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  1. I get it that they want to release Dune early because of piracy but not all European countries are getting Dune early. Even UK is in one month. If it was a 1-2 weeks gap between European releases and rest of the world (not US) I could understand it but one month? Anyways one more month wait for my country. ☹😫
  2. All I want for the 2nd trailer is to show Tobey and Andrew cameo in the end like Tom Holland's Spider-Man in the Civil War trailer.
  3. New teaser for the Jujutsu Kaisen movie. Any early predictions for this one?
  4. I didn't like the trailers at all but maybe I will check it out if the reaction is as those tweets suggest.
  5. I think Tenet did really well for the time period that it got released.
  6. WOW. This is the biggest bombshell in the movie industry. Thank god we will have cinemas in the rest of the world. 😀
  7. @charlie Jatinder if I may ask, how do you find all these release dates for all these countries?
  8. So which is the total? I have seen tweets from Gitesh and others saying $107M and others $116M. Which numbers are true?
  9. That trailer was ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!!! WOW! When the "I am vegneance" line hit I was speachless.
  10. Prisoner of Azkaban wasn't released in China? If yes, they should release this one next then. 🙂
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