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  1. A Spider-man multi-verse movie starring Maguire, Dunst, Garfield, Stone, Holland, and Zendaya would make 2 Billion for sure.
  2. Nah. "Cultural" is a strong word. It's big but it didn't touch all walks of life for that matter.
  3. That is Bob Iger's 1st wish when he got hold of the magic lamp.
  4. 1 Billion 4x multiplier (hopefully) Biggest Will Smith movie DOM and WW (not to mention his first billie) What other major milestone can this make?
  5. WTF ALADDIN Who would have thought?! 350M seems definite at this point.
  6. This was my concern as well but probably that's the only reason I could think of. Tony entrusted Peter to have Edith so basically he gave all the access to him.
  7. 92% Wow! Already tied with Homecoming. Could this beat Captain America as the best MCU trilogy yet?
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