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  1. Shazam 4/9 8:30 PM. 60% Full Trailers: Detective Pikachu Breakthrough The Sun is Also a Star Godzilla: King of the Monsters Dark Phoenix The Secret Life of Pets 2 Men In Black: International Avengers Endgame Very positive audience reaction. Lots of laughs at all the comedic moments. Some sniffs at one of the more emotional moments. A lot of people applauded when it was over. The post-credits scene got huge laughs. Hellboy 4/12 1:30 PM. 15-20 People? Trailers: Anna John Wick 3 Stuber Godzilla: King of the Monsters Good Boys Rocketman Booksmart Not much of a reaction besides a few laughs. 2 people walked out about halfway through and didn't come back. Didn't hear any comments coming out, but everyone seemed pretty bored by it as was I.
  2. The Beach Bum 3/28 7:00 PM. I was the only person in the whole theater. Have no idea why the studio is giving this a wide release. Trailers: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Rocketman Good Boys (Red-Band) Shaft Lucy in the Sky The Lodge I laughed a couple of times. Overall, wasn't a big fan. On a side note, there were a bunch of people seeing Five Feet Apart tonight.
  3. US 9:30 PM. 3/25. 60% Full. Solid turnout for a late showing on a Monday night. Trailers: Ma Little Pet Symetary The Curse of La Larona Avengers: Endgame John Wick Chapter 3 Booksmart (Red-Band) Very responsive audience for this showing. There was a lot of chattering during the trailers and the first few minutes of the movie, but they got quiet pretty quickly. Lots of laughs and even a couple of screams at one or two moments. The overall reaction seemed to be mixed though. Some people seemed to like it and other people leaving said it was stupid.
  4. Fighting With My Family 3/5 7:20 P.M. 60% Full. Trailers: Aladdin Wonder Park Five Feet Apart Little The Sun is Also a Star Missing Link The Hustle Lots of laughter from the audience throughout. Heard very positive comments leaving the theater. Captain Marvel 3/12 11:30 AM. 5 People. Trailers: Frozen 2 Dumbo Dark Phoenix Godzilla: King of the Monsters Late Night Rocketman Spider-Man: Far Away from Home Hobbs and Shaw 2 people walked in during the last half hour, stood in the book for 5 minutes and then left. Only scene that got any reaction was some laughs with one scene with the cat.
  5. Cold Pursuit 2/8/18 1:30 PM. 60% Full. Trailers: John Wick 3 HellBoy Alitta: Battle Angel Godzilla: King of the Monsters Hobbs & Shaw Pet Symatary Fighting With My Family Most of the audience was laughing throughout the film. I didn't expect it to be quite as humorous as it was. Some of the more violent scenes got a couple of gasps. I heard a lot of positive comments from people leaving. I really enjoyed it as well. Stan & Ollie 2/13 12:10 PM. Me and 1 other person. Trailers: All is True Breakthrough Disney's Penguins I laughed a couple of times. No reactions from the other person. Overall, I thought it was a good movie. Happy Death Day 2 U 2/14 2:45 PM. 3 People in the largest auditorium. Trailers: Greta Us Dark Phoenix The Curse of La Llorna Pet Symatary Men In Black: International The Hustle Child's Play I laughed at a few scenes, but the two other people were dead silent the entire time. Overall, I thought the movie was OK, but enjoyed the first one more.
  6. Serenity 1/24 7:00 PM. 9 People. Trailers: The Informer After Us Fighting With My Family Miss Bala Pet Symmetary Lots of whispering throughout the 2nd half. A few scenes made people laugh. Terrible movie.
