed it quite a bit. The lead actress (the one portraying Eftychia young) was outstanding. A legit great performance I haven't seen in a Greek film for a long long time. Not everything was perfect but it had lots and lots of heart, Greek heart and a feminist tone I haven't quite seen in any other greek movie. Generally, I think it's the best Greek-speaking film I have seen in the last years although the list of acceptable ones is not big. Probably this and The Last Note I enjoyed a lot with 'Mikra Agglia' as third. P.S: The o
  10. Parasite and Joker should get in. Especially the first.
  11. It's so sad to see what BOT has ended up being. Just 2 pages in such a weeknd. All this ridiculous moderation and censorship got us here.
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