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  1. Imagine year 2040 when Frozen will be made into a live-action. Let it go... Let it gooooo ❄
  2. Bordlove

    Toy Story 4 | June 20, 2019

    This will not be as big as INCR2 and DORY, but it will still do serious damage. C'mon people are forgetting Woody and Buzz's power. Prediction: 100M+ OW
  3. Also this is the 2nd time Burton, Keaton, and DeVito worked on the same movie. The 1st time was Batman which broke the opening weekend record after it had been broken a week prior. With that said... i'm guessing 85M+ OW
  4. Not surprising at all as Farrell haven't had a bad movie since... hmmmm Total Recall? Even that movie was quite bearable.
  5. Oh, I forgot he was part of that! Probably his highest non-sequel lol
  6. What's the predicted OW for this? Will this be Farrell's highest OW?
  7. Surprised by the amount of love GOTGv2 is receiving here. Here's my ranking everyone: 1 GOTG Vol. 1 2 Avengers: Infinity War 3 The Avengers 4 GOTG Vol. 2 5 Spider-man: Homecoming 6 The Winter Soldier 7 Black Panther 8 Civil War 9 Cap: First Avenger 10 Iron-Man 1 11 Captain Marvel 12 Thor: Ragnarok 13 Age of Ultron
  8. Guys.. Chris Pratt is the real star here. He has broken the Opening Weekend record not once... but twice! HAHA Wait until Cowboy Ninja Viking or The Lego Movie 2 to beat IW's records soon
  9. Not sure if anyone noticed this yet but Lupita Nyong'o could have 2 of the Top 3 box office of all time - DOM
  10. Mine is: Vol. 2 - A Homecoming - A- Logan - A- Lego Batman - B Wonder Woman - B-
  11. I love the chemistry of Holland and Keaton. My god, they are good actors! Keaton -- it's given but Holland was a big revelation. He can do so well during the funny moments and great on the melodramatic part. I almost cried when he arrived home and Aunt may confronted him about what's happening to him. Then, the rubble part! You can really feel his emotions! Okay.. I'm now a fan! I also like Laura. She's better than Zendaya on this. Hope she returns for the sequel. Hands down the best moment was the car scene between Spidey and Vulture. It's a mix of tension and fun. Props to the writers and John Watts!

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