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  1. Pre-pandemic I think 650-750 M final would have been possible.
  2. He will probably give the reigns to another director and remain as executive producer. I would love for Dune to become like the Harry Potter series, every 2-3 years a new movie in the series following the story of the books.
  3. I watched the movie tonight. and my god Rebecca Ferguson steals the movie. What an absolute superstar that she is! p.s I loved the movie btw. Can't wait to see it again.
  4. That would be the best but it seems unlikely. No casting has been announced and it would have to start filming by the end of the year or early next year to release late 2022. First half of 2023 would be the safer bet.
  5. I can't wait for this. The new year starts the best way possible.
  6. Any idea what's potential final box office for this film? Is 1B possible or it will drop hard starting from next week?
  7. Interesting, let's see how this translates to the box office results.
  8. I get it that they want to release Dune early because of piracy but not all European countries are getting Dune early. Even UK is in one month. If it was a 1-2 weeks gap between European releases and rest of the world (not US) I could understand it but one month? Anyways one more month wait for my country. ☹😫
  9. All I want for the 2nd trailer is to show Tobey and Andrew cameo in the end like Tom Holland's Spider-Man in the Civil War trailer.
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