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  1. @charlie Jatinder if I may ask, how do you find all these release dates for all these countries?
  2. So which is the total? I have seen tweets from Gitesh and others saying $107M and others $116M. Which numbers are true?
  3. That trailer was ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!!! WOW! When the "I am vegneance" line hit I was speachless.
  4. Prisoner of Azkaban wasn't released in China? If yes, they should release this one next then. 🙂
  5. That's the best decision for WB. Announce a new date the movie will be first be released in some international markets and then from there keep announcing new dates for every territory is safe for their cinemas to reopen. Global releases are not possible at the moment and we don't know when that would be. This needs to happen for international movie theaters to survive. Probably other 2020 releases need to follow the same marketing and distribution approach as well.
  6. WB should release Tenet in Europe, most of Asia, Australia and New Zealand and then release it in the US and other territories when they are able to do so.
  7. F10 going to space and Rock coming back, this movie is going to explode!
  8. I think in Europe from August they would be able to release new movies in cinemas (even without social distancing guidelines in some countries) . The thing is, it's only in Europe that the conditions seem good enough for reopening. If Tenet gets released in August I would be able to watch it. 🙂 But that's not gonna happen because studios will wait for the majority of theaters worldwide to open before they release new movies. 😔
  9. Some of you need to get a reality check. They can't require people to wear a mask. If they did, that would mean they wouldn't allow people to buy anything besides a screening ticket (like food and drinks). What they should do is social distance the seats available. It's the only good and practical option. Also I found that quote weird. This plan is if the situation with coronavirus gets better right? Like cases going down etc. If in 2-3 months the condition it is like now that they reopening, this plan doesn't make any sense. I think it's a given but the fact that they didn't specify it makes me question something that should be obvious.
  10. "The new release date for WW84 is 10.2.20. Wow,it's finally happening, & I couldn’t be more excited! " What?
  11. WB already has photos for the next release date change in Thanksgiving. Planning in advance.😁
  12. I fear for a possible 2nd wave of coronavirus in the fall which would mean no new movies for the rest of the year.
  13. I would prefer to move the movie in Christmas but by moving Wonder Woman in Christmas it means they have to find a new release date for Dune and Dune's current release date is the best possible in my opinion. So many headaches for the WB execs. Edit: Welp I posted this as soon as they released the news of the new date 😄
  14. Totally agree. I think this starts a new domino effect with Mulan and WW84 pushing back their release dates and giving Tenet space to find another date to make a new change in release date. I don't think Tenet is coming out July 31.
  15. Hopefully it gets pushed because in my country are planning on opening theaters in early August. If it doesn't get pushed I will sure be spoiled the movie.
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