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  1. Please tell me they are not going to kill Yelena. Florence Pugh potentially being the new Black Widow is one of the few things that has me excited about the future of the MCU.
  2. Good decision to move it imo. This release date gives them a better chance for success.
  3. 250 WW? seems a bit low or I'm mistaken?
  4. These kind of headlines keep me baffling. I mean what's the point they are trying to pass?
  5. Sonic trailer views are really impressive. 28 Million just from two accounts (Paramount's official and One Media). I don't know if this will translate to box office success but it definitely has the potential.
  6. I don't know you guys but I liked the trailer and yes I made the decision from now that I'm going to watch this in the cinema. 😀 Nostalgia is clearly a factor and probably I probably won't be able to resist. Also something to note. The trailer seems to be doing good numbers. It's up to 3,4M views and 449k likes already.
  7. Did anybody from here watch this? And if yes what did you think of it? 😀
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