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  1. I don't know how we should look at trailer views on YouTube and social media to predict box office. For example Bad Boys For Life is opening at $59M on OW. When looking on YouTube trailer views compared to Birds of Prey, the Bad Boys For Life views are a bit lower for both trailer #1 but also #2. Few were predicting an opening of $60M for Bad Boys. Does that mean Birds of Prey with more views will have a better OW? I don't think we can make that comparison. What do you think?
  2. 52M OW as first projection seems good for now. I don't know if the reviews are great how much more up the numbers can go. If the reviews are just good won't make a difference I think.
  3. Seriously these Twitter bloggers are getting really annoying with their #soon tweets indicating the reveal of the Batsuit. Well no shit Sherlocks of course they are going to release an official look of Robert Pattinson as the Batman because filming is starting this week.
  4. Please remember this tweet and revisit in the end of week to expose this clown. I can't stand people that pretend to know everything. At least put a word in your statement that indicates that is not 100% certain that's going to happen like for example "it will probably cross a billion this week" or "it will more likely cross a billion this week".
  5. I like this forum very much. It's not toxic at all and it provides good conversation about new movies and useful analysis of box office.
  6. J.J will be alright. I hated the TROS but I don't have him as the first person to blame for this. Lucasfilm and to be precise Kathleen Kennedy is because she didn't make sure this trilogy had clear beginning, middle and end. With the basic plot points already figured out at least after the end of the first film. They didn't that's why Star Wars (cinematically) is in that state right now.
  7. So that means: $14.3M Tuesday $16.8M Wednsday $257.9M OS Total
  8. So what's the early analysis for these TROS numbers? Also I kinda forgot about Jumanji as well. 😄
  9. Couple of notes that I forgot to mention. 10) They kept mentioning in the movie that Finn wanted to say something to Rey. They mentioned it 2-3 times but they never pay it off at the end. We suppose to believe he was gonna say he is in love with her or I'm way off here? 11) One of the few positives, the sideline of Rose. If she had as many screen time as The Last Jedi the movie would have been 10 times worse. A totally useless character.
  10. Came back from the cinema. That was even worse that I even expected when I read the leaks (I only read the ending not the whole plot). So many things in this damn movie make no sense or are conveniently to used to move the story without even caring about ANY rules or what came before in the previous movies. I will say this as semi positive the new cast of this trilogy (Daisy Ridley, John Boyega and Oscar Isaac) are all great actors but the material they had to work with failed them massively. The biggest head scratches this movie has: 1) I guess Rey is like a god now. She can do anything with barely any training or years of experience. 2) The return of Palpatine. No explanation of how he is back and why he lets it know that he is back. 3) Kylo Ren becoming Ben Solo when in The Last Jedi he had the chance to turn good and he refused it and killed a bunch more people after that. What changed between then and the fight he has with Rey in the death star wreckage. 4) How does he have the conversation with Han Solo. Conversation with his memories? because he was clearly not a force ghost. 5) The damn dagger that can show the location of the thing that Rey was searching. 6) Rey saying that she would give her hand to Ben Solo when she never met Ben Solo but only Kylo Ren who repeatedly said he was a monster in the previous movies. 7) Rey becoming one with all the Jedi that came before her. 8 ) Every ship essentially being a death star. Because is that easy to create one now. 9) REY SKYWALKER ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Because now you can identify as whatever you want. We can't have a damn movie without a political/social commentary thrown at us.
  11. I'm going to watch TROS later today. I need to witness from first hand how bad this movie actually is. Even though I've known the last couple of weeks how this movie ends I need to actually see it on screen. At least this time I'm not emotionally connected like I was with Game of Thrones filled with anger and disapappointment. With Star Wars I'm going to laugh about it.
  12. Lowest Cinemascore for any live action Star Wars ever. That's the only comparison regardin cinemascore you can make for this movie. Even the prequels had A-. Damn!
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