  7. Ben is Back 1/15 12:20 PM. 4 people in one of the smallest auditoriums at the theater. Trailers: Run The Race Miss Bala Gloria Bell Rocketman Everybody Knows Godzilla: King of the Monsters Dead silent. About an hour into the movie some old lady walked in and sat in the front row for about 20 minutes and then left. Not sure what it is with old people doing this at the movies. Thought the movie was great. Glass 1/17 7:00 PM. 65% Full Trailers: Happy Death Day 2 U Us Alita: Battle Angel Serenitiy Pet Symmetary Miss Bala Captain Marvel Godzilla: King of the Monsters Any scene with Hedwig got huge laughs from all of the audience. Gasps and "OMG's" at the twists and "aww's" during one scene towards the end. Lots of chattering when it was over, but couldn't hear if it was positive or negative. I loved it, but it's going to be divide people.
  8. Aquaman 1/3 6:30 PM. 70% Full. Trailers: The Lego Movie 2 Fighting With My Family Hellboy Shazam! Audience loved it! Tons of laughing throughout at all of the jokes. Even got an applause at the end. Everyone stuck around for the mid-credits scene as well. I wasn't all that crazy about it. The Upside 1/11 1:15 PM. 60% Full. Great turnout for a matinee crowd on a weekday for this kind of film. Trailers: Uglydolls Where'd You Go Bernadette Little What Men Want A Madea Family Funeral They Shall Not Grow Old Aladdin Tons of laughter throughout. Several scenes in particular got huge laughs. One scene made almost everyone in the theater audibly cringe. Coming out I heard nothing but great things from people. Everyone seemed to love it. It's a real crowd pelasing film.
  9. Welcome To Marwen 12/23 7:00 PM. 30% full Trailers: Glass Downtown Abbey (Lots of chatering when the titled appeared) Rocketman Isn't It Romantic Dumbo The Upside Cold Pursuit Some laughs during the doll seqeunces. Didn't hear anything leaving, but I thought this one was pretty terrible. Vice 12/27 7:15 PM. 50% full. Trailers: Where'd You Go, Bernadette Fighting with my Family They Shall Not Grow Old What Men Want Cold Pursuit The Upside Captain Marvel Some laughter throughout. The scenes in particular that got the biggest laughs were any scenes with Bush and Chenney's heart attacks. A couple people I noticed get up multiple times and some were on their phones quite a bit. Overall, didn't seem like that positive as a reaction as only a couple people stayed for the mid-credits scene. I thought it was OK.
  10. Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse 12/13 10:15 PM. 35% Full. Trailers: A Dogs Way Home The Kid Who Would Be King The Secret Life of Pets 2 Shazam How To Train Your Dragon Bumblebee Very positive reaction from the audience. Lots of laughs throughout and gasps at the revealing moments. One girl in theater had an emotional reaction to any scene that was slightly sad. Almost everyone stayed for the post-credits scene which got huge laughs and applause. Spider-Man Into The Spiderverse 12/16 10:15 PM 3D Showing. 5 people Trailers: The Kid Who Would Be King A Dogs Way Home Shazam Bumblebee Overcomer The Secret Life of Pets 2 (3D) How To Train Your Dragon (3D) Not nearly as much as a reaction as the first time I saw it due to the lack of a crowd, but there were some chuckles throughout. The Mule 12/18 9:15 PM. 20% full. Trailers: Destroyer Glass Gloria Bell On The Basis of Sex Godzilla: King of the Monsters Laughs at the comedic moments. Everyone stayed to watch the first half of the credits. Leaving I heard mostly positive comments and some people saying they wanted to go read the true story the movie was based on.
  11. Ralph Breaks The Internet 12/6 9:00 PM. 8 people. Trailers: The Lego Movie 2 Missing Link Toy Story 4 Dumbo Toy Story 4 Teaser 2 Good amount of laughter throughout the whole movie. The lady sitting in front of me was laughing the hardest out of anybody in the theater. While I did laugh at some parts I overall found the movie to be rather dissapointing. Anna and the Apocalypse 12/7 12:40 PM. 8 people. Trailers: Vox Lux Pet Symmetry Once Upon a Deadpool Aquaman Happy Death Day 2U Fighting With My Family The Prodigy. 1 old guy walked out about 20 minutes in and another person walked out around 40 minutes. Aside from that there were some laughs from the audience and those who stayed seem to enjoyed it as did I, but it's not going to be for everyone.
