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  1. Finally I will be able to see this! First day of showing in my country. 💀💀💀
  2. The movie's tone throughout the film was inconsistent. Very predictable ending. World War Z >>>>>
  3. We can only hope the more interesting movies from WB like Tenet and Dune won't be affected when this is moved.
  4. So many turds do not understand the gravity of the situation
  5. Saying Tom Holland as a box office poison for 2 flop ANIMATED movies is laughable.
  6. Onward is a visually stunning animation. I hope it can leg out to at least 150m
  7. Comparing this to other Pixar films is absurd. I personally think this is much better than some recent Pixar films like I2 even Coco.
  8. Yeah maybe GD is the forgotten one in the Pixar canon but it you have seen both, I2 is the inferior one.
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