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  1. I guess that's headed towards me since it's my post. It was a misuse of words. I made it very clear after that post though that this wasn't what I was thinking.
  2. Literally I denied what you said in the first sentence in my last post. We cannot have a dialogue when one of us doesn't listen to the other..
  3. Literally this post receives 9 likes and when JCS says the same thing 1 hour ago he receives shit?!! Anyway let's move on right...
  4. I just can't see your logic guys... No one said that you are forced to like Titanic If you have experienced love. But it is increasingly possible for a movie with such a theme to receive poor reactions in an enviroment full of people that have never felt true love.
  5. Watch it after you experience love and you will understand the difference.
  6. So you think that a person that has been in love can appreciate Titanic more is a ridiculous claim?? Lmaooo Also If I recall JCS is gay himself so it is silly to tell that on him...
  7. No it is the contrary to ridiculous, it is very true. The movie is a hymn to deep,unconditional love. How can you expect people that haven't experienced real love in their lifes to be touched by that movie? Unless I am reading something wrong, he didn't say that everyone that does not like Titanic is a hopeless virgin. What he did say is that Titanic gets too much shit online because the online crowd is fueled by male teens that either cannot connect with the movie for the reasons stated above or are even too afraid to let themselves get touched. Toxic masculinity is very prominent in the web.
  8. I can't see what is it in JCS' post that was offensive. It was quite insightful and truthful about the predominant online culture...
  9. Lol Avatar's special effects have yet to be topped and it's unlikely in the near future...
  10. Preach. It's the 3rd best Nolan If I read the list backwards....
  11. I mean I am sorry to say that but it is a movie with little to nonexistent interaction between the characters that relies on special effects that were indeed amazing for their time but do not impress anyone anymore. The action is pretty cool but not more than that.
  12. A New Hope is terribly overrated. I guess I would have been impressed If I was born 50 years ago...
  13. Justice has finally been served to Titanic in this forum...

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