  12. Ok I've got a bunch of these to do. Suspiria 11/2 8:45 PM. 25 people. Trailers: Anna and the Apocalypse Vox Lux Mary Queen of Scots The Favourite Climax Lots of gasping and shrieking throughout the film. You could really tell that most of the audience was uncomfortable throughout the movie. 3 people walked out during the Epilogue. Didn't hear anything walking out, but it seemed like for the most part people enjoyed. You could tell that the people there knew what to expect with this one and weren't expecting a more traditional horror film. The Girl In The Spider's Web 11/9 11:25 AM. 5 people Trailers: Miss Bala Escape Room Glass Aquaman Pet Symmetry The Mule Cold Pursuit Not a peep from the audience. Movie was so boring I nearly walked out tbh. Can You Ever Forgive Me 11/17. 9:15 PM. 8 people. Trailers: Mary Queen of Scots Welcome to Marwen On The Basis of Sex The Mule The Favourite Some laughter at a few scenes, otherwise pretty quiet. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. Creed II 11/20. 9:20 PM. 70% full. Trailers: Fighting With My Family On The Basis of Sex Glass Cold Pursuit Shazam! There was a group of people sitting behind us who were laughing abnoxiously at random moments that weren't meant to be humorous. Besides that, the comedic moments got laughs from the audiences and there were a lot of gasps during the boxing scenes. Leaving the theater I heard a lot of people saying how much they enjoyed it.. Green Book 11/23. SOLD OUT in a 50 seat auditorium. Trailers: Welcome to Marwen On The Basis of Sex Gloria Bell The Mule The Favourite Laughter throughout. Seemed like the audience enjoyed it as did I. The Front Runner 11/27. 12:55 PM. 7 people Trailers: Miss Bala A Dog's Way Home The Mule Schindlers List Re-Release Rocketman Cold Pursuit. About 10-15 minutes into the movie some old guy came into the theater and stood in the isle for about 5 minutes before taking a seat at the end of the row I was sitting in and then started eating really loudly while breathing heavily. Luckily he moved a few rows down a couple of minutes later. Aside from that, there were only 2 scenes that got any laughs from the audience. Leaving I heard people saying they enjoyed it.
  13. Bohemian Rhapsody 7:00 PM in Dolby Atmos. November 1st. 85% full. Trailers: Widows Green Book Rocketman The Favourite There was a lot of laughter throughout the film at the comedic moments and a few jokes even got some applause after them. Didn't expect the film to be quite as funny as it was. During the Live Aid scene, you could see a lot of people tapping their feet to the music. One woman was even clapping her hands along with the crowd during Radio GaGa. About half of the theater stayed until the very end of the credits. Everyone seemed like they really enjoyed it.
  14. Mid90s 10/26 12:45 PM. I was the only person in the entire theater which hasn't happened in a couple years. Trailers: Climax The Beach Bum Green Book Bumblebee The Mule Ralph Breaks The Internet (Weird trailer to show before this movie) Since I was the only one there really no reaction, but I did laugh a couple times and overall enjoyed the movie.
  15. Halloween 9:00 PM 10/18. 45% full in the smallest auditorium at the theater. Was kind hoping for a larger crowd as these kind of movies work better with them. Trailers: Glass Happy Death Day 2U Bohemian Rhapsody Captive State Captain Marvel Although it was kinda a small crowd, everyone in the theater was having a blasts. Lots of laughs, gasps, and jumping at all of the right moments. One older guy sitting at the end of our row was probably laughing the hardest out of everyone in the theater. About 25% of people stuck around until the very end of the credits. Beautiful Boy 3:15 PM 10/19 16 people. Trailers: Mary Queen of Scots At Eternity's Gate Mid90's If Beale Street Could Talk Dead silent throughout except a few sniffles in the last half hour. For about half of the credits most people were just sitting there. Walking out one woman said how hard it was her to watch and that she want to leave at parts. Can't blame her, it was a super hard movie to watch.
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