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  1. Blows my mind how this is fresh. The first hour and a half is definetely some of the worst shit I have paid for.
  2. I watched it while in Athens and I have to say I enjoyed it quite a bit. The lead actress (the one portraying Eftychia young) was outstanding. A legit great performance I haven't seen in a Greek film for a long long time. Not everything was perfect but it had lots and lots of heart, Greek heart and a feminist tone I haven't quite seen in any other greek movie. Generally, I think it's the best Greek-speaking film I have seen in the last years although the list of acceptable ones is not big. Probably this and The Last Note I enjoyed a lot with 'Mikra Agglia' as third. P.S: The only thing I didn't love was the portrayal of the gay character. Very stereotypical. Nothing terrible but I would have prefered if they keeped a bit more balance on the typicality of the portayal and the 'jokes' used.
  3. Parasite and Joker should get in. Especially the first.
  4. It's so sad to see what BOT has ended up being. Just 2 pages in such a weeknd. All this ridiculous moderation and censorship got us here.
  5. Seniorita is a cute track and the video clip is nicely shot but man my gay-dar will have never been sooo off if Shawn is not at least a vers bottom.
  6. Leave Shay alone. One of the few users saving the site. Shout out to Jimbo and The Futurist too!
  7. I am shocked to see Taylor releasing her first non-self-centered single. Sonically and lyrically superior to 'Me'. Not quite her peak-level still but I kinda enjoyed how she is saying to all those 'angry old men that used to drive their daughters' to see her at concert that THEY NEED TO CALM DOWN.
  8. My favourite hobby is to read comments of homophobic, self-loathing gays regarding how messy Prides are. It's sad but intrestingly satisfyingly sad.
  9. I don't feel pride for being born LGBT. I feel pride for all the personal and emotional growth, all the courage and strength, all the difficulties that did not stop me to come to the point to live a free lifestyle and be able to march and present myself to the world. I don't like most Pride parades nowadays. Lots of sponsors,commerciality,so much music... partying and so so many people trying to take advantage that day. But I still always attend and I cry out of joy and pride that those dark times are mainly over and no one gave this to anybody we fuckin faught the hell out of us for it.
  10. The lack of taste here.... Into The Spider-Verse is the best Spider-Man movie.
  11. "Oral sex demon" omfg I can't believe there is such stupidity in the world... And to think westerns make fun of third world countries as primitive. This is early medieval type of shit and even worse... I LAUGHED MY ASS OFF THOUGH I WONT LIE.
  12. Pretty average football so far but at least Liverpool is winning and the atmosphere at the pub I am is great. Too far from home though, so I hope I will not walk alone back 😐 .
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