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  1. Armond White Getting the inevitable negative review of a movie everyone else will love out of the way early. I read the review and I didn't even get what his point is.
  2. In terms of profit I agree but in terms of prestige and total WW box office numbers it is. Black Widow or Wonder Woman for example could lose the 1 billion mark because of the situation in China.
  3. Bruh these things are not needed to be said with every post. Of course the most important thing is about the people. My comment is about box office only. Come on dude...
  4. Do we know what's Sonic's final production budget number?
  5. No compare it to a movie with a similar budget. Comparing a movie of 200M budget that was a colossal disaster to a movie of 85M budget is unreasonable.
  6. The Dark Phoenix comparison is for trolling right? Because I can't see any comparison to a movie that lost $120M!
  7. To miss 200M WW needs to have a lower of 2.5 multiplier. I don't see it happening.
  8. Missing Comic-Con was a huge blow. All DC trailers from Comic-Con blow up and have huge trailer views. I think that's what helped Shazam did what it did. Because if it didn't have that Comic-Con trailer would have grossed way less.
  9. If the title of the movie was "Harley Quinn and The Birds of Prey" or something like that. Do you think that would have helped the movie in terms of box office? I think yes but not by much. I guess we'll never know.
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