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  1. Can you check WW comparison please? I'm too lazy to go over boxoffice mojo. Thanks! Let's also be grateful of Hulk for helping Thor get that money for Ragnarok.
  2. Hey kid. I was commenting about your comment about Guardians being lucky to have Thor in GOTGVol3. It has nothing to do with the cheers from the audience. Stay on topic, ok? If you can't follow, there's a thing called backread. Nevertheless, Guardians are ok without Thor. They have already established their franchise far ahead from Thor's.
  3. Talking about WW bro. Try again. Who's delusional now when I'm stating a fact? A box office fact. Also in terms of quality, none of the Thor movies can match Gurdians 1 or 2. The whole trilogy was a mess, with no coherence at all plot-wise and visually.
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