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  1. I was expecting 10m with Tuesday included. Because all the people that watched this Tuesday would havr done so in Thursday. It's not clear If Tuesday is included yet although the way it is typd it seems like it is not.
  2. Congrats BOT once again... Sub 60 yeah it's happening...
  3. I am one of those who mostly loved the film, but yeah don't expect good legs. Not because the movie is dark, boring or confusing it is neither of those in a bad way but because it doesn't stand well as a standalone. It literally ends on a cliffhanger.
  4. The first film already skewed old, a lot (mainly HP fans who are grown ups now) and this is actually wayyy darker than DH1 & 2 talking only from some spoilers I've read.
  5. FantasticBeasts

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    Not sure. UK is more used to doing such trolling. American Idiot went #1 after Trump's visit and so did The Witch is Dead when Thatcher died. Both were songs though.
  6. FantasticBeasts

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    Lmaooo Mariah Carey's fans started a #JusticeForGlitter campaign and now the soundtrack is #1 on iTunes.
  7. FantasticBeasts

    China Box Office: General Discussion Thread

    Great news for me! Bad news for the box office...
  8. Not so easy. It is too early. We have numbers only from 2 big markets. We won't have a clear image at least until the end of the weekend and even that's unsafe. I would say next weekend after we see the holds and the opening in Japan we can have a pretty clear picture
  9. I am a bit cautious for one reason: I remember very well that the first one posted strong presales and many had upgraded their predictions to 90m or even 100m. So yeah.. the presales/gross ratio of the first one was frontloaded despite the weekend and whole run being back-loaded.
  10. There are a few more but can't interpret them... Italy- 270k in limited previews (no comparisons but the poster said very strong) Uruguay 3.1k admissions ("Fantastic Tuesday Number")
  11. Anything under $10m in previews would disapoint me (and shock me) at this point. (Tuesday & Thursday)

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